Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wi-Fi and die?

Pictured right: Sarah Dacre, interviewed in the Daily Mail, wears her anti wi-fi hat. The World Health Organisation estimates that up to three out of every hundred people are "electrosensitive" to some extent.

Meanwhile, health concerns about wi-fi were raised another 'terrorbite' today by Professor Lawrie Challis, a leading government advisor. He has warned that children should not place computers on their laps while they are using wireless internet connections because of potential health risks.

Professor Lawrie Challis, heads the government committee on mobile phone safety research.

According to a typically scare mongering article in the Independent one in five of all adult Britons now own a wireless-enabled laptop. There are 35,000 public hotspots where they can use them, usually at a price. In the past 18 months 1.6 million Wi-Fi terminals have been sold in Britain for use in homes, offices and a host of other buildings. By some estimates, half of all primary schools and four fifths of all secondary schools have installed them.

A new system that allows wi-fi on trains has been launched on London's 'Heathrow Express' from Paddington. Previously when a train goes into a tunnel the connection was lost, but not anymore. Unless of course you are wearing that other bit of 'new technology', the 'anti wi-fi' hat. In which case you will be blissfully disconnected all the time.