Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cannabis plants on view at Chelsea Flower Show

They will not be on sale in the traditional 'pot plant' sale at the end of the Chelsea Flower Show but they are there in all their glory - the amazing cannabis plants with 1001 household uses.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Alexander Litvinenko russian murder extradition

Above: Itsu in Piccadilly, London.

You won't often hear this from your average self opinionated blogger, but I have absolutely no idea what is going on with the Alexander Litvinenko murder - except that 'itsu', the restaurant he famously went to, does very good take aways.

However I do wish we had the same extradition laws as Russia. The extradition deal we have with the United States is outrageous. Thanks to David Blunkett, who agreed one of the worst deals in British legal history, the Americans can more or less kidnap any British citizen, but Britain has almost no legal right to extradite US citizens - not even well known criminals like Dick Cheney and George Bush.

The Americans have already abducted the Nat West 3 who are now stuck in one of the worst places in the world apart from Baghdad - Houston, Texas.

Then there is Gary McKinnon who faces 70 years in the American gulag prison system, which is as bad, or worse than Siberia in Stalin's time, for a 'hacking' crime which might get you six months in Britain - if they could be bothered to prosecute.

In fact Gary is hardly a master hacker as the paranoid Americans claim - all he did was click into US government websites that should have been secure - but had been left wide open by some incompetent government geek.

Another case is Ian Norris ... and so it goes on. If they wanted they could come and take away your Grandmother for watching East Enders.

British Citizens are being dragged away in chains to a foreign country to face punishment far worse than would be given in Britain - that can't be right.

Britain needs an extradition law like in Russia - no extradition of British Citizens to any other country.

If another country has evidence against a British Citizen they can come here, and prosecute under British rules of Justice.

If there is evidence pointing to a Russian citizen being responsible, Britain should now go to Russia and demand justice in the Russian courts for the evil murder in London of Alexander Litvinenko.


Monday, May 21, 2007

all we need is love

This great clip on YouTube is the Otter equivalent of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Peace and Love.

climate change theories changing

More and more experts and scientists are questioning the currently common religious belief that climate change is caused by human activity - you have been warned.

Also see Hemp For Victory; the Debate Heats Up.

U bend on Brown

Seeing Gordon Brown being heckled by a hysterical 'Lets Abandon the Iraqi People' campaigner made me realise I was wrong to slag him off a few days ago. He looks absolutely exhausted, and he has not even started yet. Meanwhile Tony Blair is looking great.

I am now worried for Gordon's physical health.

And anyone who has to put up with idiots like that vile woman, and do it so well, has my support.

What is so weird about these so called 'Peace Protestors' is how unpleasant and rude so many of them are.

Brian Haw for example is a very rude and selfish person indeed. Every time I have seen him, he has an air of repressed violence, and behaves like he needs to spend some time in a mental hospital.

You would have thought that a 'peace protester' would know how to make peace with the cops at Parliament after so many years, but the long suffering police people obviously despise Brian Haw, not because they are war mongers - but because he is so insufferably unreasonable and rude.

And when other demonstrators turn up to protest about other issues - he slags them off!

In other words, the guy is a total prat. If Britain really was a 'police state' as he keeps on saying, he would be rotting in a prison camp right now (if he was lucky).

Inside MI5 - the threat to democracy?

A pod cast now available of a very interesting talk by Annie Machon, ex MI5 officer (and ex partner of MI5 whistle blower David Shayler), is worth checking out if you have a few moments spare.

Annie jokes that admitting you worked for MI5 is a bit like saying you are a member of AA, but personally I think we need MI5, and we need it to be free of corruption.

I think Annie Machon and David Shayler were very brave to speak out about some very bad practice in M15, and have been treated very badly by some on the 'left' who should know better.

Like all great whistle blower heroes, the two M15 officers both sacrificed their jobs and careers, plus any chance of a cosy life (in fact risked their lives), and risked their freedom (David Shayler actually had to do time), to do the right thing.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rolling Stones to tour israel?

A false story is being spread on dodgy reactionary websites like 'Indymedia', that the Rolling Stones are going to be playing in Israel.

The story is being put about by the racist 'Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel' - and is 100% untrue, like all the rest of their anti Semitic propaganda.

But even if it was true it would be a good thing if the Stones played Israel. The Stones would probably also love to go to Palestine afterwards - except the place is too full of racist religious bigots at the moment to allow any good rock and roll.

These ignorant people who want to stop the Stones going to Israel (even through they are not going), are like the Nazi's in Hitlers Germany (although they are just well intending idiots). They are trying to stifle anything 'Jewish' or 'Israeli’, with what amounts to being an utterly racist cultural and academic boycott - but they claim to be anti racist! How racist can you get, banning academics just because of their race? These people are sick.

According to Indymedia's own rules, all racist posts should be deleted from the site - but of course the hypocrites are not doing so in this case despite protests.

Contact the racist supporters at Indymedia and tell them to stop helping to promote anti Semitic propaganda.

All musicians, artists and academics in the UK and elsewhere should unite against this type of ideological bigotry (or one day it could be happening to them).

It is good to see that Phil Collins has the guts to go to Israel (even though I can't stand his music).

Rolling Stones world tour details: currently the 'Israel Gig' is not even on the rumoured list.

Israel boycott by University and College Union is "Intellectually shoddy and politically biased"

• Statement by Lee C. Bollinger on British University and College Union Boycott

Long Live Palestine - Long Live Israel


palestine, israel & lebanon: war against the fundamentalists

Today in Palestine, the Hamas extremists continued their pathetic and irresponsible rocket attacks on Israel which only damage their own cause, and put their own women and children in danger.

Now Israel is striking back with renewed vigor - and the BBC is reporting that Israel's cabinet has just backed plans to "intensify" Gaza operations in response to recent rocket attacks. They have every right to do so.

But no doubt we will have to listen to a lot of racist, anti Semitic, Holocaust denying crap from people who think they are supporting Palestinians by supporting Hamas when exactly the reverse is true.

Long Live Palestine - Long Live Israel.

Meanwhile in Lebanon, the Lebanese army has had to deal firmly with a load of al-Qaeda supporting religious fanatics and bank robbing criminals calling themselves 'Fatah Islam'. Good for the Lebanese Army! If they had done the same job on Hisbolla, half of Beirut would not now be in ruins.

cannabis contamination: new warnings of 'grit weed' threat

The UK government website 'Public Health Link' has published a new public health update about cannabis contaminated with glass particles.

The report, which is aimed at General Practioners, hospital doctors and nurses follows earlier warnings to be on the lookout for associated health problems amongst cannabis smokers.

According to the latest information, contaminated cannabis is found in about five to ten per cent of herbal cannabis busted by cops in Britain.

The dreaded 'grit weed' is actually herbal cannabis or 'skunk', air blasted with tiny 'silicon' glass particles while it is still growing to make it heavier, and look like it has lots of THC 'crystals'.

The report says 'grit weed' has been found all over England and Scotland, but not yet in Wales, and none recently in Northern Ireland.

It is believed that criminal 'rogue grower' gangs in the Netherlands are responsible, and that the evil crooks are now using much finer glass particles which are harder to detect.

There is even a theory that the 'silicon petrol' crisis which effected thousands of cars in Britain recently may be linked to the silicon cannabis crisis.

The result of this deadly side effect of cannabis prohibition could be a National Health Disaster, mainly involving young people who love smoking weed.

As we have said before: the most dangerous thing about cannabis is cannabis prohibition.

If he really wants to prove himself as a trustworthy politician - Gordon Brown should legalise cannabis as soon as he gets in to No 10.

Another form of contaminated cannabis is known as 'soap bar' and has been around since about 1982. This is 'hash' from Morrocco, cut with animal tranquiliser (which is addictive, unlike cannabis). God only knows how many thousands have been poisoned by this product of cannabis prohibition. What is required is consumer protection for cannabis users, just like with any other product used by millions of people in Britain. And it should be taxed.

A man busted in Florida for growing 100 marijuana plants was called Jason STONER.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

blair in iraq: the best prime minister in british history

As someone who was born in Syria, and has actually lived in Iraq (in Basra), and in other Middle Eastern countries including Lebanon, I think I have more right than many to comment on the situation in Iraq and to say with absolute certainty: "Blair did the right thing for Britain by supporting the Americans in the invasion of Iraq".

Ok, so some fanatical religious fundamentalists are doing pretty well murdering innocent Iraqi people with car bombs in cowardly attacks, trying to take the country back to the Dark Ages, supported by the totalitarian Iranian regime - does that mean we should give up supporting ordinary Iraqi people in their struggle for freedom?

Things were bad during Dunkirk - we did not give up fighting the fascists then, and we should not give up now.

Tony Blair is right; things are getting better for many people in Iraq, for example the Marsh Arabs, the Kurds, and ordinary Iraqis in many parts of the country. Yes there are problem areas, but even some of these are seeing improvements in security, and despite endless negative media reports, the truth is there are only a few areas with very serious problems.

However, even if things were not getting better and were getting worse; that's even more reason why we must keep on supporting the Iraqi people in their struggle against totalitarianism.

Who slags Tony Blair off the most? The right wing British press (which supported appeasement with Hitler, and campaigned against all the reforms brought in by New Labour); a Labour government threatens their interests and they want to destroy it. They want the Tories in power because then they can all feather their nests at the expense of ordinary working people in Britain, and get rid of things like the minimum wage, and massive investment in health & education.

You would not believe it reading the 'Daily Malice' or the 'Evading Standards'; Tony Blair is a hero in many parts of the world including many parts of Iraq.

And Tony Blair still has a lot of support in Britain, despite all the appalling insults he gets from the Tory Press, loud mouthed idiots, and so called 'left wingers'; they are so out of touch & confused they are not sure if they are living in the 18th century, 1968, or organising the Miners Strike against Maggie Thatcher.

It is not fashionable at all to say this right now, but there is no doubt about it: Tony Blair is the Best Prime Minister in British History.

And as for Jimmy Carter? No doubt about it; one of the worst, weakest, most useless wimp Presidents in USA History. How dare the 'peanut brain' loser that is Jimmy Carter insult Tony Blair!

Carter makes Bush look above average intelligent.

Friday, May 18, 2007

gordon brown: hopefully not just a flush in the pan

Australian water saving slogan: "If it is Yellow, let it mellow, if it is Brown, flush it down".

HERE at the 'schmoo safe house' the current security threat level has been SEVERE ever since the wicked Brownshirt 'coup-de brown' against Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Blair is being forced out of office by Browns 'Hard Labour' milita, despite winning the last three general elections.

You can tell the 'Tyranter in Waiting' Gordon Brown is about to take over - the birds have stopped singing in Whitehall.

The tragedy is that if Brown was not so psychologically flawed and in need of therapy, we would still have the Best Prime Minister In British History - Tony Blair.

Instead somehow we have allowed a self obsessed, total nut case, to take over the country. We can expect the current threat level to go to DESPERATE any time soon, as the so called 'Brown Bounce' turns into Bumble, Bubble and Squeak - and then a Tory Government if we don't get rid of him ASP (which does not seem possible).

Still there is one hope for New Labour and the British people - Gordon Brown is almost as fat and unhealthy looking as John Smith - so he could drop dead at any minute.

Hopefully all the above is 100% wrong, and Gordon Brown really is what he does not seem to be - a decent, honest politician. Yes, and if they are brown, pigs can fly.

At the moment it looks like 'New Labour' is over - and now it's just going to be 'Hard Labour' with Brown.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

palestine: hamas worse than israel

Israel bombed Hamas targets in Gaza today - good! Maybe they can do the same job on the Hamas killers as they did on Hisbolla in Lebanon.

Hamas is like the 'Salvation Army' - a bunch of religious nutters trying to get credibility by being 'do gooders' so they can sucker the weak and vulnerable into joining their crazy cult, which is almost as insane as 'Scientology'.

Hamas suffers from a fairly common sexual problem; 'rocket envy' (in this case with Israel). This is the macho warmonger equivalent of penis envy. Unfortunately all Hamas can come up with is the most pathetic sized rockets - you can get bigger vibrators at any decent sex shop. The morons are so incompetent that the only people they have killed with these 'rockets' are ... Palestinians.

Hamas also runs fairly badly equipped medical centers (imagine the NHS run by the Tories for 20 years) in Palestine. Their supporters always point this out, but laying on a few health centers is the least Hamas should be doing considering how many Palestinian deaths and injuries are the result of their bigoted, racist, misoginist, homophobic, undemocratic and failed policies against the Israelis. The truth is Hamas has brought death and misery to millions of their own people for years.

Now Israel is sending in some troops - probably to defend the poor Palestinian people against the Hamas curse, as well as themselves - which they have every right to do.

There is very little difference between Hamas and the Zionist fanatics - they both need to chill out, and have loads of sex and drugs. This has got to be a better solution than selling both sides large numbers of hand grenades fitted with two second timers as suggested on 'Dust My Broom'.

In fact, as Tony Blair, the Best British Prime Minister Ever, has argued for years, there is only one solution to end the problem in the Middle East: Long live Israel, long live Palestine!

Prince Harry banned from Iraq - press to blame

Above: Poster from the Second World War 'Loose Talk Costs Lives' campaign.

So finally the Army has done the right thing and announced that Prince Harry will not be going to Iraq - for the moment.

The reason is obvious - the totally irresponsible British press put Prince Harry's proposed address in Basra on the front page, thus playing straight into the hands of the terrorists.

I would not be surprised if Robert Fisk of the pro terrorist propaganda sheet, the 'Independent', has not told Bin Laden which tent Prince Harry was going to sleep in.

Thanks to the British 'free press' constantly publicising Prince Harry's mission, his very presence in Basra would have put the lives of all the other British soldiers there in grave danger, especially those in the small area where everyone knew he was going.

Prince Harry's proposed posting should never have been made public in the first place - and then perhaps he could have gone to do the job he was trained for.

To his great credit the brave Prince had every intention of risking his life to support the establishment of a free society in Iraq.

Now thanks to pro enemy papers like the Independent, and their vile 'sister' paper the Daily Mail which supported Hitler's Nazi Party, the British Army has been weakened and the misogynist, homophobic, religious bigot, torturing terrorist murderers have been handed a propaganda victory on a plate.

The traitors and saboteurs in the British media should remember the slogan 'Loose Talk Costs Lives'. Millions of people died so we could have a free press - but not a press that gives away military information to the enemy.

Above: Another poster from a great collection of posters from the second world war warning against loose talk supporting the enemy.


Free Paris Hilton - free the two million in US jails

Above: Paris Hilton allegedly smoking a joint while backstage at last month's Coachella music festival. So what? Good for her - being obviously an 'american joint', at least it is not mixed with the addictive drug tobacco, and she is not drinking booze which causes more damage to the body than heroin.

Have you signed the 'Free Paris Hilton' petition yet? If not DO IT NOW, this is serious. Only 25,000 people have done the right thing and supported Paris Hilton, while 60,000 low life bullies have signed a petition to waste tax payers money by locking the poor girl up in a tiny cell measuring 12 feet by 8 feet, with only two changes of underwear - and no hair extensions! There must be something in the UN Human Rights Charter about this!

Seriously! Support Paris Hilton! The people who want to put her inside are the same 'throw away the key types' who support having over two million people in prison in the USA, most of them black, and a lot of them just for smoking weed (which is less harmful than paracetamol).

Don't these red necks realise that the USA now has an inhuman prison 'gulag' almost as big as the worst days of Stalin in Communist Russia?

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

free paris hilton petition

Have you signed the Free Paris Hilton petition yet??? If not, how can you sleep at night???

Putting Paris in jail is like putting a murderer in the Hilton; stupid and wrong.

The petition to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger makes several excellent points:

"As depicted on Friday night's episode "Nancy Grace" on Headline News (May 4, 2007), countless celebrities have been "slapped on the wrist" for similar incidents recently. Nick Nolte, Mel Gibson, Tracy Morgan, Wynonna Judd, to name a few, were arrested and never did a day in jail after their initial arrests for drunk driving /DUI /DWI charges. Rappers Busta Rhymes and Eve still walk free after both being arrested for the same charges as Ms. Hilton just this past week. Brandy's California Highway accident, although no proof of DUI was evidenced in her accident, resulting in the death of a young wife and mother in California, yet Brandy walks free as of today, never doing any time and A WOMAN HAS BEEN KILLED most likely due to her reckless driving!

Yet, Paris Hilton did not hurt, injure, or kill anyone or anything, and yet she must do jail time."

Here at the 'schmoo safe house' there is always room for Paris Hilton. She is a really great woman.

moscow marijuana march: mad cops beat stoners

Above & below: Suicide Moscow toker makes the ultimate sacrifice to free the weed. Latest reports say 30 people were arrested and many others where beaten up at the Russian 'Global Marijuana March' event by Russian police supporting a counter demo; the 'Global Vodka Beat Up Women' event.

• Fact: Russian cops are the most corrupt in the world apart from Mexican cops, except when they are drunk - when they are the most corrupt cops in the world.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

global marijuana march: 14 held in moscow

Moscow police detained 14 marijuana march activists for attempting to hold a 'cannabis culture parade' in the city centre.

"The detainees attempted to stage an unauthorized event, and were promoting narcotics," a spokesperson for Moscow's Interior Department said, adding that administrative cases could be opened against them.

According to the Russian Interior Ministry's chief communications officer, Valery Gribankin, police had credible information that participants would use the rally to peddle drugs to members of the public.

Moscow's security chief, Nikolai Kulikov, said Friday the municipal government had rejected a request to allow "legalize marijuana" parades in the city this weekend and that any such rallies would be dispersed as unauthorized.

More Global Marijuana March News:


• Canada: Halifax plus 15,000 rally in Toronto.

"You gotta roll with it" - Howard Marks in South Africa

Saturday, May 5, 2007

mayday: los angles police attack mayday celebration

LA police broke up a mayday celebration being held in a park by shooting rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd. There is an excellent video example of independent reporting posted on bradblog

Friday, May 4, 2007

uk hemp expo 2007 is on this weekend (5,6,7th May)

UK HEMP EXPO 2007: 5,6,7th MAY, Telford International Centre (10am-6pm). After last years Hemp Expo had to be cancelled it is good to be able to report that this event is confirmed, and looks like being the biggest ever.

Please note: there is no cannabis march or festival planned for this year in London, but there are protests against cannabis prohibition, including marches and other events, going on in over 200 cities worldwide this weekend as part of the Global Marijuana March