Friday, April 27, 2007

hindmarsh bag con: evading standards

Above: Evening Standard front page today: Following the 'cotton bad, hemp good' demo outside Sainsbury's on Wednesday it has been downhill all the way for the Hindmarsh 'green' bag con merchants. If only they had listened to our advice on using hemp fabric instead of toxic cotton.

Now some people seem to have gone bag crazy; even the London 'Evening Standard' newspaper has picked up on the story, and the Sundays are sharpening their implements of torture at this very moment.

Sainsbury's has been forced to admit what schmoo was saying weeks ago; the Hindmarsh toxic cotton bag is made in China with cheap labour. Also the Hindmarsh bag is not Fairtrade, or organic - it's just 100% hypocritical!

According to the pressure group 'Let's Clean Up Fashion', workers in the garment industry in China typically are paid 20p to 30p an hour. Worse still, cotton that is not 'Fairtrade', as used to make the Hindmarsh toxic cotton bag, is often picked by child labour.

They claim the bag is "making a difference to the world" and they are right - every bag they produce causes yet more pollution and misery.

Apparently Sainsbury's is preparing a legal case regarding the toxic bag. Could it be against Hindmarsh for eco fraud?

Sainsbury's sent 'schmoo' a long 'identity theft' style questionnaire yesterday, plus the chance to have a meal at a Jamie Oliver restaurant - hopefully this was just a coincidence, and not the prelude to something even more sinister.

Bag Wars Two - new toxic con bag scam exposed.

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