Monday, February 11, 2008

obama or obummer?

What a bummer. It really does seem that the Barack Obama Show, backed by the likes of Rupert Murdock and other right wing media corporations, the worst kind of Wall Street speculators, and a major nuclear power company, is winning the ratings war against Hillary Clinton.

What is really surprising is how much the mainly young, liberal/left Democratic grass roots have fallen for this con merchant. It is obviously wrong to underestimate the political innocent and naivety of these people.

Of course once Obama wins the Democratic nomination, the media, and the full force of the well oiled Republican machine, will turn on him, and rip him to shreds in a way they can never do to Hillary because they have tried for years, and failed. The media vultures are already muttering about his past drug use (and although he must know better, he has meakly back tracked on promising much needed reform of the stupid marijuana prohibition laws in America).

Meanwhile the Democratic movement is being split in half, and is rapidly descending into civil war. Highly organised, and well funded Obama cadre are mounting vicious attacks on any fellow Democrat who so much as writes an email questioning the wisdom of electing a man who is owned by Wall Street, has named cold war hawk Zbigniew Brzezinski as his top foreign policy advisor, and is set to block any real reform in health care.

This civil war is being fought on 'front line' blogs and message boards like the Daily Kos which used to be a nonaligned liberal/left forum, but is now a virtual 'no go' area for Clinton supporters who are being 'ethnically cleansed', and becoming Blogosphere refugees.

There is now a real danger that the Democrats will tear themselves apart leaving the way clear for John McCain, who is likely to wipe the floor with Barack. Hard nosed, combat tuned Hillary would be far more difficult for them.

Cuddly scorpian McCain is the airbrushed, soft porn Republican 'upgrade' version of George Bush, and could easily take the White House. But even if Obama wins, it won't matter to the US ruling elite - because he is their man too. So who ever wins, the American people lose.

How sad that the American political system is so open to manipulation by vested interests, not just for the poor exploited American people who will continue to suffer, but for the rest of the world as well. What Obummer.

See Bartcop for honest coverage of the US Electcon.


Lee Griffin said...

The right don't even need to try to tear Clinton to shreds though, she's already broken in the eyes of the electorate when put up against McCain. Where's the benefit of putting someone losing ground the republicans up against the republicans if you want a Democrat win?

Also I know Obama's health policy isn't the most simple, but it's hardly close to "no real reform" is it?

schmoo said...

hope you are right

Lionel said...

Finally i find a blog that makes absolute sense! i agree with every word schmoo and will definitel see what my friends have to say about it. Bottom line: all these media outlets have been praising obama like he's being anointed king or something and he's like a little girly all sensitive when ever someone mentions race, now he's boxed in because it turns out the reverend which he's been associatede for 20 years has been invoking race in his sermons for years, (kinda hypocritical no?) He first said he'd never heard these "NEVER" heard these statements then turns around and says HE HAS! Isn't that known as a "FLAT OUT LIE"?