Saturday, April 21, 2007

july 1st: no smoking = no stinking (thats what I'm thinking)

Above: Sign outside Brighton station. Here at the 'safe house' smoking is tolerated - as long as there are no pregnant women, babies, young children, old people, animals, bees, Radio 4 listeners, personal body guards, or recovering addicts around.

Having given up smoking over a year ago, I am greatly looking forward to July 1st. Bring it on! I am looking forward to seeing the people who rant about multi national corporations, and the environment, while waving burning toxic chemicals in my face, being forced to go outside, and smoke in the rain. But really I would like them to save their health (it's worth more than winning the lottery), increase their lifespans and give up being junkies.

I was amazed to go to the 'Big Green Gathering' festival and see how much all the 'Green' Party people smoke, and take Class A drugs! 'Druggie Party' more like. They are so busy having nervous breakdowns about the Amazon rain forest they have forgotten another very important eco system - it is called your own body.

And as for the so called 'anarchists', whining on about the 'nanny state' and 'big brother', and the freedom to fuck your self up on gangsters corporation poison; you can probably smell their nicotine/special brew/cut-to-ribbons-coke 'foot print' from the North Pole. What a bunch of hypocrites! If that means I get called a "Born again anti smoking 'fascist'" (as I already have been), then I don't care. They are the real totalitarian authoritarians; inflicting their filthy, planet raping habits on others.

And when these 'anti government' parasites are terminally ill with some self inflicted bio-disaster, where will they crawl, (moaning about the bad service no doubt)? To the National Health Service (NHS), paid for by decent working people through taxation, thats where.

How come these junkies will still be allowed to smoke in the street? We don't let the crack smokers do it, so why them?

The only answer is to legalise all drugs - and hope they all OD.

Do You Mind If It is Menthol?

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