Tuesday, February 26, 2008

hillary clinton makes history

Above: Super hero Barack Obama to the rescue.

ONE of the cliches of the current democratic primaries is that who ever wins will 'make history' because they will be the first 'woman' or first 'black' to do so.

But Hillary Clinton has already made history - because she is history.

This has been her problem all along, but now when she has the chance to go out gracefully, she's behaving like a wild cat in a cage.

Despite, or even because of, her campaign's appalling recent tactics, Hillary Clinton may still end up virtually running the US Senate as the most powerful woman in America.

But for "experience" read "old baggage". For "trust" read "psychologically challenged"; pretty much like Gordon Brown without the nose picking (at least in public).

And these are just some of her problems, although she could be right that Obama is a bit like Bush, especially on foreign policy..

• obummer: Having hyped Obama-mania to the hilt, and maybe beyond, to stop Clinton, the US media are now turning on Obama, spreading allegations that he is "unpatriotic". Other stories are saying he has communist links in his past, and was a secret tobacco smoker.

Seems like Obama can't put a foot wrong, but the US media have not yet discovered that he is also a West Ham football club supporter. This is a clear link to Osama bin Laden, who supports Arsenal, (but is banned from the grounds for hooliganism).

Current prediction: Despite every dirty trick possible against him in one of the most vicious elections in US history, Barack Obama will become president with a landslide, and will be a lot like Tony Blair, maybe a bit better (which would not be too difficult).

Obama has 64% chance, while Clinton 38% chance of winning against McCain in the November election according to authoritative analysis on Daily Kos.

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