Tuesday, March 27, 2007

cannabis grandma threatened with eviction as independent on sunday continues spreading 'reefer madness

Above: Cannabis Grandma, found 'guilty' recently of growing DIY Cannabis at home, is now being threatened with eviction from her home if she continues to eat cannabis to relieve chronic pain. She says she would rather live in a tent than give up the only safe medication available. Did the 'Independent on Sunday' cover the story, or even mention medical cannabis in their recent 'great cannabis debate' coverage? No, there was not one word about medical cannabis, just a load of stuff they copied from 'Reefer Madness'.

This weekend the 'Idiotprat on Sunday' had yet another 'Happy Snapping' bash at cannabis and cannabis users (seems cannabis sells newspapers). This time they dredged up an 'idiotprat' from the United Nations which has presided over a tragic worldwide drug policy disaster for years. We did not have to buy a copy to read the latest ignorant trash - we found a copy dumped in a litter bin (where it belongs).

Cannabis Media Trash Quiz: Which British newspaper is worse than the 'Mail on Sunday'? Answer: The 'Independent on Sunday'. Even the 'News of the World' is more intellectually advanced.

Above: Drugs in order of harm. The Lancet published a report last week saying LSD, Ecstacy, and cannabis were safer than tobacco and alcohol. The information black hole called the 'Independent on Sunday Cannabis Debate' did not mention anything about it. What a bunch of incompetent and lazy 'journalistic' prostitutes they are at the 'Independent on Sunday' brothel - they can't even do a decent blow job.

schmoo adds: I gave up using cannabis over a year ago now, and I'm still loving it. I advise all regular (i.e. daily) recreational users to avoid chronic use (and skunk called 'Chronic'). However I still think cannabis should be legalised - it is the safest option for the health of the nation.

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