Friday, April 27, 2007

mayday: just another shopping day, please avoid consuming the fake anarchism on sale

Above: Classical Pinko drummers on trade union Mayday march, London 2006.

WARNING - rant from the heart ahead ...

Meanwhile, this year there's the usual "aren't we naughty", very juvenile, arty farty, fake anarchist, waste of time (and tax payers hard earned cash), spoilt brat, pseudo, 'trouble' afoot.

It won't be much fun hanging out with these people that's for sure (unless you like being surrounded by polite police people all day), and stuck with a bunch of morons who think they are contributing something, when actually they are just reinforcing the false media image of anarchism by acting out their unresolved rebellion issues with their parents (often above average stinking rich), in public.

These are the fake 'macho anarchists' who have set back the cause of anarchism, and other positive left wing ideas, at least 20 years, with their infantile 'mayday' antics.

They promote the false 'news of the world' image of anarchists as being people who are violent, selfish, unnecessarily confrontational and unreasonable, rude, irrelevant, self obsessed, out of touch, paranoid, hypocritical, and in need of a bath.

What's needed is a real revolution - when people wake up and realise these people are not anarchists - they are just working for the state.

What is a 'real anarchist'? A good sign is someone who does not even use the word; they don't need or want a religion. Real anarchists do confront corruption in all it's forms. But, instead of wasting time by always blaming 'them' or 'the state' for all their troubles (real & imagined), real anarchists take personal responsibility for their lives and get on with creating the best they can, for themselves and others.

The London Mayday March & Rally, is organised by honest working people, is on Tuesday 1st May, starting from Clerkenwell Green & ending at Trafalgar Sq.

Celebrate mayday in Liverpool and raise cash for iraqi trade unions

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