Monday, January 26, 2009

massive cannabis civil disobedience

The largest and longest running civil disobedience campaign in British history continues today as well over a million people will consume several tons of cannabis and give the finger to Gordon Brown's ludicrous 'class b' for cannabis prohibition policy.

It is certainly ludicrous that many of these people will be consuming adulterated cannabis or unnatural possibly dangerous strains of 'skunk' which would not exist if it were not for the cannabis prohibition laws.

These laws are meant to protect people, especially young people, from the dangers of cannabis abuse, but they have proved to be much more dangerous to the national health than cannabis itself, which is less harmful than tobacco or alcohol.

Gordon Brown meanwhile has lost any possible claim to respect having joined George Bush and his ilk in a cynical rejection of science and the measured opinion of the majority of experts, many paid by the tax payer to advise the government.

'the government's drug policy, is it working' was an interesting house of lords debate last week.

news of the weed

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

gary mckinnon extradition case postponed

The lawyers for Gary McKinnon have received a letter from the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, which says that Mr McKinnon would not be extradited until the DPP, Keir Starmer, "considers his confessions". Hopefully christian mercy will be granted in this case.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

things to miss about bush

What is there to miss about Bush? This is a hard one, but there are a few things; like the strange cringe making pleasure of waiting for the almost inevitable gaff. Bush was almost certain to say something really stupid. There were some good lines, but it got very tiresome after a while. It was always the same bad joke; this is the stupid idiot who runs the most powerful nation in the world. That stopped being funny a long time ago, and even then it was nervous laughter.

boycott the boycott culture

Above: herbs marked 'west bank' and 'israel' next to each other at Tescos today. They missed adding 'occupied' on the 'west bank' package. Nevertheless the growing boycott campaign against Israel feels all wrong. There is always an exception, like the boycott of South Africa, but most boycotts are counter productive and encourage badness, hurting the innocent more than the guilty. The US boycott of Cuba, Bush's refusal to talk to Iran and Hamas, and the current boycott Israel campaigns are all spiteful and wrong headed.

Above: herbs marked 'west bank' at Salisbury's today.

Above: if you like Israeli style smooth houmous, Yarden makes by far the best houmous on offer at Tescos. Expensive but highly recommended, although it has to be said the houmous made in the mountains of Lebanon, often by Hezbollah supporters, is even better.

president obama: time to set aside childish things

The new face of America, launched today on the White House website, is brilliant TV with a great script. President Obama started by giving everybody a well deserved 'tough love' thrashing in his inauguration speech today [full text and video]. Quoting from the bible he said "the time has come to set aside childish things". Never has that been more true. This new series could be good.

Can this viciously violent world grow up and stop fighting in our play pens? Can we end the dominance of adult brats at all levels in society who are spoilt, spiteful and selfish, many of them psychopathic and needing therapy? Yes we can [of course], but perhaps we should stop waving flags, it only encourages them. The heart of the problems facing humanity are psychological.

barack announces organising for america

Sunday, January 18, 2009

westminster council says yes to swastikas, no to cctv banksy

Here at the safehouse CCTV cameras are an important part of our security plan along with the humane mouse traps and some class A stink bombs from a joke shop. It is all very well for cartoonists like Banksy [above and below] to simplistically attack CCTV, but for mortals without a paintbrush life is not always so simple. For example, only the other day a policeman in Oakland, California was caught on video shooting a unarmed guy in the back while he was on the ground being restrained by two other cops; there could have been CCTV too. There are lots of good uses for CCTV. However the philistine Tories at Westminster Council want to scrub away the landmark CCTV Banksy on Newman st, W1. This is anti social behaviour, and wrong, but unfortunately there is no CCTV evidence. So far they have failed, but they need to be watched 24 hours a day.

Now the only thing standing between the artwork and the council anti graffiti squad is the Royal Mail, because they say the CCTV Banksy belongs to them as it is on their wall. With the huge price of Banksies nowadays, the Post Office may be hoping that they can sell the CCTV Banksy to a typical wealthy Banksy art investor type, the kind with CCTV all round their properties. Then they could afford to stop the government's crazy privitization plans.

Meanwhile just round the corner Westminster Council has given planning permission to a building which is covered with Swastikas.

bank crisis: every monday is moron monday

With the collapse of Barclay's shares late Friday night, and the latest bail out of Citigroup and the Bank of America it looks like Phase Three of global banking's controlled demolition is being cobbled together this weekend, as Sunday continues to be the new Monday for vampires.

i hate mondays

Bankers and politicians once again find themselves in the position of wishing Monday did not exist, because that's when 'the market' opens. The market trading mass slavery, murder and pension burglary on a massive scale. They have called it 'Black Monday' and 'Meltdown Monday', but really every Monday is Moron Monday, because we are all fools for putting up with this charade for so long. The banks are insolvent, the money has all gone ages ago.

Mish's Global Economics Trends July 2008:
Of the $6.84 Trillion in [US] bank deposits, the total cash on hand at banks is a mere $273.7 Billion. Where is the rest of the loot? The answer is in off balance sheet SIVs, imploding commercial real estate deals, Alt-A liar loans, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bonds, toggle bonds where debt is amazingly paid back with more debt, and all sorts of other silly (and arguably fraudulent) financial wizardry schemes that have bank and brokerage firms leveraged at 30-1 or more. Those loans cannot be paid back.
Nothing has improved since then, and the British Banks are exactly the same as in the US; they are all Madoff pyramid scams only worse. Not too big to fail; too big to arrest for fraud. We are still letting them get away with it. Gordon Brown's latest plan, a bad debt insurence 'fee scheme', is the dole culture gone mad; "for a 1-5% "fee" taxpayers will be on the hook for 95-99% of the losses" [Mish]. Only a fool would do that with their own money, but Brown is not a fool - he is doing it with our money not his own. We need to close these banks, before they make spring extinct. This is one debt we owe ourselves.

schmoo's credit crunch package to restart britain

Saturday, January 17, 2009

starbucks ‘schultz letter’ is a hoax

Above: Starbucks boarded up tonight on Shaftesbury Avenue, central London after being attacked for having Jewish links.

A report on indymedia about the Starbucks attack tonight, has comments full of the usual indymoronic justifications for violent attacks on innocent people, while protesting at violent attacks on innocent people. There is one interesting comment by someone calling themselves 'count to ten', which seems a very good idea, as the charges against Starbucks may all be based on a hoax;
"Many of the claims about ‘Zionist coffee’ and a link between Starbucks and the Israeli military spring from a letter allegedly written by CEO Howard Schultz. Dated 11 July 2006, and titled ‘A Thank You To All Starbucks Customers’, Schultz apparently said that ‘with every cup you drink at Starbucks you are helping with a noble cause’: ensuring the ‘continued viability and prospering of the Jewish State’. Schultz seems to say that the $5 billion donated by America to Israel every year is ‘no way near enough to pay for all the weaponry, bulldozers and security fences needed to protect innocent Israeli citizens from anti-Semitic Muslim terrorism. Corporate sponsorships are essential [too]’. Schultz thanks Starbucks customers for helping him to raise ‘hundreds of millions of dollars each year’ to support the state of Israel. This seemingly Starbucks-damning letter has been on the internet for two-and-a-half years, and it now underpins much of the current anti-Starbucks, pro-Gaza protesting. It has appeared on anti-war websites; it has been cited as evidence by those spreading the ‘Boycott Starbucks’ SMS; Daily Egypt, an English-language paper in Cairo, says that ‘Egyptians and Arabs [have been] circulating emails’ containing the Schultz letter.

However, the ‘Schultz letter’ is a hoax; worse than that, it’s a piece of satire that has been accepted by some people as fact. The letter was written, not by Schultz, but by Andrew Winkler, an Australian-based ‘anti-Zionist media activist’ of German origin. It was published as a parody of Schultz, and clearly advertised as a parody, on the anti-Zionist website ZioPedia on 11 July 2006. Winkler later wrote: ‘The Howard Schultz spoof letter has caused quite a bit of a stir… Howard Schultz never wrote that letter, I did.’ Yet now it has become something like a modern, internet-shared version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion: a hoax document supposedly written by a Jew which is cited by some people as evidence of Zionist wickdness.
Imagine being in Starbucks having an innocent cup of coffee, and then being attacked by a mob. This was an act of racist terror in central London. The fact that Starbucks CEO Mr Schultz is Jewish seems to be the real reason the company is being singled out. Even if he does support Israel, there is no justification for attacking coffee shops in central London. Starbucks makes very good coffee by the way, far better than McDonalds.

Friday, January 16, 2009

gaza - if only 'the left' existed

Harry's Place has had 'a good war' as far as the blog's coverage of the Gaza crisis is concerned, but few on the so called 'left' would agree. Harry's Place has been human, honest, fair minded and realistic about the war, but in the current climate if you say anything in favour of Israel or against Hamas you are a war criminal. Any consideration of the Israeli point of view is unacceptable to the hate and violence worshiping 'anarchist' fashion victims and trustafarians to be found at internet ghettos like indymedia, or the Stalinist actors and dentists typified by the SWP, George Galloway and their homophobic fundamentalist allies. Their contribution during this tragic war has been to achieve similar levels of racism and bigotry as the BNP in the form of their unquestioning support for the anti Semitic Hamas movement, now being translated into racist attacks in Britain.

A recent Harry's Place guest post,
'imagine if there was a left', perfectly shows the problem; there is in fact very little real Left left. Certainly not if it is anything like this;
a left which is social-democratic, liberal, humanist, anti-fascist, secular, internationalist and having some real links with an effective labour movement. I am talking about an idealised left, of course, untainted by Leninism or nationalism and which would find the current alliance between Trotskyist-Stalinist
groups and Islamists to be unthinkable.
The sad fact is that the progressive left described above, the one supporting justice and freedom from oppression for everyone, is almost extinct. It is getting so bad that the best name for most of the people currently ranting against Israel while supporting Hamas might almost be 'National Socialist'. This was the perverted mix of socialism, nationalism, racism and fascism, with a splash of eco hippy occultism, that spawned the Holocaust. This coalition is pretty much exactly what you'll find protesting outside the Israeli embassy in London, with the added bonus of religious fanaticism, plus a few anarchist nihilists from the stock broker belt. All we need now is the rise of an ego maniac politician with a moustache, and a good line in hateful bullshit. The true anarchists and free thinkers would be the first to go, along with the gays and the gypsies ... and the Jews.

This London MET policeman's blog gives a unique cop's eye view of the 10th Jan anti Israel demo in London - fascinating stuff and seems honest. There is also a great description of dealing with the 'swampies' (police slang for protestors), at the Heathrow Climate Change Concentration Camp in 2007.

why the police riot is also revealing.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

totally unpopular but third runway is only way

According to the Guardian almost everyone seems to be against the third runway, but they do not mention that 'everyone' is usually wrong about everything.

Here are a few reasons why having a third runway is the only way to go, especially if you care about co2 and the environment.

1. a third runway will stop hundreds of thousands of gallons of aviation fuel being burned over Greater London by circling planes waiting to land, because there is no third runway at the moment.

2. enable domestic 'hub' flights from places like Leeds and Manchester save fuel by going to Heathrow instead of Amsterdam or Frankfurt as they are forced to do now, because there is no third runway at the moment.

3. enable a few hundred people who live in a horrible place near Heathrow airport get reasonable compensation and move some where much nicer for the greater good.

4. prevent the insane Tory nimby 'eco' plan supported by Boris Johnson, which involves destroying the Thames estuary by building not one, but three or more runways in the middle of a nature sanctuary, plus road, rail and helicopter links.

5. stop an unholy alliance of sickeningly self righteous and hysterical and miss informed, science spouting but anti science, eco fascists, led and manipulated like sheep by the likes of Greenpeace and the Tory Party, using obstructionist and anti democratic means, in an attempt to force society to make self harming decisions which do not save the planet in any way what so ever, and would cause more co2 consumption not less.

air flights cause 3 per cent of co2, eating meat causes 18 per cent.

flying car could not be answer.

cannabis smokers can relax; class b really is baloney

There's a lot of bad dope on cannabis going round at the moment, enough to make any decent cannabis user suffer from paranoia.

The worst strain of bad stuff is of course the government's decision to make their cannabis policy 'Class B' for baloney. This comes into effect on Jan 26th and has cannabis users freaking out to the point that some of them can even be bothered to organise a protest, even if it is only a few days late, on Weds January 28th, which is actually perfect timing for Prime Minister's Baloney Time.

In fact cannabis users, and their natural allies in the police force, can relax and chill, because Class B for cannabis really, really is baloney. This is because, on January 26, in an amazing coincidence worthy of the Fortiean Times, cannabis possession will be made Class B .... and put on a special 'PND' list of minor offences which are exempted from court prosecution, to the horror of the Daily Telegraph and the Magistrates Association.

Under these rules a first offence attracts a warning, a second offence gets a fine of 80 pounds. Even better is the fact that first offence warnings will not be registered on the police computer, so it will be difficult if not impossible for anyone to be fined for a second offence. This is really good news, especially for tax payers. When cannabis was previously Class B there were about 100,000 prosecutions a year, costing about 10,000 pounds each according to Hansard; that's a cool one billion a year blown on cannabis baloney. But now, with their Class B for baloney policy, the government can look really stupid about cannabis, and talk a load of 'class b' baloney about cannabis, all without it costing anything.

There is just one problem. The government's cannabis prohibition policies cost a fortune in lost tax revenues thanks to Inland Revenue rules which allow several million people to use cannabis tax free paying no VAT what so ever, while traders do not have to pay tax on any of their cannabis profits.

By giving cannabis tax free status that is even better than given for aviation fuel, Gordon Brown is in fact subsidising the cannabis industry at vast public expense in an invisible bailout costing several billion a year in lost tax revenue. This is why Cannabis Prohibition is still the most expensive and stupid mistake in British legal history. It really is baloney.

How to avoid prosecution for cannabis possession - carry your cannabis in a bag or envelope clearly marked "For The Police". If stopped by the police say you found the cannabis and put it in the envelope in order to hand it in to the nearest police station. This makes a successful prosecution for cannabis possession almost impossible, or at least of some entertainment value.

Friday, January 9, 2009

sanity running out as gaza war continues

Heavy stupidity continues in Gaza as an out of control 'middle eastern' virus which removes all common sense and humanity from it's victims continues. Now there are fears that the killer bug maybe spreading worldwide. There are serious concerns that a confirmed outbreak outside the Israeli embassy in London may be spreading. The nasty symptoms of the utter stupidity virus are appearing all over the Internet; apparently Hamas supporters in Britain have been drawing up hit lists of British Jews. Left wingers seem particularly susceptible to the virus and many have already gone round the bend. Some very silly people are now supporting racist, homophobic, torturing nutters almost exactly like the BNP, except they are Palestinian. Victims of the 'nutter bug' only want to hear reinforcements of what they have already decided, and immediately go into a rage when exposed to any challenge what so ever. This makes the virus very difficult to treat, especially as victims ardently believe they are sane, while accusing all and sundry of war crimes. One of the few known ways of treating this largely psychological mental problem is to have them read articles such as this. The next stages of the virus could include rioting, arson, terror attacks and all kinds of other serious symptoms of total madness. The highly infectious bug could also merge with the credit crunch epidemic which shares many of the same symptoms of utter insanity, creating a mental heath crisis far worse than the Great Depression; the Great Psychotic Trauma in which mass suicide and murder becomes epidemic. Security at the schmoo safe house is therefore now at pre-maximum amber as the whole situation is looking extremely stupid.

The past week has witnessed a surge in antisemitic incidents across London, anti-Israel daubings on synagogues and other Jewish communal buildings and anti-semitic graffiti in areas known for their Jewish communities, hate mail sent to Jewish organisations and communal leaders and, more seriously, an arson attack on a synagogue and a mob shouting anti-Israel and antisemitic slogans on the main road in Golders Green.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

bendy bus petition rejected

An on line petition about bendy buses has been banned by the Number 10 website. This is a snub to pseudo democracy and all those who love the Traditional London Red Bendy Bus.

reports that London Mayor Boris Johnson plans to change the colour of all London buses from red to blue were denied by his office.

britain in the red

Above: Britain in the red. Who ever is printing closing down signs must be doing well. The recovery will be here before next Christmas, for sure not.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

class b for cannabis is bollocks

The schmoo safehouse is Labour to the core with no illusions. Labour is slightly better for everyone, and slightly more sensible most of the time, than the Tory robber alternative, or the Liberal time wasters and the Green total fools. Meanwhile the traditional extremist 'left' and 'right' and the self harming anarchist nihilists, mostly have psychological rather than political issues, and the people involved are all very similar to each other; mostly losers. Or there are the Plain Stupid, climate change camp, nettle soup, mixed up eco fascist toffs; no thanks. The only alternatives to Labour are worse, far worse. Yet, while better than the rest, Labour still also offers so much .... to hate. Gordon Brown's philistine, politically corrupt decision to ignore all the experts and put cannabis back in the 'Class B' category of drugs, which makes simple cannabis possession a criminal offence costing the tax payer a billion pounds a year for up to 100,000 moronic prosecutions, is just one example. This Brown Class B Bollocks comes into legal effect on January 26th. The Tories and Liberals are also wrong, corrupt and cowardly about drug issues, and the Greens are too inept to be taken seriously. Yet, no better than them, Gordon Brown's cowardly decision to make cannabis 'Class B' puts peoples health in danger, especially young people. This decision is anti science and a threat to the national health. The most dangerous thing about cannabis, is cannabis prohibition. So, with no disloyalty to Labour, and feeling the use of Anglo Saxon language is perfect; Fuck 'Class B' for Cannabis; Class B for Bollocks and Brown.

don't mess with the working mans joint: what Gordon Brown and his ilk do not understand is that today, like the working man's pint, the joint is sacred for many ordinary working people with votes. Politicians mess with cannabis at their peril. Several million people in Britain smoke cannabis, it has been about the same for years regardless of the law, but went down among young people when it was made Class C by Tony Blair's government. Several million people will go on smoking cannabis when it is Class B under Bigot Brown. That is a relative of just about everyone in the country. This rejection of government policy on cannabis is the biggest and longest mass civil disobedience movement in British political history, against cannabis prohibition laws which are most expensive mistake in British legal and medical history, now compounded by Gordon Brown's contemptible cowardice and stupidity.

i like gordon brown because ...
ex british ambassador calls gordon brown "a murderous two faced cunt".

Monday, January 5, 2009

gaza love bomb proposed to end war

It is amazing how similar the Israeli and the Palestinian spokespeople sound on the media, except of course for the Israeli army spokesmen who has an Australian accent. They are after all mostly part of the same family, while the rest of the world are their relatives; we are all guilty bystanders, all of us to blame. We are all relatives after all.

Who knows how much money and effort has been wasted by Hamas on their infantile missiles, while their own people, 50 per cent children, live in poverty. Who knows how many thousands of lives could be improved by the cost of the massive and horrific Israeli counter attack. Some black market accountants in Gaza City and Tel Aviv may know, and the arms manufacturers in the US and Britain, Iran and China, fiddling the credit crunch books like demons.

Their deathly trade is one of the only recession proof areas of the world economy. This is more than tragic; this is serial child killing on a massive scale. Every nano-second another weapon is firing; a constantly running horror action nightmare. An endless loop tape of death, now HD ready, with depleted uranium special effects, real people instead of actors, and millions of extras. Everyone has got a chance to be in it.

the love bomb

There is only one solution, the ultimate weapon of the heroic 'meek' who should inherit the earth; the Love Bomb.

Instead of crudely splitting the atom like cavemen hacking raw meat with a flint, the thermo-spiritual Love Bomb combines human energy using naturally embedded genetic code which connects to a virtual-psychic, organic peer to peer brain network, and then goes viral. This initiates a mass global consciousness event, counteracting the hippy ballshit effect by fusing with a widely available material known as Common Sense, at which point the device, which now covers the whole planet, goes ultra creative, causing a massive release of pent up positive energy, resulting in everlasting peace, pizzas and prosperity for all.

The design of this device is amazing. It is designed using ancient principles, yet it is state of the art; perfect for the 21st Century. For a start it is completely invisible and weightless. This makes it good for urban theaters of operation, as well as impenetrable mountain caves. Being highly mobile just one person can deliver it, without even a suitcase, although sometimes this can still be a suicide mission; for example Jesus ended up on the cross without a suitcase.

The Love Bomb was developed through countless millennia of ceaseless war using knowledge gleaned from past, present and somewhere else, passed on through the generations of humanity in genetic code. Each generation has successfully kept alive and improved the technology for a bomb more powerful than a thousand pathetic and primitive nuclear explosions, simply by learning how to channel their rage. Many do not even know they are involved in the development project, for example teams of Zen monks in Tibet and Hiroshima, acid head visionaries in California and Bern, Switzerland, Sufi ambient trance dancers in Goa who are in communication with dolphins but don't realise it, Ganja dub wizards in Jamaica, hardcore Congolese witch doctors, magic herb shaman blokes in the Amazon, and true anarchists who broke the mind barrier.

If successfully detonated the Love Bomb can bring whole armies to a halt, raise evil empires to the ground, and liberate not just one nation, not just one planet, not even just one universe. The detonator mechanism is incredibly simple; it uses the infinite power of forgiveness, the oldest trick in the book. A bit like the wheel, this technology is so obvious when you get it. You may wonder why you did not think of it yourself, and then you might kick yourself, because you did.

us military pondered love not war.

credit crunch package to restart britain

Sunday, January 4, 2009

'peace demo' at israeli embassy london

Above: 'peace' protesters throw steel barricades in the faces of London police outside Israeli embassy London on Saturday. This is the demo supported by Tony Benn and Alexi Sayle, terribly nice people no doubt, and terribly wrong. They just don't get it in their ideologically correct 'trad leftie' British Bubble. How can they support the Hamas bigots ... they must be bigots too. Long live Palestine and Israel ... and long live the British police.

YouTube also has a truly horrible and shocking 'Hamas TV' video of an obscene Hamas organised mass execution of about twenty ... Palestinians. The Hamas executioners don't just shoot their fellow brethren, they shoot them to bits while a sound track of 'heroic' religious ballshit music plays sickeningly in the back ground. This video is so horrible that it could cause psychological damage to some people. Even here at the safehouse we are still having nightmares and hesitate to even link to it, but in case anyone marching against Israel, shouting 'We are are all Hamas' along with Tony Benn and Alexi Sayle, is reading this then here are the people you are supporting.

• Fearing a popular uprising at any moment Hamas is cracking down on moderate 'collaborators'; 75 Fatah supporters have been shot in the legs, while summary executions have increased and many are under house arrest "except to attend Friday prayers".

Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new leap second 2009

A leap second was added to atomic clocks worldwide at 23:59:60 (or near midnight) at Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on December 31, 2008. This is the 24th leap second to be added since the first leap second was added in 1972. This is also the first leap second in three years. The extra second is added to make up for the fact that the earth's spin is slowing down.

How to catch a leap second