Sunday, April 22, 2007

floating nuclear power stations for sale

Above and below: on the train to Sellafield, Britain's leaky nuclear power station which was previously called 'Windscale'. It was renamed after a long history of radiation leaks and nuclear accidents, the effects of which have often been covered up. Now, in a brilliant new scheme, Russia is building the first floating nuclear power station, and is planning to sell them all over the world. The stations will have a duel role - producing power and desalinating water. They also obviously have the potential for a 'duel disaster' - leaking radiation and leaking so they sink to the bottom of the sea. Naturally this has sparked an orgy of hand wringing by the eco-hysterical 'greens' who want everyone to live in camps, surviving on nettle soup, reading alternative technology manuals from the 1970's by recycled candle light. But to be fair, considering the long history of nuclear leaks it seems a certain amount (or even a great deal) of hand wringing might be in order. If only someone could invent a way of harnessing the power of hand wringing all our problems would be over! However the Russians have said the nuclear waste is so safe you can drink it, so there is absolutely no cause for concern.

Above: Sellafield is one of just a hand full of aging nuclear power stations in Britain. I used to campaign against nuclear energy, but I am now convinced that despite the risks we are going to have to build more nuclear power stations. To put this in context China is building so many nuclear power stations they are worried about running out of uranium, despite doing a massive 'yellow cake' deal with Australia. We may not like it but the world is going nuclear. Here at the 'safe house' we have our Geiger counter at the ready, and loads of Kelp tablets which are a natural antidote to radiation sickness. Until someone comes up with something better, nuclear energy is going to be part of the energy equasion, and we might as well concentrate on making sure it as safe as possible. -

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