Friday, April 14, 2006

'the left' - an estate agent's report

The Left is Dead, Long Live the Left

The 'Euston Manifesto' is sweeping the Uk blogosphere, and rightly so. As reported on schmoo before, the state of 'the left' housing estate has slid into appalling disrepair. Below is an estate agents personal report on the main buildings:

I like fresh air, but 'the left' of which I have always felt a part, has been a filthy, unkempt and smelly place for way too long. It needs a good clear out and a total refit. The electrics are dangerous (half the lights won't switch on); the ceiling is almost falling in, and you can't see out most of the windows because the so called 'anarchists' have broken them and they are just boarded up. The decor is incredibly old fashioned and the furniture is so worn out you wonder if it is safe to sit on, and there is blood on the carpets. I went in the toilets - what a state! There's more blood all over the walls and the most stupid graffiti (except for one good Banksy). And then, when I suggested doing a bit of cleaning up, and renovation work, half the people there at the time (which was not many) said I have gone 'right wing' - how dare they! That really annoyed me - after all they are the real conservatives.

Sign the Euston Manifesto - and join the real revolution

* See 'History Of the Left - So left They are Backwards'

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