Wednesday, February 6, 2008

'super tuesday' for barack obama

Emerging from the super tuesday matrix:

• Obama succeeding in stopping Clinton. Clinton failed to stop Obama.

Hillary Clinton's attempt to marginalise Barack Obama as just the 'black people's' candidate has failed. Obama has established beyond reasonable doubt that he enjoys considerable support from wide sections of American society.

Obama takes 13 states. Clinton gets 9 states.

• 'Electability' is no longer an issue for Obama; the Democrats are almost certain to take the Whitehouse in November - who ever wins the Democratic nomination.

Obama is now raising three times as much money as Clinton.

Summary: Very little change despite all the talk. Who ever wins, the money gets in.

Personal: Obama is using toothpaste advert scripts for his speaches. His rhetoric is awful and getting worse by the day; "from the corn fields of South Carolina" "to the cotton fields of Alaska" etc etc. He even said "We are tired of business-as-usual in Washington" (Bush said that too). And the endless "We are hungry for change, blah, blah, blah." Last night he was telling his wide eyed, 'sub-primed' audience, that if they voted for him, all their debts would magically evaporate, and crumbling schools would suddenly become bright and new and sparkling. At least Hillary talks straight. But never have so many desperate people, been ready to clutch at such flimsy straws.

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Phil BC said...

Yeah, it's starting to look like Obama will get the nomination, though I have an indeterminate feeling that it just isn't his time, yet. As for business as usual, I think you can accept that as a given. There will be a few positive changes here and there, but mainly to undo some of the lunatic things Bush has done. If you want to see what an Obama admin could be like, look no further than Bill Clinton's administration: more slick, more multilateralist, but host to the same old neo-liberal policies.