Friday, March 30, 2007

london vegan fair: free vegan food sat 30th march

London Vegan Day, 235 Shaftesbury Avenue, West End, London. timetable

• There is another chance to check out the latest in vegan cuisine (and have a free lunch) at the London Vegan Festival on Sunday,19th August 2007. 10am-8pm at Kensington Town Hall, Hornton St, London, W8.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

iran crisis attack date: russian intelligence say US plan to attack iran on april 6th

HARDLY reported in Britain amongst all the fuss about the kidnapping of 'our boys (and girl)' is the fact that in Iran massive media coverage is being given to a leaked Russian intelligence report that says the US plan to attack Iran at 4am on April 6th, possibly using nuclear weapons.

The chances that this report is bogus is high, if not certain, but given the conspiratorial view of the world rife in the Middle East, the mass media coverage in Iran may explain to some extent why the Iranians have been behaving so badly and stupidly.

Craig Murray, the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan gives an interesting and educated view of the crisis on his excellent blog.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Guido Fawkes: factually wrong

Above: The usually brilliant blogger Guido Fawkes whose YouTube Post of Gordon Brown picking his nose currently has over 75 thousand hits, was soundly beaten on points in a 'News Night' discussion tonight by Jeremy Paxman and Michael White, the Assistant Editor of the Guardian.

As usual Paxman was bang on target and correctly spotted that Guido was 'naively conspiratorial", while Fawks, who is actually Mr Paul Staines, proved the point by insisting on appearing in darkness as if he was a criminal.

Michael White brilliantly took Fawks to task for falsely picking on John Prescott over the Dome and his sex life, plus often getting his facts wrong, for example about the supposed 'second email' system at No 10, which turned out not to exist.

"Sometimes the blogosphere is a waste of space, just abuse." said White. Oh dear, he's been reading schmoo! "Sometimes its brilliant" he added, but viewers of News Night got the distinct impression he did not mean the parinoid Guido Fawks.

twitter twitter on the wall, who is the biggest twitter of them all?

Are you already in danger of becoming a 'Twitteraholic? Apparently this is the terrible fate that awaits you if you join 'Twitter', the latest addictive 'hit' on the web.

And what is 'Twitter'? It is a kind of 'Class A' minimalist blogging 'digital high' for internet exhibitionists, many of whom may be already addicted to the 'gateway' chat and 'text' communication modes.

On 'Twitter' only a very short message line is allowed in each 'post', so like 'crack(er)' users, Twitter addicts are constantly chasing the next high.

schmoo has just joined Twitter - I blame it on my disturbed adulthood. May Shiva help me if I am now on the road to becoming a shameless Twitter junkie - in fact a 'twit'!

For a more rational, less 'Twitter' zonked, and longer explanation does a good job.

uk hemp expo confirmed: "with police approval"

The 4th annual 'Hemp Expo' is definately confirmed say the organisers 'Weed World' magazine. The massive show case event for hemp products will be at the Telford International Centre in May 5, 6, & 7th 2007. T

The event was controversially cancelled at the last moment last year after the owners of proposed venue in Coventry pulled the plug.

The organisers say they are "determined to highlight the health benefits from using the hemp plant" and are emphasising that the event has local Police approval.

'Weed World' say the event will be a huge boost for the hemp industry in Britain:
"Say the word hemp to anyone, and chances are many will either have notions of illegal drug use, sandal wearing bearded non-conformists and for those old enough to remember – the heady days of the 60’s.

But mention that the hemp plant contains vital life giving oils, anti-oxidants and vitamins, as well as possessing huge medicinal qualities; ranging from effective painrelief through to relieving depression; most will be left amazed with the plants versatility. And the good news doesn’t stop there – research has proven that the all too often demonised cannabis plant could be the answer to current concerns over global warming, with clothes, technical textiles, other industrial products, paper, building materials, food stuffs, body care all being made from the hemp plant. Simply growing hemp could relieve many of the planets problems too! And could – if adopted on a bigger scale - prove a massive boon to the agricultural industry. Hemp is pest resistant, it suppresses weeds, and it’s a soil improver making for excellent animal bedding and feed. … and that is why we are staging the 4th annual Hemp Expo at the Telford International Centre in May 5, 6, & 7th 2007.
To let the world know why we need hemp in our lives!"
schmoo is arranging for a free ticket to the Hemp Expo be sent to Anya Hindmarch - for educational purposes.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

iranian kidnapping: iran starts to back down as blair goes on the war path

Above: Do we have a war date with Iran? Here at the schmoo safe house we have been stockpiling emergency supplies ever since Bush fiddled the last US election - in fact we've been waiting so long that some of the brown rice has gone off.

This latest incident is yet another example of the current authoritarian Iranian religious police state being run by a load of 'islam-o-fascists'. How dare they kidnap our boys and even one of our women! This the action of cowards. But with 'Braveheart' Blair now obviously ready to kick in their front door if necessary, the Iranian 'Revolting Guard' women stealers are already beginning to back down. Today they said the British incursion into Iranian waters "might, or might not" be intentional. Unless things go very pig shaped we can expect the British kidnap victims to be released after a suitable face saving period of Iranian ballshit.

It is amazing how so many so called 'left wingers' (they are nothing of the sort) have such double standards. Mention the idea of Britain having nuclear power or Trident and your average trendy, do gooder 'liberal' (in fact very reactionary) twit has a fit. They start giving the district impression that if they were in power 'schmoo' would be in a prison camp in Essex run by George Galloway. That's one reason why, like over 1000 AWOL British troops, schmoo will be staying 'on the run' for the foreseeable future.

Yet when it comes to Iran having the bomb and nuclear power it is all a different matter for these masochistic political fashion victims, with a fetish for self flagellation at the slightest excuse. Suddenly it is 'Iran's inalienable right' bla bla bla .... It is not surprising that trendy club nights like the 'Torture Gardens' do so well - these people love being whipped.

These trendy 'liberal', insult to the true left, 'pacifist' hypocrites hate the Church of England and the Pope, they call themselves 'feminists' and are deeply concerned about the increase in gay bashing. Some of them even have the nerve to call themselves 'anarchists' (anesthetists more like), yet these political band wagon jumpers go out of their way to support homophobic Islamic fundamentalist nutters, who love the death penalty and chopping off body parts for things like stealing a bottle of Budweiser, and have a thing about locking up women in their own homes, and taking away their passports.

This 'double think' is weird - and it is dangerous.

cannabis grandma threatened with eviction as independent on sunday continues spreading 'reefer madness

Above: Cannabis Grandma, found 'guilty' recently of growing DIY Cannabis at home, is now being threatened with eviction from her home if she continues to eat cannabis to relieve chronic pain. She says she would rather live in a tent than give up the only safe medication available. Did the 'Independent on Sunday' cover the story, or even mention medical cannabis in their recent 'great cannabis debate' coverage? No, there was not one word about medical cannabis, just a load of stuff they copied from 'Reefer Madness'.

This weekend the 'Idiotprat on Sunday' had yet another 'Happy Snapping' bash at cannabis and cannabis users (seems cannabis sells newspapers). This time they dredged up an 'idiotprat' from the United Nations which has presided over a tragic worldwide drug policy disaster for years. We did not have to buy a copy to read the latest ignorant trash - we found a copy dumped in a litter bin (where it belongs).

Cannabis Media Trash Quiz: Which British newspaper is worse than the 'Mail on Sunday'? Answer: The 'Independent on Sunday'. Even the 'News of the World' is more intellectually advanced.

Above: Drugs in order of harm. The Lancet published a report last week saying LSD, Ecstacy, and cannabis were safer than tobacco and alcohol. The information black hole called the 'Independent on Sunday Cannabis Debate' did not mention anything about it. What a bunch of incompetent and lazy 'journalistic' prostitutes they are at the 'Independent on Sunday' brothel - they can't even do a decent blow job.

schmoo adds: I gave up using cannabis over a year ago now, and I'm still loving it. I advise all regular (i.e. daily) recreational users to avoid chronic use (and skunk called 'Chronic'). However I still think cannabis should be legalised - it is the safest option for the health of the nation.

Test Yourself For Cannabis Abuse


Saturday, March 24, 2007

anya hindmarch joins global warming swindle: bag wars erupt

Left: This bag is a lie, and the person who brought it is an ignorant fool.

Anya Hindmarch's so called 'eco' bag recently had fashion victims queuing up outside her very expensive shop/mental patients drop in centre, near Sloane Sq in London. These people were in fact victims of a massive fraud. The victims were told that they would be 'Saving the Planet' if they purchased the bag because it was not made of 'evil' plastic. What they were not told in this devious fraud was that the bag is made from one of the most environmentally damaging products known to humanity - cotton!

In fact Hindmarch's not even 'organic' cotton bag, is just the latest insult to human intelligence in the 'Great Global Warming Swindle', which now must be credited as being an even bigger fraud than the last American election.

Hindmarch's toxic cotton bag requires massive amounts of pesticides which kills both wild life and humans in underdeveloped countries so that slave camps using child labour in totalitarian China and elsewhere can supply the latest whims of a bunch of vile, spoilt brat, fashion victims.

Above: 'Sold Out' fashion criminals like Hindmarch are in fact no better than those who collaborated with the Nazi's in Hitlers Germany. They pontificate on being 'Eco friendly' while profiting from an industry that enslaves over a billion people to a life time of hard labour, miserable poverty, followed by an early grave due to some horrible disease caused by pollution.

Hindmarch even has the gall to sell a glossy book in her shop called 'Save The World for a Fiver' (Yea sure!) - and it is not even printed on recycled paper, much less with non toxic inks. It has brilliant, humanity saving ideas like "Turn the tap off when you are not using the water", or even more essential for human survival; "Buy a copy of this book for a friend." Save the World - don't buy this trash!

The hypocrisy of these climate change profiteers knows no bounds - for example in London's Dover Street Market the 'Hindmarch Toxic Bag' is on sale - in a plastic bag!

Above: Outside the 'Hindmarch Toxic Fraud Shop' a real eco activist models a hemp bag which is far more environmentally friendly than cotton. Do the 'We are What We Do' publicity spin quacks working for Hindmarch want to know about hemp? No! This is proof that they are indeed what they do - they are con merchants.

Above: This is not a plastic bag. It is the real thing. It is a bag made from 100% organic hemp, produced by the Hemp Shop. Due to her total disinterest in even learning about the environmental advantages of using hemp fabric, the arrogant 'Bag Lady' Hindmarch has become involved in a 'Bag Wars' with hemp activists who could have helped her actually achieve her stated aim.

Instead Hindmarch has made a strategic alliance with the CO2 belching supermarket giant Sainsburys to sell her toxic cotton bag in outlets all over Britain. Apart from being an even greater waste of time than voting for the Green Party, Hindmarch's bag is becoming an environmental disaster. This is because every time someone buys a 'Hindmarch Toxic Bag' - Planet Earth dies a little more.

Also see Hemp for Victory
Great Global Warming Swindle


Google Earth executives, and you, could face up to five years in jail for these Radley Lake, UK pictures

Above and Below: WARNING: Just looking at these pictures of Radley Lake, Thrupp Lane, near Abingdon, UK, is illegal! This is true thanks to a High Court Ruling in favour of the energy company 'Npower', which wants to fill the beautiful lake up with toxic ash from its power station at Didcot. The company went to court using the 'Protection from Harassment Act, 1997'. The company claims it is so sensitive that it gets emotionally upset and feels 'harassed', even if someone just complains about the enviromental damage it is doing. The 'Harassment Act' is meant to protect people, including companies, from undue harassment, which is fair enough. However the law is not meant to be used to harass anyone who so much as takes a photograph or supports a protest campaign - but that is what is happening! Channel Four is reporting that under the court ruling given to 'Npower' you can get up to five years just for taking a photo of Radley Lake! This means therefore that these pictures downloaded from 'Google Earth' could mean the extradition of the owners of Google from their 'safe house' in California, to face serious charges in Oxford. It's mad!

schmoo says: we need protection from harassment - by people using the 'Protection from Harassment Act'.

Above: The grey stuff is where ash has already been dumped! Not satisfied with that 'NPower' now wants to destroy the last two remaining lakes. Are these people aliens from the dark side of Planet X?

Above: Nice place - but not for much longer unless a campaign supported by local residents is successful. To support them visit 'Save Radley Lakes Campaign' and sign the Save Radley Lakes Petition at the No 10 website. There is also local news & information at

Friday, March 23, 2007

bob woolmer: murder most foul

THERE ARE some interesting posts at Kerala Articles on what is now the definate murder of Bob Woolmer. Seems there might be a link with the sudden death of Hansi Cronje, who was captain of the South Africa cricket team, and a book Woolmer was writing on match fixing. The latest news is that apparently the transcript of the book is missing!

The cops are asking for the murderers to hand themselves in - some hope! Do the cops think this is a cricket match?

This is terrible. This is because of money. It's just not cricket - it's murder most foul!


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Budget speach: fears for John Prescott as Gordon Brown picks nose

Above and Below: What is the matter with John Prescott? Caught on CCTV at yesterdays 'Budget Show' at the Parliament Theatre, Prescott looks like he is having a mental break down. Maybe it was because he was sitting next to the serial nose picker and exhibitionist Gordon Brown. Here at the 'schmoo safe house' we are genuinely big Prescott fans, so we are worried for his sanity. As for Gordon Brown? Everyone knows he is psychologically challenged - so what is he trying to prove?

Above: You can't blame Prescott; Gordon Brown is disgusting. -

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the budget: how now brown cow?

Above: Tyrant in Waiting; the Tory Trojan in the Labour party, Stalin Brown (or is it Hitler?).

According to a poll published in the Guardian yesterday if 'Joseph' Brown leads the Labour Party against the Tories in the next general election, 43 percent of British voters (including Scotland) would side with the Con Party, while only 28 percent would stand by Hard Labour.

However insiders say Brown is not worried - he is planning to ban all elections (due to the nuclear attack on Iran expected in June or July) - just like he is already attempting to do with the Labour Party leadership elections.

Today's 'budget' is being described as being 'green' (i.e. mean), but they don't call the Evil Chancellor's supporters 'Brownshits' for nothing.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

global warming: polar bears move to ikea in climate change horror

Above: Polar bears seen in the London Ikea as the Great Global Warming Swindle, con, lie, green nazi party conspiracy, multi national corporation rip off, tax man's wet dream, latest 'Nigerian' internet fraud, continues.

Monday, March 19, 2007

bring back Flintoff: or is UK a nation of drug addict and booze hypocrites? Err ... probably

Above: Stained glass window of a cricket player (photo taken in a London pub).

WELL PLAYED cricket star Ian Botham (a well known cannabis smoker) for slagging off the "hanging judges, snitches and do-gooders who shopped Freddie Flintoff and four of his England team-mates to newspapers for their late-night high jinks".

The hypocrisy of the press is unbelievable. Most of them are alcoholics and hard drug users and they dare to attack a sports athlete for getting pissed in a boat!

As Botham said in his excellent Daily Mirror article they "should get a life".

This is yet another example of the 'New Nazi' politically correct, moralistic ballshit brigade, ranting self righteously while they murder young children and get addicted to prescription drugs.

Meanwhile they 'make an example' of an honest sportsman. It's just not cricket.

• Interesting post on the possible murder of Bob Woolmer at Kerala Articles.
Seems there might be a link with the sudden death of Hansi Cronje, who was captain of the South Africa cricket team, and a book Woolmer was writing on match fixing.

israel & palestine friendship: funny faces peace project

Above and below: A ray of good humour for a change from the 'UnHoly Land'; instead of hate and insults and violence ...funny faces and a breath of fresh air! Jesus! Whats happened? Has the devil gone on holiday? No chance - instead it's all thanks to the 'Face 2 Face Project' which aims to bring Israelis and Palestinians together, instead of them being blown apart with bombs. In the latest ongoing project 30ft high images of Israelis and Palestinians making funny faces have been posted on both sides of the security wall.

More photos at face2faceproject

Life is a Miracle! For more hope for the future check out Pato Banton, a great Reggae singer who uses music to promote a message of unity and universal peace. Pato recently hosted an 'Ecological Reggae' event in the 'Holy Land' and a video of him singing 'Life is a Miracle' is posted on YouTube.


bureaucratic bugs: national epidemic feared

Above: 12,000 medical doctors and supporters from all over Britain hit London over the weekend to protest at a 'sick' reform of the job application process devised by bureaucratic 'bugs' in the National Heath Department.

Meanwhile the bureaucratic bug epidemic has also hit the Education Department with what could be an even more serious infection. The main symptom is unnecessary and irrelevant demands by faceless officials to know the education details of the parents of university applicants.

This potentially deadly 'Burovirus' sweeping the Education Department resembles 'social engineering' education policies supported by the Nazis in Hitler's Germany, and the Maoists during the deadly 'Cultural Revolution' epidemic which devastated China in the 1960's.

Now all the signs are that the disease could reemerge in Britain - probably spread by the 'Green Nazi Party' virus which wants to ban freedom of travel except for the very rich, and supporters of the extremist 'National Liberalist Party' who want to put off making government decisions on national defence until 2014.

- -

cannabis casualty: 'independent' on sunday goes totally dopie

Above: The 'Independent On Sunday' went senile in public yesterday having overdosed on bogus cannabis stories due to a habit of over 25 years.

The paper's mental state had been known by insiders for years, but they have found it increasingly difficult to hide the damage caused by a habit of telling lies and avoiding the truth on a daily basis.

Also known as the 'Idiotprat' the propaganda organ is the sister paper of the far liberal 'Daily Malice', which also suffers from a serious personality disorder, which could be genetic say scientists.

Now experts say in a special report by doctors to be published this week, that 95% of the senior editorial staff of the Independent may have taken drugs in the past. The report claims that research involving 50 rats shows that the journalists could be incapable of making rational editorial decisions, and should be sacked to protect public health and safety.

Lawyers are now working through the night due to the Independent's 'insane' front page publication of a written statement admitting criminal liability for encouraging the use of cannabis and it's downgrading to 'Class C'.

The lawyers are desperately attempting to prepare a defence against the thousands of compensation claims expected from cannabis victims and addicts, who have obviously been led astray and had their lives ruined by the self confessed ignorant newspaper, which has admitted to being a street 'pusher' of dangerous miss information.

A police inquiry is now expected with the so called 'Independent' (actually just a M15/CIA/Mafia front) now at the center of the biggest 'Cash For Ballshit' scandal in history. It could make the 'Cash for Honours' case look like a cannabis tea party.