Wednesday, March 26, 2008

cnd was wrong, is wrong and will always be wrong

The 'CND Aldermaston Reenactment Society' met last week to reenact how they made world war three more likely, and helped Thatcher come to power by supporting unilateral nuclear disarmament. It was a gathering of the failed and failing.

The supporters of CND naively believed they were campaigning for peace, but never understood how the mutual deterrence created by the existence of the H Bomb prevented the 'Cold War' turning into conventional war in Europe on more than one occasion.

Even without nuclear weapons this war would have made World War Two seem like Woodstock. In fact the nuclear disarmament 'peace' movement's only contribution was to make war more likely.

CND supporters also never understood how they were being manipulated - both by the Russian Stalinist dictatorship, but also by the British & American Governments who installed a mole as the secretary of CND with access to all membership details. CND was effectively run by the State for years.

The 'surrender monkey' policy of unilateral nuclear disarmament supported by CND and taken up by Stalinist and Trotskist militants in the Labour Party ensured several Tory election victories, and the hugely damaging Thatcher regime.


As long as the Labour Party supported CND's irresponsible nuclear disarmament policy it was unelectable, but for years they hung on to the toxic poisoned chalice marked 'CND'. Meanwhile the Tories pillaged the British people's family silver, wiped out the miners with no mercy, and privatised everything except the air we breath. Millions were thrown out of work, council house building was stopped and tragically British cities became places where Dickins would have felt at home, with homeless people sleeping in the gutters, and grinding poverty seemingly the only future, or as the Sex Pistols put it at the time - NO FUTURE. This was CND's true historical legacy.


Instead of addressing the real issues of the day, CND pied pipers lead thousands of people up the garden path to Greenham Common, effectively destroying the
then emerging environmental movement and the campaign against building leaky nuclear power stations like Windscale - which are still leaking to this day.

Instead of supporting the stand for freedom and democracy against the totalitarian Russian Soviet dictatorship, CND consistently took the position which most undermined the west and supported the KGB. A position guarenteed to alienate the maximum number of people against the left.

CND became very quiet as the Soviet Union collapsed and a wave of freedom and democracy swept Eastern Europe.


CND has not learnt a single thing from its appalling track record, or history in general. Instead CND continues to encourage people to pour their political energies down the black hole of unilateral nuclear disarmament - effectively disarming the left of any credible defence policy.

CND's reputation as a 'nutter' organisation among most people in Britain is now so bad that they discredit the legitimate campaign against the massively expensive development of Trident - just by supporting it.


Presumably true to form CND will continue to follow it's self defeating, self marginalising path into the political wastelands where its mostly ageing supporters will curl up and die with their cherished principles, while the rest of the world gets on with the reality of survival in an increasingly dangerous world.

We can expect CND to continue to support the enemies of peace and freedom where ever they are - including the misogynist fundamentalist torturing Iranian religious dictatorship which is hell bent on achieving nuclear armament, the opposite of CND's declared aim.

Likewise CND supports abandoning any responsibility for the disaster in Iraq by advocating unilateral withdrawal, leaving the Iraq people to the mercy of a bunch of fascist militia thugs, thus compounding all the previous mistakes in Iraq.

Meanwhile the development of the very nuclear technology that CND wished to ban will continue to make war less likely amongst the super powers. It is likely that many millions of people would not be alive today if it were not for the development of nuclear weapons.

There is also the possibility that in the future humanity will be very glad for the development of the nuclear bomb - to blow asteroids off course from hitting earth and destroying civilization.

In the future hopefully we will have nuclear disarmament, but any fool should be able to see it won't be due to a unilateral policy by Britain. World nuclear disarmament will come because we negotiated it from a position of strength, and more importantly because we will have worked hard to bring about the reality of peace, justice and understanding in the world.

We can't expect the die hard 'intellectual' supporters of CND to help in this practical work - they prefer to wave signs, shout slogans and generally display in public their utter powerlessness and irrelevance.

Hopefully sometime sooner rather than later, the likes of CND won't be around anymore to waste it's supporters time, and get in the way of progress towards a peaceful and freedom respecting world.

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