Monday, March 19, 2007

cannabis casualty: 'independent' on sunday goes totally dopie

Above: The 'Independent On Sunday' went senile in public yesterday having overdosed on bogus cannabis stories due to a habit of over 25 years.

The paper's mental state had been known by insiders for years, but they have found it increasingly difficult to hide the damage caused by a habit of telling lies and avoiding the truth on a daily basis.

Also known as the 'Idiotprat' the propaganda organ is the sister paper of the far liberal 'Daily Malice', which also suffers from a serious personality disorder, which could be genetic say scientists.

Now experts say in a special report by doctors to be published this week, that 95% of the senior editorial staff of the Independent may have taken drugs in the past. The report claims that research involving 50 rats shows that the journalists could be incapable of making rational editorial decisions, and should be sacked to protect public health and safety.

Lawyers are now working through the night due to the Independent's 'insane' front page publication of a written statement admitting criminal liability for encouraging the use of cannabis and it's downgrading to 'Class C'.

The lawyers are desperately attempting to prepare a defence against the thousands of compensation claims expected from cannabis victims and addicts, who have obviously been led astray and had their lives ruined by the self confessed ignorant newspaper, which has admitted to being a street 'pusher' of dangerous miss information.

A police inquiry is now expected with the so called 'Independent' (actually just a M15/CIA/Mafia front) now at the center of the biggest 'Cash For Ballshit' scandal in history. It could make the 'Cash for Honours' case look like a cannabis tea party.


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