Wednesday, July 25, 2007

uk floods: climate change 'eco cons' challenged by science

Weather forecasting genius Piers Coybyn has hit out at the 'eco cons' in a letter to the Guardian which debunks the 'green Nazis' climate change religious doctrine that so called 'weird' weather is the result of human 'sin':
In desperate attempts to shore up their crumbling doctrine of man-made climate change, Professor Lockwood and Henry Davenport (Guardian Letters, July 14) themselves cherry-pick data. Prof Lockwood's "refutation" of the decisive role of solar activity in driving climate is as valid as claiming a particular year was not warm by simply looking at the winter half of data. The most significant and persistent cycle of variation in the world's temperature follows the 22-year magnetic cycle of the sun's activity. So what does he do? He "finds" that for an 11-year stretch around 1987 to 1998 world temperatures rose, while there was a fall in his preferred measures of solar activity. A 22-year cycle and an 11-year cycle will of necessity move in opposite directions half the time.

The problem for global warmers is that there is no evidence that changing CO2 is a net driver for world climate. Feedback processes negate its potential warming effects. Their theory has no power to predict. It is faith, not science. I challenge them to issue a forecast to compete with our severe weather warnings - made months ago - for this month and August which are based on predictions of solar-particle and magnetic effects that there will be periods of major thunderstorms, hail and further flooding in Britain, most notably July 22-26, August 5-9 and August 18-23. These periods will be associated with new activity on the sun and tropical storms. We also forecast that British and world temperatures will continue to decline this year and in 2008. What do the global warmers forecast?

Piers Corbyn, Weather Action
The 'Neo Cons' are finished; now the real threat is from the 'Eco Cons'. For example: top American 'Eco Con' Al Gore's family holds massive stock holding investments in nuclear energy corporations. No wonder Gore (the Bore) is touring the world spreading the 'global warming' CO2 fraud and arguing that nuclear power can save the world. Remember; this is the man who purposely let George Bush win the US Presidency. He did this knowingly by refusing to do a simple deal to stop the environmental 'Green Party' traitor Ralph Nader splitting the Democratic vote. Bush 'won' by a tiny margin - so tiny it needed some bent Supreme Judges to make him President and allow the 'Neo Con' coup d'état ... all thanks to 'Eco Con' Gore.

Basic physics supports solar activity as cause of global warming by Piers Corbyn

• Latest: George Monbiot, Al Gore: climate change criminals against humanity.

pants to brown - i'm backing britain

Above: Pants to Brown. The security level is 'critical' at the 'schmoo safe house' after a month of Gordon Brown as he relentlessly proceeds to destroy Britain in an massive flood of brown stuff. In his latest press conference Gordon Brown threatened both Russia and Iran - and now he wants to stop 24 hour drinking!

Boredom Brown has also threatened to put cannabis back to 'Class B' - is that 'Class B' for Brown Bastard?

Gordon Brown is the worst butterfly killing Puritan monster to hit Britain since Oliver Cromwell closed all the theatres and banned Shakespeare.

Tony Blair was 'New Labour' - Gordon Brown is 'Hard Labour'.

The brilliant Russian President Putin supports the psychological diagnosis that Brown is mentally challenged. After Bully Brown attacked Russia yet again at his press conference Putin demanded respect and said "It's their (the Brownshit's) mindset, not our constitution, which needs to be changed." If only Britain had a constitution like Russia!

Now, against all the expert advice, Brainless Brown is going ahead with extending detention without trial beyond 28 days (internment) - it seems he just wants to encourage the terrorists. What a towering moron.

massive police hunt for 'nature' after flood terror attack on britain

Above: CCTV image of a suspect puddle of wet water; part of a massive natural terror attack currently hitting Britain. The flooding is being blamed on 'global warming' caused by human activity in a classic 'false flag' frame-up by 'green' eco Nazis and Gordon Brown. They want to force everyone to live on nettles and do press ups. Meanwhile house prices are expected to be hit in 'flood plain blight' epidemic as thousands try to sell property which can't be insured due to 'end of the suburb' hysteria.

Above: Nature waves back: The truth is the floods are not caused by 'global warming' or pissing in the wind, or the Labour government and Gordon Brown, or flying to Paris for sex and smoking skunk. The floods are caused by nature and although they seem bad, actually they are just what we need & deserve; Britain needs a good clean up.

It may hurt now, but the benefits will be reaped in the future. One of the solutions to the problem of building on flood plains will be to construct housing on artificial hills connected by bridges.

Above & below: schmoo on the run.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tony Blair is back!

After what already feels like 100 Years of Brown Boredom, Tony Blair is back today in his new role as Middle East Peace Envoy!

Despite what a lot of ignorant people say, Tony Blair will be a great success in his new role - as long as he does not get assassinated.

Seeing Tony Blair back in action is like a ray of sunlight after having to put up with the vile Brownshits who have taken over Whitehall for several weeks now, and look like holding on. We may need an American invasion to save us.

Like the calvinist Taliban, the Brownshit fundamentalists are already banning gambling, tobacco smoking, and yesterday they announced an attack on people using Britain's drug of choice - cannabis! At this rate soon they will be banning education for girls.


Ever since the megalomaniac Brown's recent power grap, the weather in Britain has been terrible with dark thunder & rain storm clouds hanging over the country, flooding people's homes with sewage on a regular basis. This is truly a reign of terror in which no one knows who will be next to be taken away in the middle of the night.

The reason for the bad weather and all the flooding is not 'climate change' (a totally unscientific theory). The black clouds hanging over Britain are obviously linked with Gordon Brown's arrival; he is a bad man, and bad men bring bad weather.

Already people are saying this is the beginning of the 'Dark Brown Ages'.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

new york explosion

Big explosion at Grand Central Station, New York; smoke, people running, building collapsed was reported by BBC on 'NewsFright' and downwithabsolutes blog.

A terrorist attack, or an New York over-eater spontaneously exploding?

Apparently neither; it was a big electrical transformer connected to the railway blowing up and causing a spectacular release of high pressure steam according to an Eyewitness News (TV) report and Reuters and the bbc