Friday, October 8, 2010

schmoo safe house renovated

The schmoo safe house has been renovated with the latest security, including 'secret weapon technology', while Italian marble has been used extensively in the public and private areas.


Because of the renovation work and other security measures which we cannot discuss for security reasons, the 'schmoo on the run' blog is now at

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

second election debate: verdict = nobody wins as usual

As usual in British elections Nobody won the second election debate, and the government will get in.

second election debate: worm turns against cameron

When David Cameron said in his summing up statement that "We need change" the ITV focus group style 'worm' nose dived into lost deposit terror-ity for the Tories.

8.29pm: now Cameron agrees with Clegg

This is such an obvious strategy it sucks

Second election debate: schmoo poll says Gordon is winning on points

According to the Schmoo Broadcasting Corporation instant poll: Gordon Brown first, Nick Clegg second, Cameron close third

Second election debate: Cameron says "I completely agree with Gordon"

creepy tory

Second election debate: Cameron will say "I agree with Gordon"

In fact Cameron has just said "I completely agree with Gordon"