Wednesday, July 25, 2007

pants to brown - i'm backing britain

Above: Pants to Brown. The security level is 'critical' at the 'schmoo safe house' after a month of Gordon Brown as he relentlessly proceeds to destroy Britain in an massive flood of brown stuff. In his latest press conference Gordon Brown threatened both Russia and Iran - and now he wants to stop 24 hour drinking!

Boredom Brown has also threatened to put cannabis back to 'Class B' - is that 'Class B' for Brown Bastard?

Gordon Brown is the worst butterfly killing Puritan monster to hit Britain since Oliver Cromwell closed all the theatres and banned Shakespeare.

Tony Blair was 'New Labour' - Gordon Brown is 'Hard Labour'.

The brilliant Russian President Putin supports the psychological diagnosis that Brown is mentally challenged. After Bully Brown attacked Russia yet again at his press conference Putin demanded respect and said "It's their (the Brownshit's) mindset, not our constitution, which needs to be changed." If only Britain had a constitution like Russia!

Now, against all the expert advice, Brainless Brown is going ahead with extending detention without trial beyond 28 days (internment) - it seems he just wants to encourage the terrorists. What a towering moron.

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