Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cannabis Grandma faces eviction from her home

Above: British Dissident: The Cannabis Grandma, Pat Tabram says the biggest drug dealers in Britain are the pharmaceutical companies. Now she is being taken to court on July 6th in a cruel and vindictive attempt to have her evicted from her home. This is all because she publicly refuses to stop self medicating with natural organic cannabis and won't keep her mouth shut.

The Cannabis Grandma, Pat Tabram has received a letter telling her to appear in Court on July 6th, to face possible eviction from her housing association rented house.

Pat is almost 69-years-of-age, and admits to using about 0.1 (one tenth) of a gram a day in her food as medication for several long term health conditions. She chooses to do this rather than use the many prescribed drugs on offer through the NHS, which she found did not help, and in fact carried the risk of many very serious possible side-effects.

Pat has been to court twice for cultivation in her home, and been convicted twice.

After the first conviction, she told the judge in court that she would not stop using and growing cannabis for her own use; he waved a finger and said: alright then, but don't supply anyone else. But evidence of that was later removed on the instructions of the judge, says Pat.

Subsequently she was raided again and conducted her own defense against a charge of cultivation, before a Carlisle Jury this March. She was found guilty after the jury were told by the judge that they must reach the verdict based only on the evidence,(which Pat did not dispute), but her defense of medical necessity was not allowed. She was given an unusually harsh sentence of 200 hours community service and ordered to pay £1000 costs.

Her local housing association for her home in Humshaugh, then threatened her with eviction from her home, telling her that that if they believe that she is using cannabis they will evict her, and put this on suspended notice for two years.

After the court case and since, Pat has defiantly refused to back down and publicly says that she will continue to medicate with cannabis.

She said she would "rather live in a tent" than give up using the only medicine she knew that works for her.

Now, apparently the local KGB style police, who have been harassing her for years, have asked the Housing Association to take the case to court on July 6 to evict her.

Get involved in a campaign to support Pat Tabram, the grandma who eats cannabis.

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winstone said...

This is an online petition, for Granny pat, if I may leave it here, for people to sign.

Good luck Granny Pat, we are all supporting you.

Winston Matthews