Sunday, January 18, 2009

westminster council says yes to swastikas, no to cctv banksy

Here at the safehouse CCTV cameras are an important part of our security plan along with the humane mouse traps and some class A stink bombs from a joke shop. It is all very well for cartoonists like Banksy [above and below] to simplistically attack CCTV, but for mortals without a paintbrush life is not always so simple. For example, only the other day a policeman in Oakland, California was caught on video shooting a unarmed guy in the back while he was on the ground being restrained by two other cops; there could have been CCTV too. There are lots of good uses for CCTV. However the philistine Tories at Westminster Council want to scrub away the landmark CCTV Banksy on Newman st, W1. This is anti social behaviour, and wrong, but unfortunately there is no CCTV evidence. So far they have failed, but they need to be watched 24 hours a day.

Now the only thing standing between the artwork and the council anti graffiti squad is the Royal Mail, because they say the CCTV Banksy belongs to them as it is on their wall. With the huge price of Banksies nowadays, the Post Office may be hoping that they can sell the CCTV Banksy to a typical wealthy Banksy art investor type, the kind with CCTV all round their properties. Then they could afford to stop the government's crazy privitization plans.

Meanwhile just round the corner Westminster Council has given planning permission to a building which is covered with Swastikas.

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