Thursday, October 19, 2006

muslim ate my hampster

Some great commments about wearing the veil on 'Question Time' tonight including "I fully expect to wake up tomorrow to see 'Muslim Ate My Hampster' on the front page".

Another good point was "MP's spend a lot of their time talking on the phone so how come Jack Straw can't communicate with someone wearing the veil?"

One the other hand pretty much everyone except the over shrill veil wearers (glad we could not see their faces they sounded pretty ugly), agreed that the Teacher should not wear a veil in class.

Then it was pointed out that in fact she did not (except when the dreaded 'men' came in the room). That was when the real twister came in - "the veil is discriminatory to men." I suppose it all depends on what turns you on.

Personally I find the veil really sexy - so I'm all for it.

That might get a fatwa issued against me (some 'politically correct' ballshit about being rude about Muslims) - and that is what really annoys me about the current hysterical muslim fanatic movement.

The current attacks on free speach by religious bigots is frightening. At the moment Muslim bigots seem to be trying to be the new 21 Centuary 'Mary Whitehouses'. Well they better go watch 'Deep Throat' and get an education about freedom, otherwize they might try and ban Christmas because it is offensive to Muslims.

Or maybe they should watch the 'Ramadam Charlie Brown' video on YouTube by - if they can take that then they must be British.

As the brilliant London mayor Ken Livingston said - "concentration camp guards".

A lot of Muslims cheered him on because he was talking about some Jewish people behaving like Nazies (true) - but the same could be said about some Muslims.

PS - I was born in Syria.

see: 'veil over troubled waters' for useful 'veil education link' & more comments

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