Wednesday, March 26, 2008

cnd was wrong, is wrong and will always be wrong

The 'CND Aldermaston Reenactment Society' met last week to reenact how they made world war three more likely, and helped Thatcher come to power by supporting unilateral nuclear disarmament. It was a gathering of the failed and failing.

The supporters of CND naively believed they were campaigning for peace, but never understood how the mutual deterrence created by the existence of the H Bomb prevented the 'Cold War' turning into conventional war in Europe on more than one occasion.

Even without nuclear weapons this war would have made World War Two seem like Woodstock. In fact the nuclear disarmament 'peace' movement's only contribution was to make war more likely.

CND supporters also never understood how they were being manipulated - both by the Russian Stalinist dictatorship, but also by the British & American Governments who installed a mole as the secretary of CND with access to all membership details. CND was effectively run by the State for years.

The 'surrender monkey' policy of unilateral nuclear disarmament supported by CND and taken up by Stalinist and Trotskist militants in the Labour Party ensured several Tory election victories, and the hugely damaging Thatcher regime.


As long as the Labour Party supported CND's irresponsible nuclear disarmament policy it was unelectable, but for years they hung on to the toxic poisoned chalice marked 'CND'. Meanwhile the Tories pillaged the British people's family silver, wiped out the miners with no mercy, and privatised everything except the air we breath. Millions were thrown out of work, council house building was stopped and tragically British cities became places where Dickins would have felt at home, with homeless people sleeping in the gutters, and grinding poverty seemingly the only future, or as the Sex Pistols put it at the time - NO FUTURE. This was CND's true historical legacy.


Instead of addressing the real issues of the day, CND pied pipers lead thousands of people up the garden path to Greenham Common, effectively destroying the
then emerging environmental movement and the campaign against building leaky nuclear power stations like Windscale - which are still leaking to this day.

Instead of supporting the stand for freedom and democracy against the totalitarian Russian Soviet dictatorship, CND consistently took the position which most undermined the west and supported the KGB. A position guarenteed to alienate the maximum number of people against the left.

CND became very quiet as the Soviet Union collapsed and a wave of freedom and democracy swept Eastern Europe.


CND has not learnt a single thing from its appalling track record, or history in general. Instead CND continues to encourage people to pour their political energies down the black hole of unilateral nuclear disarmament - effectively disarming the left of any credible defence policy.

CND's reputation as a 'nutter' organisation among most people in Britain is now so bad that they discredit the legitimate campaign against the massively expensive development of Trident - just by supporting it.


Presumably true to form CND will continue to follow it's self defeating, self marginalising path into the political wastelands where its mostly ageing supporters will curl up and die with their cherished principles, while the rest of the world gets on with the reality of survival in an increasingly dangerous world.

We can expect CND to continue to support the enemies of peace and freedom where ever they are - including the misogynist fundamentalist torturing Iranian religious dictatorship which is hell bent on achieving nuclear armament, the opposite of CND's declared aim.

Likewise CND supports abandoning any responsibility for the disaster in Iraq by advocating unilateral withdrawal, leaving the Iraq people to the mercy of a bunch of fascist militia thugs, thus compounding all the previous mistakes in Iraq.

Meanwhile the development of the very nuclear technology that CND wished to ban will continue to make war less likely amongst the super powers. It is likely that many millions of people would not be alive today if it were not for the development of nuclear weapons.

There is also the possibility that in the future humanity will be very glad for the development of the nuclear bomb - to blow asteroids off course from hitting earth and destroying civilization.

In the future hopefully we will have nuclear disarmament, but any fool should be able to see it won't be due to a unilateral policy by Britain. World nuclear disarmament will come because we negotiated it from a position of strength, and more importantly because we will have worked hard to bring about the reality of peace, justice and understanding in the world.

We can't expect the die hard 'intellectual' supporters of CND to help in this practical work - they prefer to wave signs, shout slogans and generally display in public their utter powerlessness and irrelevance.

Hopefully sometime sooner rather than later, the likes of CND won't be around anymore to waste it's supporters time, and get in the way of progress towards a peaceful and freedom respecting world.

US attacks iran in all out economic assault

While the financial headlines have been dominated by sub prime train crashes such as Bear Stearns and Northern Rock, few have registered the fact that an all out economic war has broken out between the US and Iran. This could have serious consequences for mortgage payers - and everyone.

save OUR world - kill the whale

The scientific proof is over whelming; apart from killing yourself, the next best thing you can do to save the planet is support the Kill the Whale Campaign which is launching tomorrow.

The Kill the Whale campaign is part of a broad based environmentalist coalition (including the Make Britain Nuclear Campaign and Stop Greenpeace), which aims to save humanity from the threat of Climate Change.

Scientists now believe climate change is caused mainly by the Whale, and not by humans as previously thought (due to incorrect data spread by corrupt scientists working for multi national eco corporations like Greenpeace).

The marauding sea pest known as the Whale is carrying out a systematic genocidal extermination of plankton and hundreds of other rare marine species on a daily basis, purely for it's own profit and with no regard for the environment. This mass killing makes Darfur look like a typical boring hippy festival. Plankton currently produce half of of the worlds oxygen. Any threat to plankton is a threat to every living thing on this planet.

What animal kills more things everyday than any other? The Whale (source).

The bloated and obese American Sperm Whale for example roams in packs of 100 or more and eats squid (including colossal squid and the giant squid), octopus and deep water fishes, but it also consumes sharks and skates. Each of these 35,000 - 57,000 kg monsters consumes approximately 3% of its body weight in squid (about 2,000 pounds) every day.

Thanks to the insane ban on killing whales as much as possible, there are now over 1,500,000 sperm whales worldwide, and the infestation is spreading by the day. It is possible that by 2010 there could be so many Whales that their combined weight when they mass in mating season will cause a shift in the Earths polar axis and the deaths of millions, if not billions of innocent human beings in a massive tsunami of polluted seawater mixed with whale blubber and millions of tons of waste plastic.

Pirate Sperm Radio: Sperm Whales also needlessly blights the lives of millions by disturbing transatlantic communication cables which interrupts TV programs, emails and free BitTorrent downloads. They also support international terrorism and put lives at risk by interfering with vital naval sonar communications with their unlicensed underwater 'pirate' broadcasts and illegal free phone calls.

Japanese Internet security specialists suspect that Whales, possibly assisted by Dolphins and Human double agents, may have even hacked into the Internet using organic wifi, and could have stolen hundreds of millions of pounds, contributing to the current global financial meltdown. Meanwhile a Japanese government agriculture minister has said that Whales contribute to mass starvation.

Discredited war criminal suspect Tony Blair is of course in the pay of the shadowy but hugely powerful Whale Lobby which has agents in every capital of the world spreading pro whale propaganda, and corrupting politicians and scientists with massive bribes. When he was Prime Minister of Great Britain Blair said: "We are concerned that whaling is unacceptably cruel. It is also economically unnecessary. We believe that whale-watching is the only use of whales which is both humane and sustainable." This is typical 'dodgy dossier' Bliar. How low can you get?

The Whale Lobby also supports terrorist organisations like the fanatical hard line Greenpeace 'Eco Qaeda' group, who similar to AL-QAEDA, specialise in committing mindless media 'spectaculars' involving economic sabotage, vandalism, wreckless boat driving, and other anti democratic, green Nazi fundamentalist 'direct actions'.

Pro Whale multi national corporations like the cynically named 'Friends of the Earth' claim to be environmentalists, while actively supporting the ongoing genocide of squid and other native sea dwellers with a steady stream of press releases and fake 'expert' reports in support of the Whale. Meanwhile the wholesale global destruction of the plankton forest by these tyrannical and murderous war lords of the sea continues unabated, threatening the future of life on earth.

This is why the Kill the Whale (and save OUR planet) Campaign has been started to expose the lies and stop the extermination of life itself. It's the Whale or us. The clock is ticking towards the end of humanity, but YOU can help by making a donation or purchasing a Kill the Whale Tea Shirt or mug.

Ask your MP to support 'The Right to Whale Meat For All' Bill (2008) which would require supermarkets to stock whale meat, including burgers, at subsidised prices until full extinction has been achieved.

This piece is no reflection on James Whale the brilliant broadcaster (Talk Sport mon-thurs) who suggests at the next election everyone should vote out their own mp, ie sack the entire house of commons.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

barack obama's historic race speech

Is it really possible the US might elect a genius for President? Barack Obama has really done it this time; a humblingly great speech by a genius.

"Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job." - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Monday, March 17, 2008

london gang war: is london about to be borised by johnson ?

Above: Boris Johnson's Tory Bunnie plans for London are hilarious.

Security alert levels have been raised to red at the schmoo safehouse on news of the opinion poll giving a 12 point lead to Boris Johnson against Ken Livingston in the upcoming London Mayor election (May 1st). The flamboyant gang leader represents the 'Old School Tie Mafia Gang' who are fighting a vicious turf war to control London's property market.

Boris Johnson has also made an alliance with the 'Car Sales Man Gang' and the 'Oil Company Gang' - his jokey populist transport policy involves a massive increase in the use of luxury 4/4 'chelsea tanks' to replace the 'free' bendy buses.

"I think pedestrians are the most dangerous feature on the road at the moment." Boris Johnson declared on Radio 2 recently.

Ken Livingstone points to a £100 million financial gap in the funding of Boris's bus scheme which would cause a bus fare rise from 90p to £1.05, and a financial crisis for London's transport services.

Ken Livingstone email to schmoo: "As mayor, Boris Johnson's mistakes about London transport would be costly to our city, and would hit ordinary Londoners in the pocket. His £100 million bus policy blunder would equal a single bus fare rise from 90p to £1.05. It's time for Boris to be honest with Londoners about the real cost of his transport plan. It's not just the numbers that don't add up on Boris's transport manifesto. Boris Johnson has no coherent policy about the collapse of Metronet and the £1 billion a year programme for Tube modernisation. He doesn't even seem to know who owns Crossrail, the largest transport project in Europe. His manifesto has caused widespread concern amongst road-safety campaigners. It includes proposals to re-phase traffic lights solely to speed up traffic, disregarding the needs of pedestrians. What Boris Johnson doesn't seem to understand is that when traffic lights are on red for cars and lorries, they are green for pedestrians or cyclists. Join my call for Boris to withdraw his flawed transport manifesto. While Boris Johnson's transport manifesto is unraveling, the transport plan I have set out will help our transport system thrive, which helps ensure all Londoners can share in London's success."

• Boris Johnson Gang Members list: Despite a cover up attempt it has emerged that paid up members of the Boris Gang include: John L Beckwith £50,000, Edwina Herrmann (lobbyist) £25,000, Peter Hall £20,000, Nicholas Boles £20,000, Stanley Fink (hedge fund supremo) £20,000, Michael Slade (property developer) £20,000, Lord Jonathan Marland £15,000, Windsor Services Ltd £10,000, Edmund Lazarus (Englefield Capital co-founder) £10,000, Michael Spencer (boss of money broker ICAP) £10,000, Nigel McNair Scott (property developer) £10,000, Ivor Braka (Chelsea art dealer) £10,000, Pidom Export Ltd £5,000, Kenneth A Carter £5,000, Michael Hintze (chief executive of CQS hedge fund) £2,000, Paul Bate £2,000.

uk bank rush

UK banks rushed to borrow cash from the Bank of England today as the US subprime epidemic spreads worldwide. Wild geese taking advantage of unusual air flows caused by climate change are being blamed.

• Close the Banks - This is one debt we owe ourselves: poem.

bear stearns: insider trading suspicions.

Was Bear Sterns collapse a Controlled Demolition?

Above: Bear Sterns World Headquarters, New York, 88th highest building in the world. There has been some very suspicious activity surrounding 'put option' deals involving time travel and Bear Stearns in recent days. Massive profits have been made as the company collapsed 'like a pack of cards'.

Who is next? Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Citi, Goldman Sachs .... the Vatigan?

Also in the frame: HBOS, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays and Alliance & Leicester.

• California Broke: 20,000 Teachers to be layed off in California.

• Close the Banks poem.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

'booze budget' boost for drug dealers

DEALERS running small businesses selling cannabis received yet another boost from the government in today's 'booze budget' with the news that Alistair Darling will raise taxes on booze - but continue to allow cannabis to be sold tax free.

Experts have estimated that the tax free status for cannabis costs the treasury as much as £2.86 billion a year in lost revenues (based on 2004 data). However supporters of the government's policy say it encourages up to 5000 'grow and deal' cannabis enterprises nationwide, which bring in much needed income to poor families on some of Britain's worst council estates, giving a boost to local economies.

A few years ago many dealers were concerned that the government might liberalise the cannabis laws, and regulate it's sale, which would dramatically cut into their profits. More recently the 'dealers friend' Gordon Brown said he was considering making cannabis a 'Class B' drug, which would ensure a huge boost in profits for the multi billion pound cannabis industry. However it appears he is now back tracking, as making cannabis 'Class B' would cost the tax payer £1 billion a year to enforce.

With the cost of booze and cigarettes going up thanks to the new tax increases, many drug experts fear even more people will turn to other drugs apart from cannabis; Crack Cocaine, Heroin and Ecstasy also enjoy tax free status and are cheaper now than any time in history.

City reaction: Britain's top cannabis joint rolling material suppliers Rizla will also welcome the new budget boost for the cannabis industry, and their shares are likely to go up on todays news.

Jamacia Explores Legalizing Marijuana

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

smoking ban: the fight back

Tobacco addict spokesperson Mike Strutter has a brilliant new angle. (Click on 'Strutter Infomercials' in left menu, then view 'Struttergear Smoketank Infomercial').

• Green Nazi Smoking Hypocrites: Why is it that so many supporters of the 'Green Nazi Party' smoke cigarettes (or roll ups), and take drugs like cocaine which destroy rain forests? They do this while simultaneously droning on about the environment and climate change, with no shame what so ever. Even the loathsome authoritarian eco bully Sian Barry, the Green candidate for London Mayor, is a polluting tobacco junkie hypocrite, who has the gall to say; "The worst thing (about London) is the dirty, polluted air we have to breathe". We should forget the so called 'Green' bit, and use the right words to describe these horrible 'Little Hitler' types with bad science and bad breath; Nazi, Smoking, Hypocrites. The only thing voting 'green' accomplishes is to help the Tories get in and make the sun go out.

Above: Plain Nasty; Green Nazis marching to climate change concentration camp at Heathrow to attend sanctimoania workshops. They claim they can save the world from climate change by not going to Spain. (image via

Eliot Spitzer: 'Hypocrite of the Year 2008'?

Above: New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, Time magazine "Crusader of the Year 2002", has been exposed for using a high class prostitution ring, and his many enemies are loving it। As attorney general Spitzer prosecuted at least two prostitution rings when he ran the state's organized crime task force. The New York Times reported that Spitzer "spoke with revulsion and anger" in 2004 after announcing the arrest of 16 people for running what the paper termed a high-end prostitution ring in Staten Island. 'Hypocrite of the Year 2008' - or Gurner of the Month?

schmoo says: for everyone's health legalise drugs and prostitution yesterday.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

obama on iraq: "as careful getting out as we were careless getting in"

This is classic obummer (town hall speech, Casper, WY, 7/3/08); "America is Ready to lead". That's the last thing we want. Barack Obama claims to be against the War in Iraq, but voted for the budget.

"Peace is more distant than might be thought." - Subcommandante Marcos.

Physioprof on Obama: refreshingly blunt but sophisticated at the same time.

whose side is Hillary Clinton on?

Above: The McClintons?

"She and John McCain are very close," [Bill] Clinton said. "They always laugh that if they wound up being the nominees of their party, it would be the most civilized election in American history, and they're afraid they'd put the voters to sleep because they like and respect each other." quoted on CNN

The real fear for obummer supporters, the Democratic Party and maybe the world, is that it is becoming possible that Hillary Clinton, not to mention the majority of Americans, would prefer to vote for John McCain rather than Barack Obama.

Bartcop has excellent coverage of the US primaries. For over the top obummermania that makes 'Monstergate' seem shy, there is always the Daily Kos.

Friday, March 7, 2008

uniformphobic attacks on military 'dressers'

It's an outrage: Attacks by 'uniformphobic' bigots who don't like people dressing up in uniforms have caused the commander of an RAF base in Peterborough to advise soldiers to avoid 'dressing up' in public.

Not only are hippies, punks, goths, hoodies, transvestites, women in veils, pikie crusties, police people and even Hells Angels abused just because of the cloths they are wearing.

Now it emerges our heroic armed forces have been ordered for the last year to dress 'straight' in public because of 'soldier bashing' and public abuse by bigots and pacifist hypocrites who support terrorists, torturers and women haters.

It seems the Armed Forces have joined the Home Secretary in being too frightened to walk the streets because of anti social behaviour. If they don't dare walk around Peterborough in uniform, no wonder they have had to withdraw from Basra.

To his credit, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has bravely 'come out' to encourage uniform wearing in public. His statement today included a strong attack on uniformphobic attacks, which will be supported by the vast majority of people in the country, especially in the Gay and Muslim communities.

But when is Gordon Brown going to really come out? He should say that people should be allowed to wear what they want, including nothing.

Will Gordon Brown ever come out and support nudism? The truth is he is completely in the pay of the big clothing manufacturers and companies like Marks & Spencers and Primark, and they obviously hate nudism.

Meanwhile, the word on Oxford Street is that the uniformphobia story is part of a secret sales campaign in preparation for world war three, when uniforms will be all the rage.

schmoo says: soldiers do not deserve to be blamed for government policy. What they are doing is serving the country on the orders of democratically elected people who are sometimes total idiots.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

bush's poisoned challis: economic doom forecast

Who ever gets into the Whitehouse as the next President will discover a loudly ticking time bomb about to explode on the desk of the Oval Office, with "It's the Economy Stupid" crudely scrawled on it, as if by a child.

Outside in America, the US economy will be spiralling out of control, and up to 20 million homeowners could be well on the way to defaulting on their mortgages. Major financial corporations will be crashing, the dollar will be in free fall, and share values will be evaporating into thin air. And that's just the beginning.

Last week Nouriel Roubini, a respected economist, submitted to Congress a 21 page forecast of unremitting economic doom and disaster (PDF download) for the US economy over the next two years, ending in almost certain catastrophe.

The report reads like the script for a really good horror movie. It should be a warning to us all. Here at the 'safehouse' we are battening down the hatches, and preparing to repel looters.

• but there is always hope: Live Obama Rhode Island speech blog

Above: Hillary Clinton, "It will be over by Feb 5th."

• Barack Obaba photo via