Tuesday, March 11, 2008

smoking ban: the fight back

Tobacco addict spokesperson Mike Strutter has a brilliant new angle. (Click on 'Strutter Infomercials' in left menu, then view 'Struttergear Smoketank Infomercial').

• Green Nazi Smoking Hypocrites: Why is it that so many supporters of the 'Green Nazi Party' smoke cigarettes (or roll ups), and take drugs like cocaine which destroy rain forests? They do this while simultaneously droning on about the environment and climate change, with no shame what so ever. Even the loathsome authoritarian eco bully Sian Barry, the Green candidate for London Mayor, is a polluting tobacco junkie hypocrite, who has the gall to say; "The worst thing (about London) is the dirty, polluted air we have to breathe". We should forget the so called 'Green' bit, and use the right words to describe these horrible 'Little Hitler' types with bad science and bad breath; Nazi, Smoking, Hypocrites. The only thing voting 'green' accomplishes is to help the Tories get in and make the sun go out.

Above: Plain Nasty; Green Nazis marching to climate change concentration camp at Heathrow to attend sanctimoania workshops. They claim they can save the world from climate change by not going to Spain. (image via bartcop.com).

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