Tuesday, October 31, 2006

good news: rupert murdock's cash in the bin - thelondonlitter

Above: A deadly cluster of unexploded gutterpress 'trash bombs' found in rubbish bin off Tottenham Court Road as the London 'litter war' blitz continues .....


London is currently receiving a daily carpet bombing 'blitz' of tons of 'high tech' precision marketing 'trash bombs' which include deadly inks and toxic chemicals, and are designed to effect their victim's intelligence - sometimes permanently.

In this largely unreported 'secret war' London commuters, as well as innocent civilians, are being targeted in daily attacks by fanatical 'news lords' who are orchestrating the deadly litter attacks from bases in the lawless mountainous regions of Hampstead and New York.


Police advice anyone seeing a 'trash bomb' on a tube or bus to immediately pull the emergency cord and start screaming. They say 'Don't Be a Hero - Don't Read The Trash - Just Run."


The 'litter war' in London is being won by Rupert Murdock's 'thelondonpaper' which is far better quality trash than either the 'Evading Standards', the 'Daily Liar' or the 'Meano' (all of which are designed to attack the brain cells of grown children).

'thelondonpaper' claims to provide a "good 20 minute read", but like a newsprint version of 'crack', it only lasts about 20 nanoseconds. However this is the deadly secret of it's success - for most multiple 'trash attack' victims (about 90% of Londoners) 20 nanoseconds is ages.


Every issue of 'thelondonpaper' has the following deadly ingredients: 10 nanoseconds about taking hard drugs, 5 nanoseconds about watching Sky TV tonight, and 5 nanoseconds about having sex without actually doing it. This adds up to exactly 20 nanoseconds (and is no reflection on the proprietor's personal tastes).


Meanwhile the Third, Forth and Fifth 'Reich' supporting 'Evading Standards', (mostly written by concentration camp guard wannabes), is now dangerously 'Size 0' - they must be losing millions.

Hopefully one day soon they will disappear forever.

Monday, October 30, 2006

cycle of peace

Above: Peace Cycling in Central London - an example of how peace is easier than it looks.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

holy cow, weird bumps

Above: this cow is on some very weird bumps spotted in the New Forest.

Above: No one knows what these weird bumps are, or how they got there.

Above: Is this a new form of 'crop bump circle' formation?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

meeting the mayor of brent

Above: I was blown away to meet the current Mayor of Brent, Labour Cllr Bertha Joseph earlier this summer (just found the photo). She is one special lady; people like her so much they have now elected her mayor twice in a row! Ultra Respect.

Friday, October 20, 2006

iraq: bush says "war in vietnam is going badly" and plans bombing of cambodia

Above: It is easy to be cynical.

Just because a war is going badly does not mean it is wrong or that we should give up.

Hitler would have won the Second World War hands down if we had thought like that. Abandoning the Iraqi people to a bunch of fascist killers is out of the question.

That is why the 'Anti Iraqi People Coalition' is so sick - they claim to be 'left wing' but they want to cave in to fascists. One of their leaders, the appeaser with totalitarianism George Galloway, actually shook the genocidal killer Saddam Hussein's hand. No doubt he would have done the same with Hitler.

They should remember the Spanish Civil War in which thousands of people from Britain went to fight the fascists. The war was lost but that does not mean it was wrong.

They should remember the Second World War which was also a fight against fascism.


They should realize that the war in Iraq is part of the world war for raw materials with China; it is raging on 'hot' battle fronts in every continent.

Millions of people have already died. The Third world War is going on in Africa, Asia, South America - and the Middle East. Mostly China is winning. It is the first really 'globalised war'. It is a secret war no one wants to admit is going on.

China has concentrations camps. China does not believe in human rights. China executes 10,000 + people a year and sells their organs to rich westerners. China would put the whole 'Anti War Movement' in camps and execute all the SWP members and anarchists on mass. China is a totalitarian state. And the 'Anti War Coalition' wants to give up and with draw our troops?


The irony of that is that if those troops did come back - they would be used to stop the riots and possible civil war that would happen in Britain and the rest of Europe as the oil gets cut off and the food starts running out.

We would probally end up with a 'Chav Dictatorship' and someone like 'Posh Spice' in Buckingham Palace.


The 'Weapons of Mass Distruction' in Iraq is the oil - millions of peoples lives depend on it.

This is the most unpopular thing I have ever said but I believe it is true: I don't like him at all but Bush is right on Iraq. And Blair is right too. We have to win the war against fascism in Iraq - and we still can.

As for the 'Chav General' who wants to give up in Iraq because he does not believe democracy and the rule of law is worth fighting for - he should be removed as soon as it is possible without triggering a military coup in Britain. He is a serious danger to freedom and democracy - in both Iraq and Britain.

Watch this space. PS: I was born in Syria.

Treasure of Bagdad contacted 13 Iraqi Bloggers and asked them if the war was worth it. They were devided on the issue but worth a read if you want relief from the sickening 'Stop the War Coalition' rhetoric. (thanks to normblog via roadtoserfdom

Thursday, October 19, 2006

muslim ate my hampster

Some great commments about wearing the veil on 'Question Time' tonight including "I fully expect to wake up tomorrow to see 'Muslim Ate My Hampster' on the front page".

Another good point was "MP's spend a lot of their time talking on the phone so how come Jack Straw can't communicate with someone wearing the veil?"

One the other hand pretty much everyone except the over shrill veil wearers (glad we could not see their faces they sounded pretty ugly), agreed that the Teacher should not wear a veil in class.

Then it was pointed out that in fact she did not (except when the dreaded 'men' came in the room). That was when the real twister came in - "the veil is discriminatory to men." I suppose it all depends on what turns you on.

Personally I find the veil really sexy - so I'm all for it.

That might get a fatwa issued against me (some 'politically correct' ballshit about being rude about Muslims) - and that is what really annoys me about the current hysterical muslim fanatic movement.

The current attacks on free speach by religious bigots is frightening. At the moment Muslim bigots seem to be trying to be the new 21 Centuary 'Mary Whitehouses'. Well they better go watch 'Deep Throat' and get an education about freedom, otherwize they might try and ban Christmas because it is offensive to Muslims.

Or maybe they should watch the 'Ramadam Charlie Brown' video on YouTube by www.mostoffensivevideos.com - if they can take that then they must be British.

As the brilliant London mayor Ken Livingston said - "concentration camp guards".

A lot of Muslims cheered him on because he was talking about some Jewish people behaving like Nazies (true) - but the same could be said about some Muslims.

PS - I was born in Syria.

see: 'veil over troubled waters' for useful 'veil education link' & more comments

book review: when prison is a crime

'The Damage Done: Twelve Years of Hell in Bangkok Prisons' by Warren Fellows. (1998) ISBN: 184018275 - review by marco polo

Reading this book is a highly distressing experience. It tells the story of the author, an Australian working in a pub in Sydney in the mid 1970s when he was in his early 20s, where he meets a shady but likeable character, and ends up working for him as a drug smuggler/courier. He does a few runs bringing back hashish from India, and then moves on to heroin from Thailand. In 1978 at the age of 25 he gets nabbed in Bangkok, bang-to-rights with several kilos of heroin. Then begins the twelve years of hell.

It starts immediately: the arresting officer is a sadistic thug, who enjoys inflicting pain and trauma on Fellows. This continues for 37 days in the "Police Interrogation Unit", where Fellows endures torture, hatred, and constant fear of immediate death. Thankfully he doesn`t go into detail, but does say that after those 37 days he has already been permanently changed: the damage is already done; but there are another 12 years to go.

Whilst in there he signs a document implicating another Australian who wasn`t involved in his case, and makes the important point that confessions and statements extracted under torture aren`t worth the paper they`re written on: most people will sign anything to stop the torture.

Then he`s transferred to his first prison, and is horrified by the conditions: 20 to 30 blokes crammed into cells just big enough for them to lie down on straw mats, stiflingly hot, insects everywhere, and one hole in the floor in a corner to excrete into, which is infrequently emptied, so the cell stinks. They`re locked in there for 18 hours in every 24, with one bucket of dirty water next to the "toilet".

The prison food is inedible, dirty rice and slop, but in one of the few considerations of the Thai penal system, prisoners who have money are allowed to withdraw it from their prison account and spend it; there`s a meagre shop in the prison so Fellows gets basic food from there. (Bear in mind this is his first relatively "soft" prison, as he hasn`t been to trial yet).

Here he`s fitted with heavy iron shackles and chains on his ankles (see cover photo), which remain with him for most of the next 12 years (which is illegal under UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners). He soon learns that if the prison blacksmith doesn`t like the look of a prisoner, his clubhammer "accidentally" smashes and breaks ankles. The guards are also ruthless, beating prisoners savagely for the the slightest real or imagined infraction.

Then he`s transferred to another prison for 3 years. This one is harsher, as it has a sadistic governer, with correspondingly even more brutal guards, "a cesspit of blood and excretement and death and cruelty". It`s overrun with vermin, i.e. lice, fleas, ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches and rats (all of which are present to some extent in the other prisons he serves time in).

Once again he`s locked in a stifling packed cell with 20 to 30 blokes for 18 hours per day, but because the governer and guards are more brutal, many of the prisoners are injured and bleeding, which adds to the smell and horror.

Then it gets worse, Fellows is mistakenly assumed to be planning an escape, and is placed in a "punishment cell" (his first of many). These particular windowless cells with no light are so crowded that there`s no room to lie down or even stretch your legs, they all have to sit hunched up, the toilet is one bucket in the corner which soon overflows, the smell is appalling, and they`re only allowed out for 5 minutes in every 24 hours to have a quick wash and drink with filthy water and eat dirty slop.
Most foreign prisoners die in the punishment cells (a fact that isn`t reported in the mainstream media), mostly through malnutrition, injuries, disease or insanity, but in this one most Thais survive by eating cockroaches, which Fellows naturally finds repulsive, but reluctantly joins in in order to survive.

One night in this cell a prisoner goes into a mad frenzy and stabs another prisoner to death with an old nail, amidst plenty of screaming and blood-splattering. They all have to sit in stinking horror for 18 hours before the guards finally come in. When he gets out after 10 days he tries to commit suicide with an overdose of valium from the prison hospital, but is taken to the hospital by prisoner friends and recovers.
These punishment cells are illegal under Thai and UN law, so whenever a government or foreign official visits the prison, the punishment cells are temporarily emptied.
Shortly afterwards he witnesses for the first time a brutal guard beating a prisoner to death for a simple misdemeanour, which he sees many more times in the following years.

In the next few months he learns Thai from the Thai prisoners, and comes to respect the Thai traditions and common people (if not the brutal prison officers and police).
After about a year in prison he starts taking heroin, which is available from some guards (not all of them are brutal savages), and from prison visitors, and gives an intelligent overview of the absurdity of the drug laws, the most obvious being that he`s banged up for smuggling heroin, yet prison guards are supplying it. He points out that the tabloid hysteria and school "education" about heroin is highly inaccurate; heroin has valuable properties, such as temporarily removing physical and mental pain. Most of the foreigners in Thai prisons end up taking heroin to escape the pain and suffering.

[The most damaging things about heroin in the West are its high price and the adulterants added to it by the time it reaches the streets; if it was legally available cheaply in its pure form from chemists these serious problems would disappear, as would most heroin-smuggling operations].

Meanwhile the sadistic governer beats, tortures and kills prisoners on a regular basis in a variety of horrible ways. It later emerges that he moonlights as a taxi driver in the evenings, and one night drives a Thai girl to the edge of town and brutally rapes her. About a week later he`s found lying outside the prison gates, battered and barely alive, with his severed right hand placed on his chest.

However the barbarity continues, with one young Thai inmate who was foolish enough to hit back at a brutal guard being forced into a wooden cage so small that he has to crouch, which is suspended from the ceiling and covered with a dark cloth, where he remains for 3 months. Fellows doesn`t go into detail, but presumably he excretes from where he is, and is given enough food and water to stay alive. When he gets out he`s a physical and mental wreck, and soon disappears, presumed dead.

After about 3 years Fellows finally goes on trial, is sentenced to life imprisonment, and sent to another prison, Bang Kwang, apparently "the most feared prison in the world". In fact conditions are much the same (they could hardly get worse), it`s overcrowded and overrun with the usual vermin, except that this one is "hot with fleas". As usual the food is disgusting, which Fellows reckons is intended to weaken the prisoners. However in this prison the inmates eat rats, and once again Fellows reluctantly joins in in order to survive. Also as usual many of the guards are savage, beating prisoners to a pulp or to death in front of the other prisoners. Apart from the physical damage, this savagery is also mentally damaging, and many prisoners never recover.

At this point Fellows realises that this punishment is far worse than the crimes most of the inmates are in for; there are of course some prisoners who are hardened criminals, but most of the others are just petty thieves or drug smugglers/dealers who hadn`t enough money or influence to bribe the police who arrested them. And some of them are natives from neighbouring countries who have merely entered Thailand without the relevant passport and/or paperwork. [There must be thousands of more-or-less innocent prisoners suffering in harsh prisons all over the world]. Also there`s the irony that many of the prison staff are murderous criminals, far worse than most inmates.

One day Fellows is caught with heroin and sentenced to 3 months solitary confinement in another punishment cell. These tiny cells are underground, bare concrete, dark and cold. Here he attempts suicide for the second time, but fails to hang himself. He reveals that to his knowledge at the time of writing, he`s the only foreigner still alive who has survived 3 months in a punishment cell, the others having died of malnutrition, injuries, disease, insanity, heroin overdoses or suicide.

Another day a German prisoner goes mad and starts lashing out at the guards, so the guards proceed to beat him mercilessly, so badly that Fellows intervenes and also gets beaten. They both get put into solitary confinement for a month, in the usual tiny concrete cells next to each other, with extra punishment, the first being that his shackled ankle is padlocked to an iron ring on the wall, so that he cannot move around or get "comfortable". The second punishment is that every day he`s taken next door to see the German, who has had no medical attention and is lying in a pool of blood and excretement, with broken bones and a smashed face, obviously dying. Although Fellows doesn`t elaborate, it seems obvious that the German died of his injuries and neglect.

The relentless grimness is slightly relieved in the mid-1980s when prison visit restrictions are relaxed, so that prisoners are allowed more visitors, many of them sympathetic foreign tourists.

The years crawl by, with almost daily incidents of ultraviolence and horror, and plenty of prisoners are killed by the guards or die of heroin overdoses or disease. The most imaginative method of murder involves the victim being forced into a spherical bamboo cage, placed in the empty prison yard, whereupon an elephant is led in and encouraged to kick the ball around. The Thais know all about elephants: after some time kicking the ball around the walled yard, the elephant gets bored and stamps on the ball.

In 1989 Fellows`s best friend in the prison dies of contaminated heroin, and Fellows is so upset that he stops taking it.

By 1990 he has been brutalised, tortured, hungry, thirsty, thin and weak for nearly 12 years (the front cover photo must have been taken very early in his ordeal; at the end he`s like a walking skeleton), shackled and chained most of the time, and most of his prison friends are dead or have gone insane.

Fellows is near the end of his tether when he finally gets a King`s Pardon and gets back to Australia, but there yet another ordeal begins, as he has great difficulty readjusting and coping with his memories. Also he`s hounded by the press, and gets badly beaten up.

He has plenty of psychological problems, the foremost being his hard-wired memories of violence, abuse and suffering; dreams become nightmares; sometimes he dreams that his homecoming is a dream, and he wakes up in a stinking cell. Also he cannot stomach violence of any kind, including film violence, and cannot understand why free people should wish to create violence (a very valid point).

This book is very well written, a remarkable feat considering what he`s been through. He concludes by saying that if one single person is dissuaded from drug smuggling through reading this book, then his suffering has not been in vain. And Fellows will never be free of his memories.

'The Damage Done: Twelve Years of Hell in Bangkok Prisons' by Warren Fellows.

Extradition (or is it kidnapping): US Government V Ian Norris

By Kenyon Gibson


A man named Ian Norris was this week accused of committing a legal act in an attempt by the United States to extradite him from Britain - with out giving any evidence, to the shock of the British judges.

In fact, his legal act was a completely honest one, so the plaintiff is not even accusing him of dishonesty. Nor is the plaintiff accusing him of breaking any existing laws of the realm. However, the plaintiff, which is the US government, is stating that what he did was against US laws! And they want his blood, and his body, in their prison system.

Richard Gordon, QC, counsel for Norris, laid plain the facts in court Tuesday and Wednesday, 17 & 18 October, 2006. In five words or more, he went through the whole legal history of the practice of price setting in the UK, showing beyond a shadow of doubt that there was no offence here, and had never been a prosecution for such an act, quoting former legal opinion including the words of a former Vice Chancellor, Sir James Baker, who found an agreement to set prices by three quarry owners to be “perfectly lawful”, and that it did not deserve to be called a conspiracy, which is one thing the US government is calling it.

Such acts may be unlawful in the US, but that is not where Norris ran his business, Morgan Crucible, an automotive parts manufacturer which he started working at 33 years ago in an entry level position. He was well liked and proficient at his job, and in the classic success story, rose to the top post, to which he acceded in 1998. One thing that he set about to change was the policy of price setting, which was legally exercised, part of a long time tradition in Europe, but which Norris found not his style. Ironic then that he should receive a call from his lawyer telling him that he was under indictment in the US. This threw his life into a spin, and immediately affected such things as travel plans; he had to cancel a trip to watch the World Rugby Cup, as the US had put a red flag on his passport. This they did in secret, and it was only by exercising due diligence that Alistair Graham, QC, of White and Case, found out and warned him in time.


A lot was done in secret by the US, in fact a major part of the legal arguments in court this week were over the fact that the US is not supplying information about the case to the defendant, which they would have to do if he were a US citizen. But to a UK citizen, no. On this point the judges on the bench stopped the lawyer for the US on more than one occasion, and they were told, perhaps to their surprise, that the US did not have to supply prima facie evidence, as they would have to do with their own citizens, or with a French citizen…or just about any other country’s citizen. UK citizens under this agreement have less rights than the rest of the world!

With this thought, one must ask how this kind of thing could come about. The fact is that this act was passed in virtual secrecy, signed only by David Blunkett as part of the post-9/11 ‘war on terror’. So far, it really has not resulted in any terrorists being extradited, the man with the hook for a hand is still here and able to preach hate whenever he wants, but the guy whose only previous time in courts was when he was commended by a magistrate for tackling a thief with his rugby skills, is being fast-tracked to orange jump suit land.


To add insult to injury, the US did not have, in my humble opinion, either a very good, or a very honest, barrister in court. By the end of his rap, he was nervously gesticulating with his hands in response to questioning from the bench, and had crucially misstated the date of Norris’ retirement, stating that it was in 2003, after the indictment in the US, when Norris had in fact retired in October 2002. But why let the facts get in the way?

Meeting Norris today, I got an even clearer impression of the man, and more on him and this case will be on this site, and in the Independent, in an article by Geneviève Roberts (who also did a feature earlier this year on Gary McKinnon, who is also up for extradition to the US).

To support the rights of the British people not to be tried by US laws, contact your MP and do not let them weasel out – tell them you are the boss! The Tories and the Lib Dems do believe in the right of the British people not to have these kinds of cases bought against them, but the Labour Party has yet to show its colours.


I endorse no party, nor am I a member of any party of employed by such. I only report on the facts as they are. A hearing in Commons on this issue will take place on Tuesday, 24 October 2006 at 3pm. Showing up or calling your MP (all can be reached at 020 7219 3000) will be a good move in the defence of the realm!

Stay tuned for more information.

global warming causes nation wide cannabis shortage

Cannabis industry experts and cannabis users are complaining about a nationwide cannabis shortage which has been going on since mid June. They believe one of the main causes is global warming.

The hottest summer in Britain since records began caused catastrophic crop failures in thousands of 'grow rooms' through out Britain.

The 'grow rooms' use powerful lights to simulate the effects of the sun on the cannabis plants and create a large amount of heat. Normally this is only a problem because of the give away smell of 'skunk' created, but the added heat of the unexpected extreme weather caused 1000's of indoor harvests to fail.

Cannabis Jobs Threatened

Grow rooms work on an average 8 week cycle so production is now beginning to get back to normal, but the British cannabis industry has still not recovered 100%. The cannabis industry, which employs thousands of people, has also been hit by wild cat police strikes targeting factories all over the country which have caused further lay offs. Industry experts say hundreds of jobs are now under threat.

Operation Relentlessly Stupid

In Wiltshire the police have been running a campaign called 'Operation Relentless'. This has been dubbed 'Relentlessly Stupid' by locals due to the fact that the well intending police have been targeting cannabis grow rooms rather than the 'crack' houses which really do bring misery to families all over the country.

Unlike Paul McCartney I gave up smoking cannabis ages ago so I am not effected, but reports have come in from as far away as Scotland about the cannabis shortages. The greatest concern must be for the health of the thousands of medical cannabis users. Of course there is no shortage of adulterated 'soap bar' (fake 'cannabis') which is a highly dangerous substance - or dangerous, addictive drugs link alcohol, heroin, tobacco and cocaine.

Cannabis Down - Cocaine Up

Recently a survey has shown that cannabis use is down and cocaine use is up - yet another reason why cannabis should be legalised now.

- - - -

pregnant women ordered off coffee - it could make their children more freedom loving

American scientists have just warned pregnant mothers not to drink any coffee. They say tests in rats show that even very low doses of coffee given to pregnant rats made their offspring more active and less inhibited. Oh no, how terrible!

The scientist's experiments showed that the young rats (whose mums had been given less than one double expresso when pregnant), were more likely to explore new environments, and spent more time interacting with other animals. Oh no, how terrible!

These scientists obviously believe in the old Victorian maxim: "Children should be seen and not heard".

We have their colleagues to thank for the 'Scientific' development which has brought us 'Ritalan' the 'pharmaceutical cosh' drug for 'over' active children (i.e. they like to play, run about and annoy adults). This dangerous drug (a powerful form of 'speed' with many side effects) is now given to over 90,000 children in Britain.

This is going on despite the fact it is well known that the majority of hypoactivity problems are down to the huge amounts of sugar many children are given by their ignorant, brain washed, coca cola addict parents.

It seems the old Victorian saying has now been updated to: "Children should be drugged and not heard"

This is just another wonder of modern morons, not science.

- -

chattering class war 'anarchist' police informer fakes

'Class War', a violence glorifying group of fake 'anarchist' thugs and police informers descended on the 'paradise' pub in Kensal Rise last night in an attempt to revive their almost successful attempt to destroy the anarchist movement in Britain.

Paid informers: The group more or less collapsed a few years ago when it emerged that at least one of their 'leaders' was actually in the full time employ of Scotland Yard's 'Special Branch', while several other members appeared to be paid informers. In fact the police were pretty much running 'Class War', organising the patsies to do their bidding!

Fake anarchists: These fake 'anarchists' are closer in thinking to the BNP and Pol Pot than any true anarchist philosophy. They mostly wear black and glorify mindless violence. Like Pol Pot they would like to go back to the year 'zero', and advocate putting anyone who is 'middle class' or has done well in life, in concentration camps "for rich people". 'Class War' hates 'rich people' like Hitler's Nazies hated the jews.

They live off their mums: Class War call themselves 'anarchists' but most of them live off the state and scrounge cash off their mums. They use macho 'alpha male' bully boy tactics to take over events and demonstrations as the so called 'anarchist block' - a tactic that has succeeded in making the British anarchist movement the smallest and least effective in Europe.

Public Service Warning: Watch out for these people, they are not anarchists. They claim to be part of the progressive left, but they have even less respect for freedom and equality than the BNP - or even the CBI (Confederation of British Industry).

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

a fate worse than madonna

Madonna lives a few blocks away from the 'schmoo safe house' and frankly she generally lowers the tone of the area (I prefer Paris Hilton), but I support her 100% regarding the African baby stealing charges.

I have had problems with Madonna in the past due to her not supporting the Congestion Charge, driving 4 wheel drive tanks around the area, wearing real fur, being mates with Bono, and just about everything,

Nevertheless Madonna has earned the right to save as many kids from Africa as she wants to buy; considering how much cash she has (£300 million and counting) it is obvious she can afford the child minders.

Madonna's £5.7 million London mansion is big enough for a whole African village. We just wonder how come she did not pick up twins while she was in Malawi - she can afford a double buggy.

I think Madonna will be a pretty good mum, and she will certainly be good for pocket money. Pity the step dad spends most of the time down the pub, but you can't have everything.

Those santimonious NGO so called 'charities' that are trying to stop her deserve nothing but contempt. They are obviously 'Politically Correct' hypocrites, wasting cash on court cases and driving around in their 4 wheel drives - while the people they are supposed to be helping go with out.

Seems all they want to do is hold on to as many victims of poverty as they can to make sure they get their grants from the World Bank. How sick can you get.

So welcome to Marylebone from Malawi David Banda - you have just avoided a fate far worse than Madonna.

Hopefully when you grow up you can do some good in the world, and not end up as a spoilt london 'rich kid' brat.

'exercise safer city' : london councils to practice terror disaster

Above: Marking the fifth anniversary of 9.11 outside US Embassy in London this year. Over 50% of Americans now believe it was an inside job.

If you are in London tomorrow watch out; in an operation code named 'Exercise Safer City', 33 London councils are practicing disaster - despite the fact they are a disaster every day.

The exercise will also involve the emergency services, health agencies and government departments - so watch out, there could be a disaster!

Apparently in the exercise, civil servants and emergency service personal may receive a telephone, email or fax message which will start with the words 'Exercise Safer City'.


The civil servants will be asked to provide details of resources or services, and how long it would take for them to be made available - "errrr how about next week?"

Orders posted on council 'intranets' today say "No resources or services should be activated, moved or provided" - so it is business as usual.

Hopefully they will do better than in the 7/7 bombings, when despite having a practice involving a terror attack on the London Underground going on that very day , the emergency services left wounded passengers lying in darkness for hours.


Strangely there was also a 'terror attack' emergency practice going on in New York on 9.11. So watch out, tomorrow there is another 'practice' in London. Let's hope that is all it is.

Above: The very persuasive '9.11 was an inside job' film 'Loose Change 3' is to be shown at the prestigious 'Sundance Film Festival', and may also be shown on Channel Five TV in Britain. 'Loose Change 2' was to be shown at the 'Houses of Parliament', but the cowardly MP's backed out, and the event had to be cancelled.

A new 9.11 film 'Improbable Collapse' is rapidly going up the Google video charts (currently 68).

More 9.11 news & information at the ever growing '9.11 Truth Campaign'

- -

bank note counterfeiting gang busted

Above: A massive bank note counterfeit operation was broken up today by police in London who arrested several men. One very glum looking man with dark hair was arrested after a helicopter chase from a house known as 'The Treasury' in central London.


think positive: cosmic rays at work

Crisis? What Crisis? Here at schmoo there has been an amazing transformation of our world view: Everything in the Universe is brilliant! Everything is going to be ok. No need to worry about a thing. All the problems of the world are being solved, peace and tranquility is breaking out. There is plenty of food for everyone, and starvation is illegal. We have also fallen in love with President Bush - he is such a lovable, peace loving, socialist minded, genius of a 'people's' politician. And all the programs on telly are great!

In case you think we have gone mad don't worry; today is 'Cosmic Trigger Day' according to an email we have just received from some transcendental Meditation (TM) people based in South Africa, forwarded by a friend of a friend from Iran (that's the internet for you). 'TM' is the organisation started by the Guru Maharishi who got his big break in show business when the Beatles visited his Ashram in India in the sixties, after taking loads of L.S.D.

According to the Maharishi email everyone on earth is being zapped today by an ultra violet 'cosmic ray' from 'Universe 2':

"This beam resonates with the heart chakra, it is radiant fluorescent in nature, blue/magenta in color. Although it resonates in this frequency band, it is above the color frequency spectrum of your Universe-1 which you, Earth articulate in. However due to the nature of your soul and soul groups operating from Universe-2 frequency bands, it will have an effect. The effect is every thought and emotion will be amplified intensely one million-fold."

Because of this the people from TM understandably want to avoid a total world disaster by getting as many people as possible (at least a million) to think positive thoughts. This is the only way we can counter the negative effects of the 'News at Ten', and the BBC's 'News Night' program (also known as 'News Fright').

Here at the schmoo 'very, very safe palace, dripping in gold and precious stones' we plan to spend the rest of the day thinking about all those £50 pound notes and 'YouTube' Shares coming our way, any day now. They should print £100 notes. Even better would be £1000 notes; this would make positive thinking so much more efficient.

Peace and Prosperity to everyone!

history matters - for the future

It is not too late to contribute to the brilliant 'History Matters' mass blog project; in fact you have until November 1st to claim your place in history.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Hawaii: surfers miss early morning earthquake waves

The BBC is already publishing lots of first hand reports of Hawaii earthquake experiences.

A large (6.6) early morning earthquake at sea near the surfers paradise of Hawaii caused little damage and no reported deaths, but there was "significant wave activity" according to a US scientist.

Unfortunately it was too early in the morning for surfers to take advantage.

veil over troubled waters

Above: Some wanker will probably want to kill me for this, but I find veils on women very sexy.

Above: The Quran does not say anyone should wear the veil - but Vogue magazine does.

Above: The Muslim men of the Taureg tribe in North Africa wear the veil.

Veil fact: Christians wore the veil way before the Muslims nicked the idea.


A lot of the people pontificating about the wearing of the veil are exposing in public their lack of knowledge. But Jack Straw, David Davis and others are right to voice their deeply held unfounded fears - so they can receive help. They should read 'The Veil & Veiling' educational web page which quickly demolishes the rampant myths about the veil which currently threaten social cohesion in Britain.

One good thing has come out of all this: with the Tories pretending to abandon their traditional right-wing racist bigot position, there was a real danger that their disillusioned racist bigot voters would join the National Front or UKIP on mass - but now they will all vote Labour.

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

cops on speed

Above: Just another Saturday night in Central London. People complain that the police are "Never there when you want them" - and then they complain if they drive too fast. What idiots. Here at the schmoo safe house we love cops. There can be no respect for hand wringing liberial lefties until they accept that the establishment of law and order is a primary requirement for any free society. The police in Britain are doing a brilliant job, but we need more of them in the estates - and patrolling the Stock Exchange.

ali g on youtube: drugs education

Above: This years 'smileeee'. If you know someone with eyes like this they are either on drugs or suffering from the effects of air pollution.

Above: Smileee 2006; bigger smile, less brain cells. "Does 'Class A' drugs mean it's better quality?" 'Ali G' (is the 'G' for 'Gear'?) does some excellent lines of drug education questioning on YouTube. Uncut funny smileee.

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camden market

Above: Bubbles for sale at Camden Market (+ crack, smack and tat).

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Monday, October 9, 2006

cars cause homelessness

Above: Recently London mayor Ken 'Takeverything' backed a draconian 'Stalinist' crack down on 'Fare Dodgers' and 'Congestion Charge Fiddlers'. Apparently these anti social criminals are using a sneaky scam - they attempt to avoid paying fares on London Transport, or paying the 'Congestion Charge' by riding bicyles in central London.

Normally we love Ken Livinstone, the people's hero, but not when he attacks bike riders.

Above: At the same time as Livingstone's purge on bike riders, an alliance of ruthless warlords known as 'Westminster Council' who control central London issued a new threat to the local population: all bikes locked up to railings or street lamp posts will be stolen - by them.

Above: Con artists try to trick bicycle users with false signs inviting them to lock their bikes to the railings.


Researchers at the 'schmoo safe house' have come up with a new invention: the 'Bicycle Flat'. This is not a 'flat bicycle' (which would also be a good idea for easy storage), nor anything to do with flat tyres, but a new way to fight homelessness and help stop the 'Green Belt' going concrete.

The Bicycle Flat works like this: Most housing projects have to devote large amounts of land and expence to provide car parking space for the residents of the new homes. A simple alternative would be to offer low cost public housing to people who agreed to use bicycles not cars. This would allow extra housing to be built on the space usually taken up by the estate car parks. Thease homes would be known as 'Bicycle Flats'.

Fact: Cars cause homelessness.

sack parliament 'riot' flop: real anarchists have manners

There was an utterly backwards thinking, miss guided, 'Sack Parliament' flop of an attempted so called 'direct action' outside Parliament today by a group of very stupid, bigoted people. They claim, with no justification what so ever, to be anarchists.


Thease so called 'anarchists' are an insult to true anarchist beliefs. Their pathetic threat to 'Sack Parliament' is closer to fascism than anarchy, being utterly anti democratic in it's intention. No wonder the anarchist movement in this country is so weak. Real anarchists take responsibility for their lives; most of these idiots call themselves anarchists, but sign on the dole (and think they can save the planet by not having baths). The anarchist movement had some support a few years ago, but then a 'macho' minority of people with serious personality defects took over. They squandered the mass support for freedom loving, peaceful political action, by acting out their childish 'anti authoritarian' hang ups on the streets, smashing windows, and putting out silly violence glorifying leaflets. They set back the anarchist movement at least a generation. Sadly thease fools are still around, but instead of thousands, now the most they can attract is a few dozen 'crustie' types. Pity the police for having to deal with thease unpleasent, spoilt, small minded brats. Thease people are not anarchists; real anarchists have manners.

Now they are moaning on 'Indymasocist' about how the police were nasty and mean to them - what do they expect after threatening to 'Sack Parliament'?


They say this is 'Direct Action' like it was the holy grail. Who gave them the right? Seems like they want to dissolve Parliament and set up an 'Anarchist Dictatorship'.

Thease people are not anarchists; anotherbunchoffascists more like.

Monday, October 2, 2006

the devil on the hill

Bush is not a fool, he is not weak; he is worse than Hitler. The last Pope feared Bush was the 'anti christ' (although presumably the current 'Nazi Pope' loves him), while President Chavez says he is the 'Devil', but these theories involve believing in the Bible, which is like believing in the '9.11 Commission Report'. Calling Bush 'The Devil' is giving him way too much credit; Bush is just a cheap war criminal guilty of too many crimes against humanity to list.

Sadly people like Bush are two a dozen - like the ingnorent if well intended people who support abandoning the Iraqi and Afgani People by pulling the troops out. This would be simply be yet another war crime.