Monday, April 23, 2007

boris yeltsin was a weasel

BBC News 24 is waxing lyrical about "Boris the Brave" and what a brilliant Russian president Boris Yeltsin was - but really he was a weasel, a traitor, an alcoholic, and was probably moonlighting on the side as a CIA agent.

Maggie Thatcher is saying he was a "patriot and a liberator", but all he did was swap one tyranny for another even crueler one. As President of Russia, the 'liberator' Yeltsin allowed the biggest robbery in history - over $300 billion was taken out of Russian. Yeltsin allowed the oligarchs to take over, and turned the Kremlin into a massive American capitalist squatters paradise. Millions of Russians were condemned to poverty. No wonder the 'Russian News Service' now regards the United States as 'the enemy'.

And now the BBC are wheeling out John Major (failed Tory Prime Minister) ... Oh god/marx save us! It is for times like this that the BBC should provide free sick bags to all TV license holders.

It was only when the great Russian saviour President Putin came to power and knocked a few heads together, that finally the Russian people were able to rid themselves of the vile parasites and vampires who had been sucking them dry for years.

An excellent book on why Yeltsin was a weasel is 'The Tragedy of Russia's Reforms' by Peter Reddaway & Dmitri Glinski.