Friday, February 29, 2008

obama clinton 'battle of youtube'

If the ads decided, it would be all over.

obama answers 'red phone', clinton devastated

The latest spat between Obama and Clinton is being called the 'red phone moment' because Clinton's ad (above) is cringe making minging, while Obama's response (below) is fairly devastating, it has to be said.

Full text at Daily Kos.

Above: rapid response attack ad from obama.

A reporter asked whether Clinton should drop out after Ohio and Texas. Obama adviser Richard Danzig responded: "I would encourage you on March 5 to call Sen. Clinton at 3 a.m. and ask that question."

Apparently Obama plans a massive an all channel ad blitz in Texas on Monday, hoping for a knock out blow to Clinton, which would be a relief for everyone, including Hillary if only she knew it.

iraq: three trillion dollar war

Above: like it, or kill it, death culture don't ever come cheap.

REGARDLESS of the pros and cons of the invasion of Iraq and Afganistan, there seems no doubt that the American and European taxpayers are being massively ripped off as usual.

When it can cost Gordon Brown's government as much as £486.54 to change a lock in a local hospital, imagine how much it costs to kill or maim one 'Taliban' or Iraqi insurgent (+ innocent civilian 'collateral' cost extra).

'The Three Trillion Dollar War', by Linda Bilmes and Joseph Stiglitz, (approached by Barack Obama as a possible adviser, and interviewed in the Guardian yesterday) works out the cost of the Iraq War (so far), to be the Mother of All Bills:

• $3 trillion: A conservative estimate of the true cost - to America alone - of Bush's Iraq adventure. The rest of the world, including Britain, will shoulder about the same amount again.

• $5bn: Cost of 10 days' fighting in Iraq.

• $1 trillion: The interest America will have paid by 2017 on the money borrowed, mostly from China, to finance the war. Photo right: Bush at China Bank, dressed to kill.

• Massive sums have been stolen or are unaccounted for. The US 'Department of Defence' has failed every official audit of the past 10 years, and has an accounting system "inaccurate for anything larger than a grocery store".

The Three Trillion Dollar War, by Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes, is published by Allen Lane, price £20. To order a copy for £18 with free UK p&p, go to or call 0870 836 0875.

Iraq War profiteers: "a contractor working as a security guard gets about $400,000 a year, for example, as opposed to a soldier, who might get about $40,000" (Joseph Stiglitz). Film about Iraq war profiteers: 'Iraq For Sale'.

Not so easy: Christopher Hitchens on withdrawal from Iraq.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

barack o'bollywood

was uk 'earthquake' man made?

The epicenter of the recent uk earthquake was at Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. This forgotten part of the English countryside is also the location of a secret weapons testing site at the former RAF base at Faldingworth airfield which has recently been at the center of local protests.

The locals are complaining about loud explosions coming from the testing site every 15 minutes. The explosions are so massive that the vibrations have caused cracks in houses nearby. They have been known to continue for days on end, despite endless complaints.

Local MP Edward Leigh recently called on the local council to use enforcement powers to close the company down. “They’re saying it is vital work in the national interest,” he said “but it must be possible to do that and be aware of residents.”

Could these explosions be responsible for the recent earth quake that hit large parts of the country a few days ago? Some people think this might be possible, and some other people do not. In the meantime the neighbours from hell at Faldingworth airfield need an ASBO slapped on them at the very least.

The charges of vandalism all over Britain due to causing an earthquake should also be investigated, along with any possible war crime conspiracy corruption charges.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

hillary clinton makes history

Above: Super hero Barack Obama to the rescue.

ONE of the cliches of the current democratic primaries is that who ever wins will 'make history' because they will be the first 'woman' or first 'black' to do so.

But Hillary Clinton has already made history - because she is history.

This has been her problem all along, but now when she has the chance to go out gracefully, she's behaving like a wild cat in a cage.

Despite, or even because of, her campaign's appalling recent tactics, Hillary Clinton may still end up virtually running the US Senate as the most powerful woman in America.

But for "experience" read "old baggage". For "trust" read "psychologically challenged"; pretty much like Gordon Brown without the nose picking (at least in public).

And these are just some of her problems, although she could be right that Obama is a bit like Bush, especially on foreign policy..

• obummer: Having hyped Obama-mania to the hilt, and maybe beyond, to stop Clinton, the US media are now turning on Obama, spreading allegations that he is "unpatriotic". Other stories are saying he has communist links in his past, and was a secret tobacco smoker.

Seems like Obama can't put a foot wrong, but the US media have not yet discovered that he is also a West Ham football club supporter. This is a clear link to Osama bin Laden, who supports Arsenal, (but is banned from the grounds for hooliganism).

Current prediction: Despite every dirty trick possible against him in one of the most vicious elections in US history, Barack Obama will become president with a landslide, and will be a lot like Tony Blair, maybe a bit better (which would not be too difficult).

Obama has 64% chance, while Clinton 38% chance of winning against McCain in the November election according to authoritative analysis on Daily Kos.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

heretic bandit music: inquisition

Latest schmusic pre-release release: inquisition by schmook and the run aways: latin american style 'heretic bandit' song, possibly love involved. Recorded at safehouse studios, london. download track (mp3). download video(mov).

UPDATE: For some reason the sound comes out terrible! Trying to fix it.

Not on the schmook YouTube site. For some reason uploading this movie to youtube mangles sound quality 100%, tried a lot of things.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

dancing parrot raver

Above: As of a second ago, 2,695,944 people have watched this parrot natural raver on You Tube.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

another word for bush: obama

Obama on Iran: The United States should engage in "aggressive diplomacy combined with tough sanctions" to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear threat. He said the Iranian "regime is a threat to all of us", and refused to rule out force.

Meanwhile Obaba the 'anti war' candidate wants to increase the US armed forces by 100,000 troops and increase the military budget even more than Bush.

Unfortunately it looks like Obama is about to take over the Democratic Party in a major sales coup supported by an unholy alliance of right wing media, and sub prime progressives who will obviously buy anything if it is on credit.

Black Agenda Report exposes Obama for the poison he really is.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

now on youtube: end of the now

Now on Youtube: 'end of the now'; a short horror flick filmed on location in central London, using an old mobile phone (nokia). Ghostly sound track by 'schmoo on the run', while walking on glass. Recorded at 'safehouse studios', London.

Friday, February 15, 2008

blogging for cash:


ebuzzing is making more than a few bloggers wake up and think of their souls. The internet company is offering to pay bloggers reasonable rates for writing as little as 100 words, as long as they publish the finished article on their blog.

Some traditionalists react instantly; "What? No Way! Get bloggers to sell their souls to the devil. Not me ..." and click away for ever.

But here in the 'trough' that one fellow blogger has called the luxurious schmoo 'safe house' in central london, surrounded by CCTV and armed guards, the ebuzzing deal seems like a reasonable offer of paid work, and a pretty good idea. I have checked it out; no one has to make a deal with the devil; just use a few brain cells.

In fact ebuzzing clearly say on their website that bloggers working for them can say whatever they like. ebuzzing just want the ebuzz. That's how it works. They want hundreds of bloggs writing about their client's products, and do not care if some of it is negative. In fact this just creates more 'buzz'. It is even possible to get paid to mention how it might be best to join the 'Freegans' who never buy anything, and source their food and clothing from skips. I just did.

Is there really no such thing as bad publicity, just 'negative buzz'? The infamous 'Ratners Moment' proves that publicity can spell disaster. Just three words destroyed the Ratners Group, a major British jewelry company in the 1980's, when Gerald Ratner the chief executive, said of his company's products; "it's total crap". Ratners ceased trading not long afterwards. That is product information at it's most deadly.

Useful and honest product information is a very valuable product; it can save lives and even the planet. For example; 'Ecovar' washing up liquid is not just biodegradable. Unlike 'Fairy Liquid' and other planet polluter detergents, 'Ecover' does not spread toxic detergent molecules all over your plates and cutlery. These toxic detergent molecules won't all wash off, even if you rinse a lot. So you end up eating detergent molecules with your food and, and storing it in your fatty tissue, until you die. That is anti pollution product information.

schmoo is going to accept the ebuzzing deal, and see how it goes. By the time you read this, the schmoo 'escape fund' will have been credited for this article by Call me a prostitute or a mercenary, or both, I don't care. Both can be honorable trades. I will write about the inside of a ping pong ball if the price is right.

it's only ebuzzing, but I like it.


obama fever hits United States

The spread of Obama Fever across the United States continues + asshole of the month: barack obama

Monday, February 11, 2008

how to join the missing data disc 'gold rush'

'Alternative Dispute Resolution Services' has come up with a brilliant way to make money that involves suing the government. Almost anyone can do it with a minimum of investment and virtually no work.

They are selling a 'pack' for £5.99 that enables 25 million child benefit claimants to sue the government for up to £300 under the Data Protection Act 1998, due to the recent 'missing cd discs' fiasco.

The potential market is vast as 25 million x £5.99 is nearly £150 million pounds. Before they even had all the free publicity in the press, Alternative Dispute Resolution Services sold 14000 copies at £5.99, making nearly £84000 for doing almost nothing.

Here is how you can start making loads of money due to the governments incompetence and negligence:

1. Send £4.99 to schmoo on the run (email us for payment details). We will send you pretty much exactly the same information that 'Alternative Dispute Resolution Services' is selling for £5.99.

2. Once you get the copy, go down to the photocopying shop, and make a few copies to start yourself off. When you see it is working you can get a 1000 copies printed, and save money on photocopying. If you sell 1000 at £4.99, you can make about £50 grand (- printing & promotion costs).

3. Start selling the 'pack' to everyone you know who claims child benefit. That is anyone with children, plus a few benefit fraudsters. We advise charging £4.99 or less, so as always to do it cheaper than 'Alternative Dispute Resolution Services'.

4. If you are really keen you could try targeting benefit offices, or parents picking up their kids from school.

This latest nightmare for the government could potentially cost taxpayers £7.5 billion, making the two missing discs the most expensive CD's ever. And there was not one tune on them. It is also likely that the government is liable for any losses due to fraudsters making use of the information to pillage people's accounts.

So what is the catch? The most likely losers will be the people who pay 'Alternative Dispute Resolution Services' £5.99, when they can get the same deal for £4.99 from schmoo on the run.

There is also the slight detail that the chance of the government ever paying out compensation has about the same odds as doing the Euro Lottery (95 million to one).

obama or obummer?

What a bummer. It really does seem that the Barack Obama Show, backed by the likes of Rupert Murdock and other right wing media corporations, the worst kind of Wall Street speculators, and a major nuclear power company, is winning the ratings war against Hillary Clinton.

What is really surprising is how much the mainly young, liberal/left Democratic grass roots have fallen for this con merchant. It is obviously wrong to underestimate the political innocent and naivety of these people.

Of course once Obama wins the Democratic nomination, the media, and the full force of the well oiled Republican machine, will turn on him, and rip him to shreds in a way they can never do to Hillary because they have tried for years, and failed. The media vultures are already muttering about his past drug use (and although he must know better, he has meakly back tracked on promising much needed reform of the stupid marijuana prohibition laws in America).

Meanwhile the Democratic movement is being split in half, and is rapidly descending into civil war. Highly organised, and well funded Obama cadre are mounting vicious attacks on any fellow Democrat who so much as writes an email questioning the wisdom of electing a man who is owned by Wall Street, has named cold war hawk Zbigniew Brzezinski as his top foreign policy advisor, and is set to block any real reform in health care.

This civil war is being fought on 'front line' blogs and message boards like the Daily Kos which used to be a nonaligned liberal/left forum, but is now a virtual 'no go' area for Clinton supporters who are being 'ethnically cleansed', and becoming Blogosphere refugees.

There is now a real danger that the Democrats will tear themselves apart leaving the way clear for John McCain, who is likely to wipe the floor with Barack. Hard nosed, combat tuned Hillary would be far more difficult for them.

Cuddly scorpian McCain is the airbrushed, soft porn Republican 'upgrade' version of George Bush, and could easily take the White House. But even if Obama wins, it won't matter to the US ruling elite - because he is their man too. So who ever wins, the American people lose.

How sad that the American political system is so open to manipulation by vested interests, not just for the poor exploited American people who will continue to suffer, but for the rest of the world as well. What Obummer.

See Bartcop for honest coverage of the US Electcon.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

millions feared lost as camden fire burns stalls

Above: On the 'high' street. Camden market bubbles in better times.

The Camden Market area has been hit today by a huge fire which will probably wipe out trade in a major part of the market for weeks to come, effecting 100's of small stall holders, many of whom will have lost all their stock (probably uninsured). It also looks like the Hawley Arms pub has been burnt out. The Hawley Arms is well known as 'ground zero' for heavy drinking and regular visits to the toilet by the likes of Amy Winehouse and 'face of Cocaine' Kate Moss. Meanwhile hundreds of local residents living near the market are unable to get back into their homes and are homeless for the night, maybe longer. Amy Winehouse's home address in Camden is .......

The fire has already attracted worldwide media attention due to Camden Market's global reputation as a mecca for 'bohemians', tourists, and people who don't know where to buy decent 'skunk' without being ripped off. For sometime 'magic mushrooms' were openly on sale, but this tradition has been banned and forced underground (the bloke round the corner on the left).

More later when schmoo on the run breaks cover to have a look ....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

archbishop of cantandbaloney: the anglican confusion

Above: Rowan Williams; the sad result of a lifetime of using religion as a crutch.

Religion addict Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury (cantandbaloney), deserves to be charged with inciting religious intolerance for his latest dangerous and ignorant utterances about Sharia law.

This is another nail in the coffin of the Anglican Confusion. Yet another reason why religion should be reclassified as a Class A Dangerous drug.

Some are calling for this idiot to be sacked - the trouble is they would just appoint another even bigger fool.

There is only one good thing about Religion - it keeps the crazies off the streets on Sundays (and Fridays).

However, normal sane members of the public, especially children, should be able to watch the TV without being exposed to religious 'grooming' by dodgy religious nutters like Williams.

Rowan Williams needs treatment to make him safe around kids and members of the press.

But curing this dangerous serial preacher will be a hard job, as new research shows that taking part in religious rituals, and 'praying', even for just one time, can be more dangerous and addictive than heroin or crack cocaine. Every year hundreds of thousands of people 'OD' on religion. While under the influence, they end up as murderers, war criminals, rapists, or even blow themselves up,

The best way to end religious intolerance and bring world peace would be to cure all the religion addicts, get the preacher/dealers off our streets, close the crack temples blighting our neighbourhoods, and Make Religion History.

If Sharia law really did take hold in Britain as Rowan Williams suggests, he could be one of the first to face beheading for being an 'arch infidel'.

One way to curb the corrupting influence of religion on society would be to apply the same laws to religious activities as currently apply to sex shops and brothels. Warning signs should be required, and churches/crack temples should be relocated to desolote 'red light' industrial areas. Regular checks by vice police could ensure 'zero tolerance' for child abuse, brain washing, financial extortion, and guilt tripping. Some disused churches and mosques could then be used to provide sex workers with a safe place to carry out their honest trade.

Religion Addicts could be weaned off religion by NHS therapists with regular doses of scientific fact; for example proving to them that the world was not made in seven days by a man called 'God'.

Friday, February 8, 2008

barack obama's genetic secrets

It is emerging that no one actually knows where Barack Obama comes from. Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga has recently claimed to the BBC that Barack Obama is his cousin, and there are even claims that Obama is a distant relative of US President of Vice, Dick Cheney.

Raila Odinga, who almost certainly comes from the same Luo tribe as Barack Obama's father, is currently implicated in fanning the flames of an orgy of tribal bloodletting in Kenya, the nation that supplies the Tescos Supermassacre food chain with green beans. He claims Barack Obama has been in regular phone contact.

Barack Obama's father was killed in a car crash in Kenya when his power seeking son was a child. Barack's autobiography is called 'Dreams from my Father'.

A final theory about Barack Obama's origins is that he is a genetically modified 'clone', using DNA code from Dick Cheney, John Kennedy, Raila Odinga and Martin Luther King, in a desperate attempt to produce the perfect US president; someone able to 'reach out' - and hoodwink everyone.

Barack Obama's Luo tribal ancestors also have strong links to the murderous politics of Uganda. They include Joseph Kony, leader of the genocidal 'Lord's Resistance Army', and three former Ugandan presidents. There are also strong Luo tribal connections with the Sudan.

Politicans from the Luo tribe include: Tom Mboya, Kenyan politician, assassinated in 1969, Milton Obote, former president of Uganda, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, first Vice President of independent Kenya, Tito Okello, former president of Uganda, Bazilio Olara-Okello, former president of Uganda, and Robert Ouko, Kenyan Foreign Minister, murdered in 1990.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

'super tuesday' for barack obama

Emerging from the super tuesday matrix:

• Obama succeeding in stopping Clinton. Clinton failed to stop Obama.

Hillary Clinton's attempt to marginalise Barack Obama as just the 'black people's' candidate has failed. Obama has established beyond reasonable doubt that he enjoys considerable support from wide sections of American society.

Obama takes 13 states. Clinton gets 9 states.

• 'Electability' is no longer an issue for Obama; the Democrats are almost certain to take the Whitehouse in November - who ever wins the Democratic nomination.

Obama is now raising three times as much money as Clinton.

Summary: Very little change despite all the talk. Who ever wins, the money gets in.

Personal: Obama is using toothpaste advert scripts for his speaches. His rhetoric is awful and getting worse by the day; "from the corn fields of South Carolina" "to the cotton fields of Alaska" etc etc. He even said "We are tired of business-as-usual in Washington" (Bush said that too). And the endless "We are hungry for change, blah, blah, blah." Last night he was telling his wide eyed, 'sub-primed' audience, that if they voted for him, all their debts would magically evaporate, and crumbling schools would suddenly become bright and new and sparkling. At least Hillary talks straight. But never have so many desperate people, been ready to clutch at such flimsy straws.

'twitter' live comment US election map.

more US election at: Liberal Conspiracy+ Bartcop + Daily Kos.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Obama Clinton: it's health care stupid. The US pharmaceutical election is on.

Major 'deja vu' watching the US 'Primary' Election Spectacular from the sidelines in London; like watching repeat TV show. Spooky parallels with Blair's 'New Labour' ending Tory Rule after 18 years ... replacing it with Tony Rule.

With Barack Obama now leading in the polls against Clinton, is the story line for Blair's 'New Labour' Show being repeated in the current US Election 'Changes' series? The US version would be: Let the 'Democrats' win, as long as the 'republicans' get in.

At the moment it seems the US establishment is swinging behind Barack Obama as the best person to represent their interests, in what they regard as the almost inevitable transition from Republican to Democratic rule in the United States. They did exactly the same with Tony Blair. They love a good salesman.

The advertising is being prepared. Desperate for a major re branding of the 'United States' franchise, corporate America has talent spotted the 'black' Obama as the perfect new 'face of Coca-America', and they are probably right.

Does Barack Obama have a secret actor/model background? He has already admitted to being a bit like Ronald Reagun.

With friends like these? Barack Obama campaign backers include; billionaire Warren Buffett, the second-richest man in America, and Rupert Murdoch (big Blair supporter), plus champagne bar fulls of Wall Street and corporate executives.

'Prime' and 'sub prime' investment bankers have been overwhelmingly supporting the Democratic Party; Barack Obama raised $32.6 million in January 2008 alone. He might end up known as MOBama.

Anti war candidate? A quick search found Obama backers include: Zbigniew Brzezinski (arch-cold warrior), and a surprisingly large number (several illegal wars worth), of retired military brass. Some believe the future may require a 'Democrat' salesman like Obama (like Blair) in the White House, at least for a while, to continue selling never ending war - and bring back the draft.

Suckered Left: Has the American liberal left, typified by fluffie anti war internet outfit who are supporting Obama against Clinton, been thrown a sucker? One thing is almost certain if the Blair script rerun continues; they will be very disappointed.

It's Health Care Stupid: The US 'pharmaceutical election' is on. Just like in the Blair election, health care is a central issue in the US Election and for good reason; there is a robbery going on.

There is a tragedy going on: Over 40 million people have no health coverage at all in the richest nation on Earth. They are sick to death of it. This is why who ever wins the Democratic nomination is likely to be the next president.

Built to Fail:
But Obama's 'universal' health plan is built to fail. How can it ever be 'universal' when it does not even attempt to reach everyone in America?

There's gold in them there pills: New York Times: "Mrs. Clinton’s (health plan) would cover almost twice as many of those now uninsured as a plan resembling Mr. Obama’s".

"The difference between the plans could well be the difference between achieving universal health coverage — a key progressive goal — and falling far short."

No wonder so many vested interests in America have contracts out to 'get' Clinton. The last thing they want is affordable health care for all.

For certain 'dark forces at work' (as the Queen would put it), Hillary Clinton is a bit like Gordon Brown; flawed and dangerous.

Above: 2004 US election map. What ever happens, please, please, spare us all from the above. has entertaining & informative US election stuff: "Obama backers have been e-mailing that cute story about, "Would you let the brain surgeon's wife operate on you?" Well, if my choices were the brain surgeon's wife, who watched every minute of brain surgeries for eight years OR a smooth-talking guy who'd never been in the operating room before, I'd go with the surgeon's wife - wouldn't you?"

Betfair has Hillary Clinton most likely to win nomination, and 2/3 chance Democrats win the White House whoever is their leader.

John Kerry raving about Obama; but is it enough to put anyone off?

Prince Andrew Attacks Bush on Iraq

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Friday, February 1, 2008

more tory sleaze shame: going, going, boris johnson

Things were so hectic at the 'safehouse' getting the tax returns sorted we almost missed the Daily Mirror story about how Tory MP Boris Johnson has failed to mention £250 thousand pounds in donations he received to help his plan to become the chief 'contract distributor' for the second most expensive city in the world; ie the Mayor of London.

Seems not even the 'balanced' Tory blogger Guido Fawkes has picked up on it। Or maybe he has; the ad for Boris Johnson has vanished from his site.

Looks like the police will have to be called to the 'crack house' once again.