Tuesday, April 17, 2007

cannabis: no victim no crime

This is great - total chaos in the 'Department for Cannabis Prohibition' (Home Office). The only sad part is that it brings the rule of law into disrepute.

Cambridge magistrate Alan Williams and two colleagues have resigned after refusing to levy a "victims' surcharge" on a teenager fined for possessing a small amount of cannabis.

The magistrates have obviously seen the 'No Victim - No Crime' slogan used by cannabis campaigners.

The surcharge is meant to go to a fund to help crime victims. This seems like a good idea for rape or property crime, but the magistrates think this extra 'tax' is unfair for victims of the cannabis prohibition laws.

These victims of dangerous and failed drug laws get dragged into court, at vast public expense (£10,000+ a time), on petty possession charges. If there was any real justice the £15 should go to them to help compensate them for harassment - and they should have their stash returned.

This is a 'crime' who's only real 'victim' is the so called 'criminal' who wants to use a drug which is far less harmful than alcohol available from the local dealer (pub). So how come they are being asked to pay into a victims fund?

The real victims in cannabis possession cases are the people who are prosecuted for possession, and the decent tax payers forced to pay for this farce - they are the victims of Cannabis Prohibition.

Fact: The most dangerous thing about cannabis - is cannabis prohibition.

• Not all cannabis campaign slogans are correct; there was one a few years ago that said 'Five Million People Can't Be Wrong' after a survey reported that 5 million people smoked cannabis in Britain. But obviously five million people can be wrong - like when they vote Tory.

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