Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tony Blair is back!

After what already feels like 100 Years of Brown Boredom, Tony Blair is back today in his new role as Middle East Peace Envoy!

Despite what a lot of ignorant people say, Tony Blair will be a great success in his new role - as long as he does not get assassinated.

Seeing Tony Blair back in action is like a ray of sunlight after having to put up with the vile Brownshits who have taken over Whitehall for several weeks now, and look like holding on. We may need an American invasion to save us.

Like the calvinist Taliban, the Brownshit fundamentalists are already banning gambling, tobacco smoking, and yesterday they announced an attack on people using Britain's drug of choice - cannabis! At this rate soon they will be banning education for girls.


Ever since the megalomaniac Brown's recent power grap, the weather in Britain has been terrible with dark thunder & rain storm clouds hanging over the country, flooding people's homes with sewage on a regular basis. This is truly a reign of terror in which no one knows who will be next to be taken away in the middle of the night.

The reason for the bad weather and all the flooding is not 'climate change' (a totally unscientific theory). The black clouds hanging over Britain are obviously linked with Gordon Brown's arrival; he is a bad man, and bad men bring bad weather.

Already people are saying this is the beginning of the 'Dark Brown Ages'.

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