Sunday, January 4, 2009

'peace demo' at israeli embassy london

Above: 'peace' protesters throw steel barricades in the faces of London police outside Israeli embassy London on Saturday. This is the demo supported by Tony Benn and Alexi Sayle, terribly nice people no doubt, and terribly wrong. They just don't get it in their ideologically correct 'trad leftie' British Bubble. How can they support the Hamas bigots ... they must be bigots too. Long live Palestine and Israel ... and long live the British police.

YouTube also has a truly horrible and shocking 'Hamas TV' video of an obscene Hamas organised mass execution of about twenty ... Palestinians. The Hamas executioners don't just shoot their fellow brethren, they shoot them to bits while a sound track of 'heroic' religious ballshit music plays sickeningly in the back ground. This video is so horrible that it could cause psychological damage to some people. Even here at the safehouse we are still having nightmares and hesitate to even link to it, but in case anyone marching against Israel, shouting 'We are are all Hamas' along with Tony Benn and Alexi Sayle, is reading this then here are the people you are supporting.

• Fearing a popular uprising at any moment Hamas is cracking down on moderate 'collaborators'; 75 Fatah supporters have been shot in the legs, while summary executions have increased and many are under house arrest "except to attend Friday prayers".

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