Thursday, September 7, 2006

london underground - the song

Above: Going on the tube last night reminded me of the brilliant (if totally unfair), commuter's protest and moral raising properganda song 'London Underground'. Recently (a bit late, like some of the trains) I discovered an excellent 'flash' movie version of the 'London Underground' song by Tim Ireland who also does a semi readable, if rather 'old labour, let's lose enough votes to get the Tories in for 20 years' blog.

watch out - informers at work

Above: The number of CCTV cameras is worrying, but even more insidious is the fact that the number of paid police informers has increased so much that it is having an impact on the unemployment figures. The 'industry' has expanded rapidly in the last few years, and now employs thousands of people in London alone.

They are paid to go to political meetings and demonstrations, and write reports about people they get to know.

Many of these people are druggie loser types who have run into trouble with the law and are offered an easy way out - inform on their 'friends'. They get paid £100-150 a week, but are also allowed to claim benefits. However, with the benefits, the informer fees and a bit of drug dealing on the side, some are making so much money that they have problems explaining their new found wealth.

To solve this problem many are fixed up with spurious 'cover' jobs working for government social services - ie housing advice etc. There is the added bonus for the authorities that with so many 'jobs' being created, it makes the employment figures better.

Some informers are also being 'promoted' to full time employment which involves joining campaigns as 'unpaid' volunteers - and trying the screw them up as much as possible.

Meanwhile council tax payers are contributing to the payment of 'research fees' paid by the police to known drug dealers who are kept in businesss and even given protection, in return for supplying information on other drug dealers and drug users.

The secretary of CND during the Cold War period was a government spy who collected the names of every single person who joined the organisation.

The so called 'anarchist' (more like nazi) group 'Class War' was infiltrated by a full time Special Branch officer, who being the only competent member of the organisation ended up more or less running the show. When he finally left - 'Class War' virtually collapsed.

Big companies like Mac Donalds and Beechams pay large sums for lists of the names of campaigners - and then employ Private Detectives to watch the main ring leaders. The Private Detectives pay informers for any personal details they can use.

Tomorrow: How to spot an informer.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006


Above: Tottenham Court Road, London 5.30pm: this is a pile of unwanted copies of the new 'thelondonpaper' published by Rupert Murdoch's 'Murder International', and his cash is going to waste - no one seems to want to know.

Above: Tottenham Court Road, London 10.30pm: 'thelondonpaper' - still no one wants to know.

Above: 'thelondonpaper' is just thelondonrubbish, along with the 'Evading Standards' and the 'Liars Lite'. When is London going to have a decent newspaper?

save the labour party - sack brown now

Today Gordon Brown tried to bully Tony Blair yet again by shouting at him! This is outrageous.

Gordon Brown is a nasty, back biting, double crossing, black mailing, traitor who obviously cares more about himself than the Labour Party and the British people.

Brown - the Tyrant In Waiting

Tony Blair is the 'Nice Cop'; Gordon Brown is the 'Nasty Cop'. Tony Blair knows the truth about Brown. Blair is doing everything he can to save Britain from falling under the Dictatorship of Brown. He knows what a nutter Gordon Brown really is.

Why does Brown slink around never daring to show his true colours? Because he is a power hungry tyrant in waiting, scared everyone will see through him.

If Labour are to have any chance what so ever against the Tories they need to elect a new leader. David Cameron must be preying they elect Gordon Brown.

Hopefully Blair will sack Brown tomorrow.


labour suicide bid in 'coup-de-brown'

The Labour Party is in intensive care today after attempting suicide with an over dose of highly toxic 'brownites'.

Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt has described the suicide attempt as "madness", which backs up the widespread believe it was in fact part of a plot by Gordon Brown who is known to be 'psychologically challenged'.

On 'Channel 4 News' tonight she denied that the days events were part of a 'coup' by the Brownites (otherwise known as the 'Brownshits').

However, given Hewitt's past record, her denials have only served to increase fears that the Brownshits are about to take over the country, and turn it into a crack pot 'old labour' dictatorship run by embittered accountants from the Treasury.

Brownite militia thugs have been on the streets of London setting up check points, giving interviews to the press, and mortar bombing 10 Downing Street, while Brown himself remains in his bunker surrounded by troops.

If this 'coup-de-Brown' succeeds 'New Labour' will have no hope of winning the next election. The Party will have to spend at least 40 years in opposition, held in a top security 'special care' unit for loonie lefties, while the Tories ransack the country, raping and pillaging.

However the Brownshits could well ban all elections - as they are already attempting to do with the Labour Party leadership elections.

Meanwhile tonight doctors say the Labour Party is expected to survive, but may be left brain dead if the Party's head, Tony Blair, has to be prematurely amputated.