Sunday, April 29, 2007

action alert: the internet radio equality act

• Action Alert


Call now! There is a bill just introduced in Congress that will save Internet radio from the devastating royalty fee increases that will put thousands of Internet web casters out of business on May 15th; for example the brilliant

Please call your Representative in Congress as soon as possible, and urge them to co-sponsor H.R. 2060, the Internet Radio Equality Act.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

American water supply and food contaminated by rocket fuel

According to the US research organisation the 'Environmental Working Group' which has just given evidence to Congress, high levels of perchlorate in breast milk in recent CDC studies "are cause for serious concern and should lead to immediate action."

Toxic rocket fuel waste, is found in drinking water supplies in more than 20 states in America. Now, after years of blocking tactics by the Bush government, a bill to do something might be finally moving in Congress.

Millions of Americans are regularly drinking water and eating foods and drink that have been contaminated by rocket fuel. It's coming from the country's 12,000 military bases, where fuel seepage is going unchecked, and has done so for years.

The water supply in 22 states is contaminated by perchlorate, the toxic chemical found in the fuel, while farms and dairy farms near the military bases are shipping contaminated produce across the States. A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) survey has found that 93 per cent of all lettuce and milk sold in the US is contaminated.

A new study prepared by the Environmental Working Group reveals that 2 million women who are iodine deficient are at special risk from the contamination. Perchlorate may cause a drop in their thyroid hormone levels, which is a risk factor in fetal development.

But it seems to be a pollutant that's affecting most people in the US. A study by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in which urine samples were taken from 2,299 people around the country, discovered that everyone, with exception, had unacceptably high levels of perchlorate in their bodies.

It's a problem that's been known about for years, yet even now the military, supported by President Bush, are seeking exemption from any clean-up or control.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a report back in 2002 that identified the military bases as the source of the pollution, and it's known that Lockheed Martin, the defence contractor, had been concealing documents about the contamination for some years.

Despite this, the Department of Defense and the Pentagon argue that the military should be exempt from any controls as it must be 'ready' for anti-terrorist activity, and the fuel is an essential part of that operation.

A sympathetic President Bush put a gag order on the EPA in 2003, and prevented it from talking about perchlorate and its effect on human health.

• schmoo says: With the new threat of American rockets being based in Britain and elsewhere in Europe, we should be questioning not only the strategic sanity of a new arms build up, but also the environmental costs. After all these weapons are meant to protect us - not slowly kill us and our children for years into the future.

More information at: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US 'Organic Consumers Association'

Wi-Fi and die?

Pictured right: Sarah Dacre, interviewed in the Daily Mail, wears her anti wi-fi hat. The World Health Organisation estimates that up to three out of every hundred people are "electrosensitive" to some extent.

Meanwhile, health concerns about wi-fi were raised another 'terrorbite' today by Professor Lawrie Challis, a leading government advisor. He has warned that children should not place computers on their laps while they are using wireless internet connections because of potential health risks.

Professor Lawrie Challis, heads the government committee on mobile phone safety research.

According to a typically scare mongering article in the Independent one in five of all adult Britons now own a wireless-enabled laptop. There are 35,000 public hotspots where they can use them, usually at a price. In the past 18 months 1.6 million Wi-Fi terminals have been sold in Britain for use in homes, offices and a host of other buildings. By some estimates, half of all primary schools and four fifths of all secondary schools have installed them.

A new system that allows wi-fi on trains has been launched on London's 'Heathrow Express' from Paddington. Previously when a train goes into a tunnel the connection was lost, but not anymore. Unless of course you are wearing that other bit of 'new technology', the 'anti wi-fi' hat. In which case you will be blissfully disconnected all the time.

Cannabis Grandma faces eviction from her home

Above: British Dissident: The Cannabis Grandma, Pat Tabram says the biggest drug dealers in Britain are the pharmaceutical companies. Now she is being taken to court on July 6th in a cruel and vindictive attempt to have her evicted from her home. This is all because she publicly refuses to stop self medicating with natural organic cannabis and won't keep her mouth shut.

The Cannabis Grandma, Pat Tabram has received a letter telling her to appear in Court on July 6th, to face possible eviction from her housing association rented house.

Pat is almost 69-years-of-age, and admits to using about 0.1 (one tenth) of a gram a day in her food as medication for several long term health conditions. She chooses to do this rather than use the many prescribed drugs on offer through the NHS, which she found did not help, and in fact carried the risk of many very serious possible side-effects.

Pat has been to court twice for cultivation in her home, and been convicted twice.

After the first conviction, she told the judge in court that she would not stop using and growing cannabis for her own use; he waved a finger and said: alright then, but don't supply anyone else. But evidence of that was later removed on the instructions of the judge, says Pat.

Subsequently she was raided again and conducted her own defense against a charge of cultivation, before a Carlisle Jury this March. She was found guilty after the jury were told by the judge that they must reach the verdict based only on the evidence,(which Pat did not dispute), but her defense of medical necessity was not allowed. She was given an unusually harsh sentence of 200 hours community service and ordered to pay £1000 costs.

Her local housing association for her home in Humshaugh, then threatened her with eviction from her home, telling her that that if they believe that she is using cannabis they will evict her, and put this on suspended notice for two years.

After the court case and since, Pat has defiantly refused to back down and publicly says that she will continue to medicate with cannabis.

She said she would "rather live in a tent" than give up using the only medicine she knew that works for her.

Now, apparently the local KGB style police, who have been harassing her for years, have asked the Housing Association to take the case to court on July 6 to evict her.

Get involved in a campaign to support Pat Tabram, the grandma who eats cannabis.

Friday, April 27, 2007

mayday: just another shopping day, please avoid consuming the fake anarchism on sale

Above: Classical Pinko drummers on trade union Mayday march, London 2006.

WARNING - rant from the heart ahead ...

Meanwhile, this year there's the usual "aren't we naughty", very juvenile, arty farty, fake anarchist, waste of time (and tax payers hard earned cash), spoilt brat, pseudo, 'trouble' afoot.

It won't be much fun hanging out with these people that's for sure (unless you like being surrounded by polite police people all day), and stuck with a bunch of morons who think they are contributing something, when actually they are just reinforcing the false media image of anarchism by acting out their unresolved rebellion issues with their parents (often above average stinking rich), in public.

These are the fake 'macho anarchists' who have set back the cause of anarchism, and other positive left wing ideas, at least 20 years, with their infantile 'mayday' antics.

They promote the false 'news of the world' image of anarchists as being people who are violent, selfish, unnecessarily confrontational and unreasonable, rude, irrelevant, self obsessed, out of touch, paranoid, hypocritical, and in need of a bath.

What's needed is a real revolution - when people wake up and realise these people are not anarchists - they are just working for the state.

What is a 'real anarchist'? A good sign is someone who does not even use the word; they don't need or want a religion. Real anarchists do confront corruption in all it's forms. But, instead of wasting time by always blaming 'them' or 'the state' for all their troubles (real & imagined), real anarchists take personal responsibility for their lives and get on with creating the best they can, for themselves and others.

The London Mayday March & Rally, is organised by honest working people, is on Tuesday 1st May, starting from Clerkenwell Green & ending at Trafalgar Sq.

Celebrate mayday in Liverpool and raise cash for iraqi trade unions

hindmarsh bag con: evading standards

Above: Evening Standard front page today: Following the 'cotton bad, hemp good' demo outside Sainsbury's on Wednesday it has been downhill all the way for the Hindmarsh 'green' bag con merchants. If only they had listened to our advice on using hemp fabric instead of toxic cotton.

Now some people seem to have gone bag crazy; even the London 'Evening Standard' newspaper has picked up on the story, and the Sundays are sharpening their implements of torture at this very moment.

Sainsbury's has been forced to admit what schmoo was saying weeks ago; the Hindmarsh toxic cotton bag is made in China with cheap labour. Also the Hindmarsh bag is not Fairtrade, or organic - it's just 100% hypocritical!

According to the pressure group 'Let's Clean Up Fashion', workers in the garment industry in China typically are paid 20p to 30p an hour. Worse still, cotton that is not 'Fairtrade', as used to make the Hindmarsh toxic cotton bag, is often picked by child labour.

They claim the bag is "making a difference to the world" and they are right - every bag they produce causes yet more pollution and misery.

Apparently Sainsbury's is preparing a legal case regarding the toxic bag. Could it be against Hindmarsh for eco fraud?

Sainsbury's sent 'schmoo' a long 'identity theft' style questionnaire yesterday, plus the chance to have a meal at a Jamie Oliver restaurant - hopefully this was just a coincidence, and not the prelude to something even more sinister.

Bag Wars Two - new toxic con bag scam exposed.

scratchy sounds: recommended

Above: Flyer for sratchy sounds on

Thursday, April 26, 2007

free music:

IF you want free, legal music (any kind you like) check out It learns what music you like and then plays it. To register you have to quote any US Zip code. Very clever and good.

• Action Alert


Call now! There is a bill just introduced in Congress that will save Internet radio from the devastating royalty fee increases that will put thousands of Internet web casters out of business on May 15th. Please call your Representative in Congress as soon as possible and urge them to co-sponsor H.R. 2060, the Internet Radio Equality Act.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fascist America, in 10 easy steps

The Ten Steps To Facism (as seen on TV & used in the USA)

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.
2. Create a gulag.
3. Develop a thug caste.
4. Set up an internal surveillance system.
5. Harass citizens' groups.
6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release.
7. Target key individuals.
8. Control the press.
9. Dissent equals treason.
10. Suspend the rule of law.

From a article by Naomi Wolf in yesterdays Guardian; required reading for Gordon Brown, or any up and coming wannabe hard core dictator.

'eco fraud': bag mania hits sainsburys

Above: Round the bend: Victims of a massive 'eco bag' fraud linked to an ebay scam were queueing (round the corner), from 5 am in the morning outside Sainsbury's in Camden today, to buy a Anya Hindmarch 'I'm not a plastic bag' bag for £5.

Above: E Bay scam: "Your not buying this bag to save the planet are you - you are going straight back to your grotty bedroom and logging on to ebay to re sell the crappy thing to a fashion victim for £70."

Above: Bag wars: hemp bag good, Anya Hindmarch cotton bag evil.

Above: "Cotton Is A Killer Weed": Environmental educational 'anti fraud' literature was distributed to potential victims warning them that there are thieves at work in the area;"The earth is under threat from a pesticide-hungry, water-thirsty pest: Cotton. Farmers who grow this often die or go blind; in India alone 142,000 are killed or made sick every year from cotton production."

One of the few honest fashion designers in existance, Katharine Hamnett points out on her website; "Cotton is 10% of world agriculture and uses 25% of world pesticides."

Believe it or not: Ladbroke Grove Sainsbury's was spotted selling the toxic Hindmarch 'I am not a plastic bag' con bag - packed in a Sainsbury's plastic bag. Sainsbury's has said this was an 'isolated incident' (when they let the fake 'environmental' facade slip).

• Con list: 'C list' celebs who have fallen for the toxic bag con include: Lily Cole, Lily Allen, Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightley, Reese Witherspoon, Graydon Carter, Erin O'Conner and Ben Grimes-Viort (who ever they are).

• Fact: Buying the 'I am not a plastic bag' is worse than driving 50 miles to buy a long life light bulb, so you can see while using a micro wave to reheat a Big Mac.

• Fact: Every time someone buys a 'Hindmarch Toxic Bag', Planet Earth dies a little more.

Check out the amazing Live Silk site for cruelty free organic silk (the worms are not killed as in normal silk), woven by the worm.

More at 'hemp for victory'.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

joost invite received

Above: The British Telecom 'Social Network Tower' near the 'safe house' in central London, on a full moon.

MAYBE this 'social-networking' thing works after all. Within a few hours of offering a free bottle of the 'Reggae Reggae Sauce' (go good they had to name it 'Reggae' twice) for a free Joost download invite, the amazing Joost beta testing software was streaming down the broadband connection at the schmoo 'safe house'. Many thanks to blogger mal burns. So now we got Joost, Second Life, Twitter and Skype accounts - trouble is there is so little time left we are going to need a 'Third Life'. If any one knows a down load link for a Third Life account there is a free bottle of 'Reggae Reggae Sauce' waiting. In fact, make that two.

In the mean time it is time to break cover; it is time to go 'share some air', and actually talk to someone face to face.


map music studios

Above: Mural at the excellent Map Music Studios, London

princes diana inquest: third coroner does a runner, 'dark forces' at work

Above: Mr Al Fayed in the London 'Evading Standards' a few months ago; now Baroness Butler-Sloss has announced she is to become the third coroner to quit leading the inquests into the death of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed. The decision, which the BBC says is a 'bombshell', comes after the Baroness refused to allow a jury to hear the evidence - and then was forced to do a U turn and drive into a dark tunnel.

All this backs up the suspicions of the controversial conspiracy theoriest who is known by her many followers as; 'Her Royal Magesty, Queen Elizabeth The Second'. She has been ridiculed by some of her more orthodox colleagues in the conspiracy movement for telling Princess Diana's butler Paul Burrell to be careful because; "there are dark forces at work". She warned him "There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge." Is Baroness Butler-Sloss now also heeding that warning?

After all, the 'Daily Express' is still being published.

cannabis prohibition is threat to national security

Above: A senior retired SAS commander says British Army cannabis users should not be given 'dishonourable discharges', reports 'The Sunday Post' (22 April, 2007, article by Adam Docherty).

Retired colonel Clive Fairweather, who was once second in command of the elite British Army 'Special Air Services'(SAS) has called for the end of automatic dishonourable discharges for anyone serving in the British Armed Services who test positive for cannabis.

According to figures recently released by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) the number of people sacked for using recreational drugs in the last year (575) is the equivalent of losing one infantry battalion.

The 'Sunday Post' says that the 575 sackings are "three times the number of British Army soldiers who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan ..."

So now cannabis prohibition is a threat to Britain's national security!

While the British Army is spending millions in a desperate and mostly failed campaign to recruit people to defend Britain, the saboteurs at the MoD are sacking 'our boys' just for smoking cannabis (which studies show is far less harmful than drinking alcohol or being shot by the Taliban).

If they go on sacking people (our boys) for smoking weed in the British Army, soon there won't be anyone left to defend Queen and country. Then the country really will have gone to pot.

• schmoo says: Maybe finally the prohibitionists will realise that the people they want to criminalise and throw in to jail (if there is room that is), are not the sandal wearing, hippie, communist pinkos, of their worse nightmares, but ordinary people - just like the soldier next door.

There's more drugs in the army in the 'Observer'

Monday, April 23, 2007

boris yeltsin was a weasel

BBC News 24 is waxing lyrical about "Boris the Brave" and what a brilliant Russian president Boris Yeltsin was - but really he was a weasel, a traitor, an alcoholic, and was probably moonlighting on the side as a CIA agent.

Maggie Thatcher is saying he was a "patriot and a liberator", but all he did was swap one tyranny for another even crueler one. As President of Russia, the 'liberator' Yeltsin allowed the biggest robbery in history - over $300 billion was taken out of Russian. Yeltsin allowed the oligarchs to take over, and turned the Kremlin into a massive American capitalist squatters paradise. Millions of Russians were condemned to poverty. No wonder the 'Russian News Service' now regards the United States as 'the enemy'.

And now the BBC are wheeling out John Major (failed Tory Prime Minister) ... Oh god/marx save us! It is for times like this that the BBC should provide free sick bags to all TV license holders.

It was only when the great Russian saviour President Putin came to power and knocked a few heads together, that finally the Russian people were able to rid themselves of the vile parasites and vampires who had been sucking them dry for years.

An excellent book on why Yeltsin was a weasel is 'The Tragedy of Russia's Reforms' by Peter Reddaway & Dmitri Glinski.

writer on armenian genocide by turkey held at canadian boarder due to false wikipedia entry

Why don't they just admit it? Then they could be forgiven!

Historical fact: The Turkish committed genocide against the Armenians in 1915. They murdered my great grandfathers family (he was a boy of 7 at the time), and most of his village. He survived, and his genes have been 'on the run' ever since.

But instead of admitting their past crimes, the corrupt Turkish establishment have stooped as low as the lowest form of life on the internet. They have put false Wikipedia entries about Taner Akcam (pictured right), a well respected historian and writer on the Armenian Genocide by Turkey, in a petty attempt to discredit him.

Thanks to these entries (which have now been removed), in a shameful campaign, Taner Akcam has been branded as having terrorist links, and was recently arrested at the Canadian border.

Now Turkey needs to admit they committed genocide against the Armenians - and admit Taner Akcam is not a terrorist, but as a brave truth seeker, he is in fact a huge credit to his country - Turkey.

More at Magic Statistics

Sunday, April 22, 2007

the worlds first compostable 'plastic' bottle

Above: the compostable belu bottle. Made from corn it can be commercially composted back to soil in 12 weeks. Apparently the bottle itself is eatable - but the manufacturers do not recommend you try, unless it is the end of the world, and you are very, very, hungry.

floating nuclear power stations for sale

Above and below: on the train to Sellafield, Britain's leaky nuclear power station which was previously called 'Windscale'. It was renamed after a long history of radiation leaks and nuclear accidents, the effects of which have often been covered up. Now, in a brilliant new scheme, Russia is building the first floating nuclear power station, and is planning to sell them all over the world. The stations will have a duel role - producing power and desalinating water. They also obviously have the potential for a 'duel disaster' - leaking radiation and leaking so they sink to the bottom of the sea. Naturally this has sparked an orgy of hand wringing by the eco-hysterical 'greens' who want everyone to live in camps, surviving on nettle soup, reading alternative technology manuals from the 1970's by recycled candle light. But to be fair, considering the long history of nuclear leaks it seems a certain amount (or even a great deal) of hand wringing might be in order. If only someone could invent a way of harnessing the power of hand wringing all our problems would be over! However the Russians have said the nuclear waste is so safe you can drink it, so there is absolutely no cause for concern.

Above: Sellafield is one of just a hand full of aging nuclear power stations in Britain. I used to campaign against nuclear energy, but I am now convinced that despite the risks we are going to have to build more nuclear power stations. To put this in context China is building so many nuclear power stations they are worried about running out of uranium, despite doing a massive 'yellow cake' deal with Australia. We may not like it but the world is going nuclear. Here at the 'safe house' we have our Geiger counter at the ready, and loads of Kelp tablets which are a natural antidote to radiation sickness. Until someone comes up with something better, nuclear energy is going to be part of the energy equasion, and we might as well concentrate on making sure it as safe as possible. -

free bottle of reggae reggae sauce mailed to anyone who can give schmoo a joost invite

JOOST is a new way of watching TV using the Internet, and we want to try it out at the schmoo 'safe house', but the Joost people have a sneaky marketing trick.

This involves playing 'hard to get' and making punters who wish to download the free software, get an 'invite' from someone else. They expect people go trekking around the Blogosphere cap in hand, pan handling for a free invite.

All this 'social networking' stuff is already becoming over the top; a lot of it is just a waste of eyeball time. Apparently "Social Networking" might be over taking "sex" as the most common Google search; how sick can you get? We don't want to play Joost's sad little 'networking' game, we want to have real sex and watch real TV!

Here at the schmoo 'safe house' we don't have much time to waste, especially when there is a 'security clamp down' most nights due to intruders trying to get over the razor wire and past our firewall. So we want joost, and we want it now.

Therefore we have developed a brand new 'networking social' scheme; 'Bribe'. The 'Bribe' start up team thinks this could be the new Twitter! We are offering a free bottle of 'Reggae Reggae Sauce' (pictured above) to the first kind enlightened soul who sends us a free joost invite. We will post the 'Bribe' by traditional mail anywhere in the world. Just post a comment, and we will get back to you. Thanks a joost.


reggae reggae hot sauce

Left: A bottle of Reggae Reggae Sauce now available from your local Sainsburys.

At the check out in Ladbrook Grove they said it was selling faster than ganja on a Friday night. Originally it was home made to supply hundreds of food stalls at the Notting Hill Carnival for the last 20 or so years. Then the sauce featured in the 'Dragons Den' and got enough financial support to launch nationwide.

It is beautiful! Can't help wondering if the 'secret ingredient' is weed, but of course it isn't.

Unfortunately Babylon ain't that cool yet.

Above: Reggae Reggae Sauce on sale at Ladbrook Grove. London.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

july 1st: no smoking = no stinking (thats what I'm thinking)

Above: Sign outside Brighton station. Here at the 'safe house' smoking is tolerated - as long as there are no pregnant women, babies, young children, old people, animals, bees, Radio 4 listeners, personal body guards, or recovering addicts around.

Having given up smoking over a year ago, I am greatly looking forward to July 1st. Bring it on! I am looking forward to seeing the people who rant about multi national corporations, and the environment, while waving burning toxic chemicals in my face, being forced to go outside, and smoke in the rain. But really I would like them to save their health (it's worth more than winning the lottery), increase their lifespans and give up being junkies.

I was amazed to go to the 'Big Green Gathering' festival and see how much all the 'Green' Party people smoke, and take Class A drugs! 'Druggie Party' more like. They are so busy having nervous breakdowns about the Amazon rain forest they have forgotten another very important eco system - it is called your own body.

And as for the so called 'anarchists', whining on about the 'nanny state' and 'big brother', and the freedom to fuck your self up on gangsters corporation poison; you can probably smell their nicotine/special brew/cut-to-ribbons-coke 'foot print' from the North Pole. What a bunch of hypocrites! If that means I get called a "Born again anti smoking 'fascist'" (as I already have been), then I don't care. They are the real totalitarian authoritarians; inflicting their filthy, planet raping habits on others.

And when these 'anti government' parasites are terminally ill with some self inflicted bio-disaster, where will they crawl, (moaning about the bad service no doubt)? To the National Health Service (NHS), paid for by decent working people through taxation, thats where.

How come these junkies will still be allowed to smoke in the street? We don't let the crack smokers do it, so why them?

The only answer is to legalise all drugs - and hope they all OD.

Do You Mind If It is Menthol?

Friday, April 20, 2007

media vultures: Virginia Tech campus killings not the worse in US history as billed

Above: A gun from the American Civil War (which some say started again when Bush became President).

AS THEY WRING every last drop of blood money out of the tragic Virginia Tech massacre, shameless 'media vultures' like NBC (Not Bothered by Conscience), have been falsely claiming that Cho Seung-Hui's despicable crime is the 'biggest','worst' in US history. It seems they can't even do a simple 'google' search in their haste to pick over the remains, and sell advertising on the back of some badly produced amateur 'snuff' promotion videos, made by a sad product of their own sick society.

Fact: The worst campus massacre in US history was in Bath, Michigan, in 1927 when 45 students and staff were murdered by Andrew Kehoe, a member of the school board. He spend months secretly planting pounds of dynamite, and would have killed a lot more if 500 pounds of it had not failed to detonate.

If today's attack at NASA is some kind of copy cat, or if there are further copy cats, then NBC and the rest of the media ghouls should be prosecuted for glorifying nutters.

Meanwhile the 180 Iraqi dead in one day did not seem to matter, as Bush leaped at the chance to go to Virginia to attempt the impossible and look good on what would otherwise have been a very bad news day for his 'surge' policy. Despite Bush's optimism (if only he could be right for a change), it seems the only surge is the death rate in Iraq.

I suppose it was too much to expect Bush to finally apologise on behalf of the US government for the Kent State Massacre.

• Massacre dates: The Waco Massacre, the Oklahoma Bombing, Hitlers 'Warsaw Massacre' were all on April 19th. The Columbine Massacre was on April 20th. (April 19 was chosen for Holocaust Remembrance Day, or Yom Hashoah, in commemoration of the 1943 burning of the Warsaw ghetto).

Although there is no evidence that he was a neo-Nazi, or white supremacist it is likely Cho Seung-Hui was inspired by the Columbine Massacre, and might have been aware that taking action on April 16th would link him to the other events. More on this.

What does 'Ismail Ax' mean? This was scrawled on the killers arm, and in slightly different form on the envelope sent to NBC. Does it really matter? Perhaps the best thing we could all do is delete all mention of .................?

Conspiracy fans are already drooling over the fact that Blacksburg, Virginia, where the Virginia Tech killings took place, is the home of the 'Defense Advance Research Projects Agency' (D.A.R.P.A), an important US military research facility linked to all manner of weird experiments, including Cathy O'Brian, supposedly a MK-Ultra mind controlled sex slave. (see "ACCESS DENIED For Reasons OF National Security", chapter 22, page 160, 2nd edition). More.

More on the N.B.C. (Not Bothered by Conscience) vile media vultures, plus is getting a lot of support for their petition calling on NBC to apologise for the tasteless and irresponsible non stop airing of the Cho Seung-hui video.

• Noble Resolve 07: Four days of “simulated” nuclear terrorist scenarios in the US & Europe. Global Research is reporting that from April, 23 to April 27, the US military are running Noble Resolve 07, a four-day marathon of “simulated” terror attacks across the USA and Europe. This includes a simulated detonation of a “loose” ten-kiloton nuclear weapon in Virginia harbor, smuggled in by a “foreign nation.” As part of the exercises US Marines will be also running “Emerald Express 07” in Virginia on April 24 as part of their 'Urban Warrior 07 drill' package.

• I just saw on Blue Gal that you can light a candle for the victims. As she says, it sounds corny, but I found that actually it kind of works.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

talk of the dead: 'buzz buzz' mobile phone bee threat to humanity?

Above: A bee flying in the schmoo 'safe house' in central london today, photographed using a mobile phone. Mobile phones are being blamed for the deaths of millions of bees worldwide, but this one kept buzzing around for ages, till it flew out the window, heading for the nearby British Telecom Tower.

For many years now a disturbing global phenomena has been developing in which bees are abandoning their colonies and going off to die in their millions. Now the latest in a long line of 'dodgy dossier' theories is that this is all the fault of mobile phones.

It used to be called the 'Marie Celeste Syndrome', but now as the bee crisis spreads worldwide it is being re branded by grant hungry scientists and called 'Colony Collapse Disorder' (CCD). What ever it's name, it is very creepy:
Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) occurs when a hive's inhabitants suddenly disappear, leaving only queens, eggs and a few immature workers, like so many apian Mary Celestes. The vanished bees are never found, but thought to die singly far from home. The parasites, wildlife and other bees that normally raid the honey and pollen left behind when a colony dies, refuse to go anywhere near the abandoned hives.

However the above description of the phenomenon pretty much disposes of the mobile phone theory as there are no mobile phones in the bee hives putting out 'radiation' to scare the predators away. If the cause of the problem was mobile phones the predators would not just be avoiding the bee hive, but running/flying/wriggling as fast as they can to get out of the 'service' area.

However there is obviously a serious problem: Albert Einstein once said that if the bees disappeared, "man would have only four years of life left".

Bees are essential to the survival of humanity because our food stocks rely on bees pollinating our crops. Now the West Coast states in the US are thought to have lost 60 per cent of their commercial bee population, with 70 per cent missing on the East Coast. CCD has since spread to Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

This week John Chapple, one of London's biggest bee-keepers, has announced that 23 of his 40 hives have been mysteriously abandoned.

A number of recent press reports , plus the usual 'green' technophobic hand wringers, have blamed mobile phones for the problem, but it is probably not as simple as that.

For example; according to a report about the bee crisis in Wales, part of the problem there dates back to 1992 when the parasitic varroa mite was discovered in Devon, probably imported on a queen by an unscrupulous beekeeper. The first wave of the mite wiped out 70% of hives, and was eventually controlled with the use of a pyrethroid compound.

However the most likely cause is the highly unnatural and exploitative way in which humans have been farming bees for their honey. In fact it is the very areas in the US and Europe where 'non-organic' rather than 'organic' honey production methods are used the most that the bee hive abandonment problem has been felt the greatest.

Nearly 100 years ago Rudolf Steiner, who lectured on bee keeping amongst many subjects warned that if humans continued to use artificially produced bees rather than the wild variety "all breeding off bees will cease".

The truth at the moment, despite what you might read in the 'Independent' & Co is that no one knows exactly what is causing the bees to disappear, but it is almost certainly not mobile phones. Like Climate Change', the only thing we really know for sure is that something serious and worrying is happening, and this is causing a lot of hysterical newspaper articles. And also like 'Climate Change' we should be aware that if we don't successfully deal with the problem, it won't just be bee colony's that will be empty - it will be human cities.

A very interesting relevant article regarding organic bee keeping..

Bee crisis links:

Bee Colonies Across U.S. Continue to Die (4/7/2007)
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cannabis: no victim no crime

This is great - total chaos in the 'Department for Cannabis Prohibition' (Home Office). The only sad part is that it brings the rule of law into disrepute.

Cambridge magistrate Alan Williams and two colleagues have resigned after refusing to levy a "victims' surcharge" on a teenager fined for possessing a small amount of cannabis.

The magistrates have obviously seen the 'No Victim - No Crime' slogan used by cannabis campaigners.

The surcharge is meant to go to a fund to help crime victims. This seems like a good idea for rape or property crime, but the magistrates think this extra 'tax' is unfair for victims of the cannabis prohibition laws.

These victims of dangerous and failed drug laws get dragged into court, at vast public expense (£10,000+ a time), on petty possession charges. If there was any real justice the £15 should go to them to help compensate them for harassment - and they should have their stash returned.

This is a 'crime' who's only real 'victim' is the so called 'criminal' who wants to use a drug which is far less harmful than alcohol available from the local dealer (pub). So how come they are being asked to pay into a victims fund?

The real victims in cannabis possession cases are the people who are prosecuted for possession, and the decent tax payers forced to pay for this farce - they are the victims of Cannabis Prohibition.

Fact: The most dangerous thing about cannabis - is cannabis prohibition.

• Not all cannabis campaign slogans are correct; there was one a few years ago that said 'Five Million People Can't Be Wrong' after a survey reported that 5 million people smoked cannabis in Britain. But obviously five million people can be wrong - like when they vote Tory.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

this should be a good trip: the 14-Hour Technicolor Dream

Above: the fortieth anniversary of the 1967 '14-Hour Technicolor Dream' classic acid (LSD) party is on at the ICA, London, SW1, April 21. With original creators Hoppy and Miles, plus live music with The Amazing World of Arthur Brown, The Pretty Things, Circulus and Mick Farren!

Ironically (and sadly) it is 'The Times' owned by the devil worshiping 'News International' which has a fairly pure free blotter (article) about the event. Meanwhile 'International Times' (IT) the classic original 'underground', 'hippy' newspaper (when 'hippy' was not another term for 'wanker') to which Hoppy, Miles and Mick Farren all contributed, is long dead.

Bill Levy, another IT contributor who also co edited the radical 60's 'sexual subversive' erotic newspaper 'Suck' along with Germain Greer and others has a 'sex film' called 'Beyond Critism' previewed on YouTube.