Friday, August 29, 2008

Mikheil Saakashvili snubbed by Euro summit

Mikheil Saakashvili the Georgian war criminal has been told he is not invited to Mondays European summit.

The mass killer has become increasingly deranged and most politicians (except David Milliband) dread having to stand next to him while he rants.

Saakashvili has been reduced to giving live rants on Lithuanian national television now that the BBC have less and less space for him.

Only last night Saakashvili was telling Lithuanians that Russia could attack Ukraine, and the Baltic and Central Asian states in a number of weeks in order to restore the Soviet Union (according to Interfax).

Saakashvili, like a lot of people, is not capable of appreciating that Russia, like Britain, does not want it's old empire back. Georgia, like Pakistan, is living proof of what a pain that would be.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

milliband hypocrisy as britain graps african seabed

The hypocrisy of British Foreign Secretary David Milliband knows no bounds.

Milliband falsely accuses Russia of making territorial grabs in South Ossetia and complains while Russia establishes perfectly reasonable and well justified security buffers against Georgian aggression.

With American and Russian navy warships facing each other in the Black Sea it emerges that the British Government, of which Milliband is a sickening representative, is currently involved in a blatant territorial land grab for oil reserves by laying claim to 200 nautical miles of sea bed around the Ascension Islands, which is around 1,600 km from the coast of Africa.

Britain is also reported to be planning legal claims over a vast area of the remote seabed off Antarctica using a recent UN resolution which allows claims on sections of the ocean floor if they can show a direct link to land masses.

A similar British claim is expected around the Falkland Islands where there could be significant reserves of oil and gas. Just like South Ossetia was saved by Russia, the Falklands were retaken by Britain to protect local inhabitants who wanted to remain under British rule.

And of course there is also Iraq and Afganistan where Britain has been part of justified invasions, and should remain until the job is done, just as the Russian peace keepers should remain in South Ossetia, for ever if required.

So how can Milliband, or any western politician, seriously complain about Russian military aggression? Especially when the so called "aggression" is a peace keeping operation to save thousands of lives.

The Hammas government in Gaza, which itself is of questionable status, is so far the only government to recognise the independence of South Ossetia and and Abkhazia.

squat boom as uk housing market collapses

You can't sell, and if you buy you must be mad - it's a uk housing market collapse. All the people being evicted due to mortgage arrears will have to squat empty repossessed houses.

feel sorry for garry mckinnon and worry for yourself

Unless you feel in a very nasty mood, is hard not to feel sorry for Gary McKinnon (above) who hacked into Pentagon military computers looking for evidence of UFO's.

Gary has just lost a final European Court appeal against extradition to the US and now faces up to 70 years in a US prison. If he had been tried for the same offences in Britain, lawyers estimate he might have got six months.

Now he is being used as an example by US prosecutors, one of whom has been quoted in the media saying they want Gary to "fry", although up to now hacking offences do not receive the death penalty in the US.

It is unlikely the vindictive Americans will give Gary the full seventy years, if only because it might cause bad PR and make him an Internet martyr. On the other hand they want to make an example of him. So unless something good happens, which is rare in such cases, poor Gary McKinnon will have to do big mac time.

It seems Gary McKinnon's best hope now is that the Aliens invade, or that a "final final" appeal to the Home Secretary for a trial in Britain on health grounds might work. Gary has been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and has already been punished with six years of bail restrictions and all the stress of facing an unjust extradition.

Long term very harmless

Everyone's best hope is that Gary McKinnon is not forgotten, and that he is given a fair trial under the laws of his own country, which is Britain.

If unfair extraditions like this can go ahead unchallenged then anyone can be 'disappeared' into the American gulag prison system, to join over two million other victims of the booming US Prison Industry. They would lock up the whole planet for the right price.

Due to over crowding in British prisons the government could even start leasing cells in prisons in Texas where they do a very cheap rate, especially for lifers; and long term very harmless people like Gary McKinnon.

If the American's were to practice real justice in this case they would give Gary McKinnon a job in internet security.

Why Did The UK Government Fail To Back Gary McKinnon?

Garry McKinnon Support Blog

cuba screws itself both ways with "porno para ricardo"

The Cuban government have really screwed themselves by arresting Gorki Aguila (third from left), the lead singer of "Porno para Ricardo", a Cuban punk band who call themselves 'Analchists'.

With just one arrest warrant the Cuban government managed to screw themselves in a number of different positions:

the arrest gave instant international fame to a band which previously was such a nonentity that it's wikipedia page was deleted because they were not 'notable' enough. To make matters worse the government even tried to close down the Porno Para Ricardo web site.

the arrest allows the CIA and CNN and the BBC to add 'Cuban Oppression' to their 'Cold War Two' soap news opera script, which could easily include a 'Cuba Crisis Two' story line. All they require is a press release from Moscow offering Cuba some Russian missiles to protect against the Islamic threat from the East (coast).

the arrest also demeans the many brilliant achievements of the Cuban Revolution by indulging in the exactly the same kind of oppression as used in the past against hippie, punk and rave musicians by successive governments in the US, Britain and most of the planet.

Cuba should learn how to use the potent forces of culture at their disposal, especially musical. After all why is the CIA the biggest rock concert promoter in Eastern Europe, especially the Ukraine?

A few ideas for the Cuban government: have 'porno para ricardo' played incessantly on the Cuban equivalent of BBC Radio One etc plus in super markets and hotel lifts. Soon everyone will be sick of them, or they could be as big as Abba, boosting the Cuban economy by millions. Pillage any useful bits of their material and use in sound tracks for government adverts or TV cop programs a few years later. If they really are as talentless as they seem, use session musicians and make them mime at live concerts and TV shows. Arrange a huge Havana Woodstock as close to Guantanamo Bay as you can get. Start a pro government chain of music stores called Virgin. Rake in huge extra revenues for your centralised ecomony through worldwide royalties on Cuban music, making far more than you do selling big Cuban cigars to capitalists and the likes of George Galloway.

Meanwhile the Cuban government should get back to operating the best National Health Service in the world, with Cuban government sponsored doctors currently working in 40 other countries.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

notting hill carnival pit ball fetish mystery

TWENTY ONE Pitt Ball dangerous weapon dogs were confiscated at this years Notting Hill Carnival by police. Many people are wondering why? Why take one of these lethal weapon on legs monsters anywhere. Why even own one?

The obvious answer is that it is always popular to be very stupid. Only someone with less intelligence than a dog could be so stupid as to take a pit ball to the carnival.

Completely valid stereotype

Of course it is likely that such people are going to be of very low intelligence and self esteem, but this may not be the whole picture and just a completely valid stereotype. It is possible some of them also have some kind of strange exhibitionist dog fetish.

Next year carnival organisers should consider a Pit Ball Owners Fetish Float, with human sized dog kennels for the chained and musseled owners so everyone can enjoy the carnival in safety. And laugh.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

russian president explains independance decision

Some of the best coverage of the Georgian atrocity against South Ossetia has come from the Financial Times; when there is money at stake more of the truth is required. Therefore it is not surprising that the Financial Times has the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev explaining in person 'Why I had to recognise Georgia’s breakaway regions'.

Finally some common human decency instead of the lies from the neocon media. What a contrast with the dangerous and corrupt bleatings of David Milliband who is behaving like the kind of person who takes a Pitt Ball dog to the Notting Hill carnival.

Long live Russia, long live Georgia.

oval riot: government forces attack as millions watch notting hill carnival

Government forces backing the Notting Hill Carnival occupied the Oval, a break away region of South London in a surprise preemptive attack using over 1500 troops.

The assault came as local separatists tried to have their own 'Oval' carnival and hundreds of people gathered around the Oval underground station. Police feared they might use the tube to get to Notting Hill for the purposes of causing trouble. To stop any threat of violence at Nottinghill which could have caused many injuries and possibly deaths, the police arrested over 150 potential trouble makers, and chased the rest away in a brilliantly executed operation involving 1500 peace keeping troops.

The assault on the South London Oval area was obviously timed as the worlds media were distracted by the huge Notting Hill Carnival build up miles away in West London.

Blatant peaceful provocation

As almost no one has reported, groups of peaceful law abiding young people in the Oval area blatantly provoked yesterdays attack by supporting a local alternative to the Notting Hill Carnival and committing the 'thought crime' of thinking about going to the Notting Hill Carnival.

The Notting Hill Carnival is one of the biggest alcohol dealing and fishy food events in the world with an estimated £100 million profit going to the local mafia who collaborate with government security forces to strictly enforce a protectionist anti weed (cannabis) policy going against local ethnic customs dating back to the pre 1950's.

Unacceptably charitable behaviour

In a further provocation the South London Oval separatists planned to raise money from their alternative local carnival for their church and for an orphanage in Africa. According to a shocking expose in the pro government East London Advertiser:

The church runs a project which it says “transforms the lives of many teenagers who would otherwise get involved in a life of drugs, vandalism and other anti-social behaviour.”

One of its youth coordinators, Dami Sahed, said: “Monday’s festival is aimed at those who may be at risk of peer pressure and are at crossroads in their lives.

“We are addressing social ills and the growing gun and knife culture today.”

Obviously this kind of unacceptably charitable and community spirited behaviour has to be stopped, especially when hundreds of local people support it, and openly agitate against knife crime, further provoking a possibly peaceful situation.

The 'alternative carnival' may have been just a ploy for the Oval mob gathering at the tube to muster their forces to attack the Notting Hill Carnival six miles away. There were also illegitimate fears that due to the closeness of the Oval Cricket ground, criminal elements might be inspired to use cricket bats as weapons which would get through anti knife metal detectors installed at Notting Hill border check points.

Therefore it is completely correct for all the national media to report nothing about the alternative local Oval carnival event and simply say youths gathered at the Oval intending to cause trouble and riot at the Notting Hill Carnival.

Mind Reading CCTV

It appears the security forces may be using some kind of thought reading technology; possibly CCTV cameras fitted with a mind reading device. This is one of the few ways the authorities could know in advance when criminals are intending to commit a crime, such as use public transport to get to the Notting Hill Carnival.

The quest for a mind reading scanning device has recently intensified with the news that Maggie Thatcher has dementia.

It is possible mind reading devices could work using psycho-forensic analysis of the mildest, most innocent looking facial expression, to reveal the true criminal intent lurking below.

Rounded up like Palestinians

This could explain why 151-158 people at the Oval yesterday were rounded up like Palestinians, put on buses and held at the local Guantanamo Bay franchise (police station) for hours without charge.

Our armed forces and the security services must have known that these people were thinking criminal thoughts, and therefore acted with their usual restraint and professionalism.

Anything less would have been a dereliction of duty by the police and would have cost lives. Thanks to the excellent police operation this year no one was killed at the Notting Hill Carnival, and that is worth any amount of liberal hang wringing.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

city news: credit crunch cure war launched

Global conglomerate 'New World Order' has announced a new product range called 'Cold War Two'.

This replaces the old 'War on Terror' product line which reported a 'credit crunch' drop in both profit and credibility for a third successive month, heralding a possible recession as yet more arms dealers feel the pinch and are forced to make even more profits than before, while everyone else takes a cut.

Profits have taken a drop from "extremely good beyond all expectations" to "absolutely massive" as less and less people are being killed in Iraq thanks to the disaster of the unexpected success of the Bush inspired 'Surge', and the failure of Iraqi civilians to join Al Quada despite everything the US Army tried to do.

However to lighten the load on tax payers there will be a cut throat price war which could see the cost of cutting a throat cut by twice the level of inflation; this could cut the cost of living to almost zero if enough throats are cut. There will also be further anti inflationary measures such as the Global Martial Law sales plan which will enable cheaper torture equipment and prison camp accessories thanks to bulk buying economies.

New World Order hopes that the sheer size of the 'Cold War Two' electrical goods range alone will end the 'credit crunch' which has seen millions of people stop consuming useless tat, to the horror of bankers and social workers.

The release of 'Cold War Two' will see a huge increase in firework technology which will boost the arms trade economy by trillions. Meanwhile a series of 'shot on location' mini wars are promised to hit western TV screens, each war will be slightly worst than the previous and alternated between several genocidal block busters using millions of extras. However some old lines will be kept; outrageous threats to civil liberties will continue as normal and all the weather in Britain will be taxed to appease environmentalists.

• inside dealer share tip:
Now is the time to buy shares in New World Order as profits from Cold War Two are expected to dwarf the record breaking War on Terror range. This will always be associated with it's unbelievable but chilling adverts staring the actor George Bush and 'face of terror', male super model Obama Bin Laden. Cold War Two promises to be more far realistic, producing far more real deaths, with an increased 'profit per innocent civilian unit killed' (PPICUK) of nearly fifty per cent.

The New World Order business plan controversially involves total world domination; the company already owns more than 75% of Earth plus all the futures for everything on Mars.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

the murder twins

Above: The Murder Twins: Neocon collaborator David Milliband with Europe's latest war criminal Michail Saakasjvili.

Fashionably fascist

Apart from wearing very similar cloths, cut in fashionably fascist executive class style, the similarities between the collaborators Milliband and Saakasjvili are such that you might think they are twins. In fact you might even begin to think the 'free' world is run by a bunch of neo Nazis as western politicians continue to support the Georgian atrocity in South Ossetia; support which flies in the face of all the values of civilisation they claim to represent.

After all (the propaganda), both Milliband and Saakasjvili are representatives of puppet 'neocon' regimes very similar to Vichy France under the Nazis. In fact the Neocon plan is exactly the same as Hitler's; total world domination.

And, just like the Nazis, the modern US military industrial complex holds most of Europe in it's fascistic grip, perpetuating it's domination though countless crimes against humanity (not to mention Walmarts), the combination of which make Hitler look relatively mild by comparison.

Globalised organised crime

The 'Neocons' are in fact a viral (and vile) global health threat capable of killing far more people than the much feared Bird Flu, Aids and Climate Change put together. Sustained only by endless war, carnage, looting and rape, plus the proceeds of dealing weapons and Class A drugs, the Neocons are globalised organised crime, and are certainly the biggest threat to world peace since Hitler's Germany.

Both Britain and Georgia are little more than Neocon protectorates. Ironically Britain is now similar to Nepal during the British Empire, providing the Neocons with an endless supply of 'Gurkha' cannon fodder, mostly recruited from the mountainous and poverty stricken north of England. Britain also supplies the world famous 'BBC' crack propaganda brigade to support invasions, ethnic cleansing, looting and other regime change operations, 24 hours a day.

• The Guardian: This is a tale of US expansion not Russian aggression.

Monday, August 18, 2008

youtube info war: saakashvili eats his tie

News from the Youtube Front Line: It is believed this live footage of Saakashvili eating his tie has been released so that Saakashvili can plead insanity in his forthcoming trial for mass murder and other crimes against humanity.

Mikhail Gorbachev: Georgian attack on Tskhinvali "A Barbaric Assault"

Mikhail Gorbachev is saying; "there was a plan to attack Ossettia and also to misinform people ...... it is a kind of information war."

12 year old eyewitness to georgian atrocity on fox news

Every so often the truth slips through the media net, but in such circumstances a commercial break is always available on Fox News to change the subject to more important things like toothpaste for zombies or make up for the Walking Dead.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

tskhinval crime scene: photos of ruins

Pictures of the war crime scene at Tskhinval, South Ossetia have been released. A gang of criminals known as the Georgian-American Army are believed to be responsible, but most have escaped and their leaders Michail Saakasjvili and George Bush are still at large.

Peace keepers sent by Russia are now protecting the area and Russian doctors are looking after hundreds of civilian casualties who no one else seems to care about.

Why Russia's Response to Georgia Was Right
(by Sergei Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation).

Friday, August 15, 2008

schmoo on the run

long live law and order - and long may it fail

Here at the safe house there is no doubt that the establishment of law and order is a prerequisite for any struggle against oppression and exploitation.

It is just as easy to fall for the temptation of being a anti-authoritarian populist anarcho-bigot as it is to enjoy the unhealthy fruits of authoritarian populist bigotry practiced by the likes of Bush, Gordon Brown and the 'Socialist Worker's Party (SWP).

However, like a dam requires leaks to avoid being swept away, the forces of law and order risk being swept away if they are too full of zeal, too successful in their quest to impose order in a naturally chaotic universe.

For example, did there really need to be almost 519,260 requests for information to telcos and ISPs by British police and intelligence agencies during 2007?

Big Bungling Brother

Some people think we live in a police state in Britain. This may be true - if they mean some kind of bungling Keystone Cops farce in which the innocent are guilty and the guilty are free in all too many cases. In fact Big Bungling Brother is mostly fast asleep on a sofa in front of the End of the World News at 9/10/11, while his daughter is working round the corner as a crack whore.

Click Compulsion

Nothing could be more bungling than Big Bungling Brother's technically deluded scheme to record every single click on the Internet in Britain.

For the sake of Law and Order we need to stop this attempt to establish a permanent 'security clampdown' in which every one's brain is made a potential crime scene.

This must be the worst case of computer compulsion ever and it appears Gordon Brown has added this neurotic disease to his compulsive nail biting and public nose picking.

millions of victims in georgia's propaganda atrocity

The story of how millions of people and thousands of journalists were murdered in their heads by a "surprise" attack during the Olympics is slowly beginning to emerge.

Weaponised Emails

The Georgian's used 'weaponised emails' posing as innocent press releases which were armed with a deadly combination of out right lies and remixed 1970's cold war rhetoric, mostly sampled from the invasion of Czechoslovakia.

One of the first victims of the attack was the BBC which collapsed with the first devastating barrage of multi launched Georgian email and press releases that simultaneously hit every capital in the Free (media with advertising) World.

Within minutes of the Georgian rocket attack on South Ossetia killing hundreds of civilians, the BBC was in Georgian hands and reporting that Russia had invaded Georgia killing hundreds of civilians.

Reality Refugees

Thousands of refugees were soon fleeing the BBC and other main stream news sites in a desperate bid to retain a grasp on reality. Many hoped they could escape the worst of the endless Georgian assault on their intellectual integrity by fleeing to the Bloggosphere with only what they could carry in their heads.

However the majority of them simply clicked into a trap, and soon most of their values as decent people were liquidised as the Georgian information attack missiles ricocheted from blog to blog taking down millions of innocent souls. Their view of reality was vapourised before they even knew what hit them.

Ignorance is Bliss

Even 'cool' blogs like Pickled Politics and Liberal Conspiracy have buckled under the attack. Pickled Politics is still under the illusion that Russia invaded Georgia, while at Liberal Conspiracy such confusion reigns that all they are capable of thinking is 'we don't have to take sides', the default woolly liberal setting in times of major importance.

Meanwhile at the Tory Guido Fawkes, supposedly one of the most widely read blogs in Britain, it seems the Georgian attack achieved 100% casualties, as there is no mention of the war at all.

Dawn of the Dead

It appears however that a major counter offensive is under way by those who have not been effected by the Georgian 'Dawn of the Dead' information virus. Despite massive casualties some journalists have survived the Georgian attack and are still managing to retain some grasp on reality. The tattered remains of a once proud tradition of balance and fair reporting of the facts are now regrouping and have even managed to establish a bridgehead at the BBC: Russia Losing the Propaganda War

The fight against the prospect of a 21st Zombie Century has only just begun.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

prince charles: "gigantic corporations = absolute disaster".

Prince Charles is really banging the table over at the Daily Telegraph in an amazing anti GM, anti "gigantic corporation" tirade.

Regardless of the pros, cons and hysteria relating to GM food, this episode conclusively proves that Britain needs to keep the monarchy and have Prince Charles as the next King. Prince Charles has all the makings of a brilliant King if he is ever allowed to get off the Dole into a real job.

British tax payers get a brilliant deal with the Monarchy which costs less to run than just one branch of Northern Rock. The cost of the new Trident missile system ordered by Gordon Brown (£76 billion), would pay for 10,000 new royal families in Britain, plus a massive nationwide palace building program.

Prince Charles more than pays for his Job Seekers Allowance by producing material like this:

"If they think this is the way to go, we will end up with millions of small farmers all over the world being driven off their land into unsustainable, unmanageable, degraded and dysfunctional conurbations of unmentionable awfulness."

Prince Charles: People's Hero

Throwing down the gauntlet to some of the biggest vested interests in Britain (and the free world including Texas) is a brave and dangerous move for Prince Charles. He has been controversial before, but never like this. This could make Charles into a 'people's hero' (like "people's princess" only male sounding), which would be very dangerous indeed.

Thousand daggered corporate whore media

On the other hand Prince Charles could end up being hung, drawn and quartered by the professional hit squads of the thousand daggered corporate whore media. A few confused and violently inclined anarcho-nazi crustie types from London with classist and anti monarchy tendencies will be blamed for the crime ("the worst i have seen in 20 years of CCTV watching" says policeman), which will be used to bring back hanging for terrorists and vegans, who will be executed daily on TV, just before the lottery draw.

"Count me out" says drop out Prince

Prince Charles used the words 'count me out' several times in his interview, and that is exactly what could happen.

Safe house offered for 'prince on the run'

Hopefully Prince Charles is not destroyed by the 'dark forces' the Queen has warned of in the past, which he now bravely dares to attack. The schmoo safe house is always at his disposal should he ever be forced to go 'on the run'.

Having a Royal Family in Britain creates over 50,000 jobs, 45,000 of which are in the media according to a unsubstantiated estimate by an unqualified observer with no knowledge of the subject in question.

the biggest environmental disaster in american history

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

tripping on lsd is good and it's good for business

After 30 years + of a virtual ban on researching the extraordinary effects of psychedelic drugs like LSD, mescaline (cactus), psilocybin (mushrooms) and ibogaine (root bark) it finally appears that the lid may be coming off an indefensible scientific and academic prohibition.

Some blame this unprecedented research ban on the crazy antics of the 1960's 'acid guru' Timothy Leary. A Harvard Professor who should perhaps have known better, Leary certainly helped by giving the authorities plenty of excuses to ban LSD, setting back progress on research by several decades. But they would have done it anyway as the first 'acid heads' were in the CIA and they realised it could cause a revolution.

Leary wrote one good book; The Politics of Ecstacy and is still higher than a kite; his ashes are currently in Earth orbit and deserve a wave every so often. If someone asks why you are waving into an empty sky, just say you are waving to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Humanity needs LSD and cannabis

Of course just like the ban on medical cannabis, the ban on psychedelics has no moral, rational or scientific basis what so ever.

Human society, especially western capitalism, has hugely benefited from LSD. For example, many of the earliest inventors of computers and computer software like 'Apple' were 'California Sunshine' LSD users, who after a couple of trips had no difficulty with the concept of 'virtual worlds'.

Everyone who uses a computer benefits from LSD.

Make Britain Psychedelic - its good for the economy

Writers, artists, musicians and unfortunately 70's wall paper designers, have all been influenced by psychedelics.

Even army camouflage designs have been effected by acid! The tax revenues for the LSD inspired 'Sgt Pepper's' album by the Beatles continue to help keep the British economy going to this day. Every penny counts now that North Sea Oil has gone, and Gordon Brown is Prime Minister.

LSD is good for the economy and always has been since it was invented, or in a way discovered by Albert Hoffman, who accidentally spiked himself with acid and started tripping while riding his bicycle. Discovered pretty much at the same time as we split the atom, LSD inspired the 'Peace and Love' generation, and perhaps a change in consciousness which can still save humanity from nuclear annihilation. If stopping nuclear war is not good for the economy, god must drive a Honda.

Free School Acid

As the great Aldous Huxley advocated in his utopian novel 'Island', the taking of some sort of psychedelic drug as an initiation into adulthood should be on the national curriculum. Two trips should be the equivalent of a 'C' in A Level Sociology or Psychology or Religious Studies. Five trips would be an 'A', but only if the student suffers at least one 'bad trip' episode without having to call 'Frank', the government drugs help line. Forget Free School Milk - we need Free School Acid.

Sandoz in Switzerland can supply enough LSD to supply every school leaver with at least two good trips (although the extra filtration process developed by the brillant British 'Operation Julie Bust' chemist in the late 1970's created the purest acid in the world). Sandoz used to supply LSD to the CIA who gave it to loads of people with out telling them, the British Army did the same. Sandoz also supplied Tim Leary and even 'schmoo on the run' before it was illegal. They used to supply pure liquid LSD by mail order.

Free School Acid may sound outrageous, but the best time to take drugs is when you are young and impressionable, or old and dying. The most dangerous thing about drugs like cannabis and LSD is their prohibition.

Ibogaine, a psychedelic treatment for addiction

History will show how the 'War on Drugs' created a worldwide epidemic of drug abuse and addiction because of it's emphasis on prohibition, rather than care, respect and consideration. With the 'War on Drugs' in full sway the American Government in it's prohibitionist zeal even managed to ban a drug that helps stop drug addiction; Ibogaine.

Ibogaine is one of the most powerful natural psychedelics known to humanity; so powerful in fact that it can put you off drugs for life.

Now it seems there are moves in the American Congress to change the madness that makes a drug that can help drug addicts illegal in the USA. Success in Congress could mean that Ibogaine trials could start in 2010 says Dana Beal of the campaigning group 'Cures Not Wars' which has campaigned for years to make Ibogaine treatments legally available to addicts.

The Ibogaine Dossier

Give Pete Doherty Ibogaine

One of the best ever books on taking LSD is Center of the Cyclone (An Autobiography of Inner Space) by John C. Lilly M.D. who took large quantities of LSD while in a sensory deprivation tank. He said "NASA has their space programme and I have mine".

Monday, August 11, 2008

georgia wins olympic arms record

Georgia has won this years world record as the nation with the fastest growing military budget anywhere on the planet. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SIPRI, Georgia has the highest average growth rate of military spending in the world.

The huge increases in Georgian military spending beat even the USA, but only through the use of massive performance enhancing injections of steroid like liquid cash from their American coaches, using the controversial 'neo-con' training program to create a massive military build up in Georgia's body mass.

As most of the money to pay for the massive military build up in Georgia comes from the USA, it seems Olympic War Rules are being bent for Georgia to be awarded a 'Gold' for growth of military expenditure. Really the prize should be shared with the USA.

Some say that if Georgia is given the title for fastest growth in military expenditure instead of the USA, the rules are being bent into the shape of a swastika. Others say this is impossible, because the rules were already in the shape of a swastika. They say a swastika can be seen hidden in the logos of CNN, Fox TV, the BBC and most of the western media, but only if you look carefully. However over the last few days it seems you do not have to look very carefully at all.

In 2007 the Georgian military budget grew by over 30 times. Georgia's 'bullet to population' ratio is an arms dealers dream come true.

The Tiraspol Times and Weekly Review had the scoop nearly a year ago: Georgia in US-financed arms race for war on Abkhazia, South Ossetia.

georgia: russian army in hot pursuit

With the Georgian army continuing their murderous crime wave in South Ossetia Russia is attacking their supply lines in Georgia in a desperate bid to stop them.

What is very worrying is that the Georgian Army still seems capable of launching attacks in South Ossetia, even on Tskhinvali, which they hit last night with artillery fire.

With Georgian reinforcements now back from Iraq, trained by the USA, armed by the USA and now airlifted to Georgia by the USA to fight Russian troops, Georgia may be in a position to turn their criminal madness into a long drawn out battle of attrition.

This would be a disaster, leading almost certainly to further disasters.

michail saakasjvili: arrest is possible says his astrology chart

According to Astropost who have done Michail Saakasjvili's astrology chart, the war criminal has a Sun-Uranus-Pluto combination which "is the recipe of major change in life (sometimes, BTW, in the shape of an attack or an arrest)".

Apparently Saakasjvili's wife has exactly the same Pluto influence (Pluto conjunct Sun) as her Drackula like husband, the effects of which "might include danger and it will change their lifes" says Astropost.

Even if astrology is not taken into account, the future for Michail Saakasjvili certainly does look deservedly bleak. After his evil but failed attack on the people of South Ossetia, Saakasjvili has picked up what astrologers call 'bad karma' by the graveyard full.

georgia: another british brown botchup

As many as 2000 civilians have been murdered by Georgian troops and three more Russian peace keepers were killed today by a Georgian artillery attack in South Ossetia, but the British Brown Botchup government says Russia's behaviour is 'deplorable'.

The South Ossetia Crisis must be serious; Gordon Brown is hiding again. Dumbstruck and downtrodden, refugees relieved to be in Russian hands.

mikheil saakashvili: europe's saddam hussain

Mikheil Saakashvili is emerging as Europe's version of Sadam Hussain during the period Sadam acted as the West's puppet gangster in the middle east. Saakashvili is guilty of crimes against humanity similar to the gassing of the Kurds, and his South Ossetian crime is a similar type of out of control military adventure as Sadam's invasion of Kuwait.

Yet Saakashvili seems to have been put on a loop tape by the BBC Bias Corporation, allowing him to endlessly broadcast lies about how he is keeping to a ceasefire and withdrawing his disgraced Georgian army of women and children killers.

08/08/08 georgian atrocity

Georgia has lost all right to any influence in South Ossetia after the 08/08/08 Georgian Atrocity which saw up to 1500 civilians murdered in their beds in a combined rocket, artillery and aerial 'blitzkrieg' attack on civilian areas of Tskhinvali.

south ossetia border will be sealed with mine fields.

The Russians are reported to be giving top priority to the transportation of Uragan (Hurricane) multiple rocket launchers. While having a powerful offensive capability they are also specially designed to be used to lay mines behind a retreating army. The Russians will seal the South Ossetia border with mines and other defenses to prevent further Georgian atrocities.

south ossetia: russia's operation to restore calm

THE ONLY action the Russians are taking is to ensure no further war crimes and atrocities are committed by the Georgians in South Ossetia.

Russia has every right to try to neutralise the offensive capability of any military bases in Georgia which support troops still attacking civilians and peace keeping forces in South Ossetia. Thankfully at least Dmitry Medvedev, President of Russia (pictured right), and Prime Minister Putin are prepared to act to stop the killing.

Like wise, a Russian navel blockade of Georgian sea ports to prevent arms shipments is completely legitimate. The best way to stop murderers with guns is to stop their supply of bullets.

Meanwhile, the leaders of other European nations appear to be supporting Georgia despite Georgia being guilty of a murderous attempt at ethnic cleansing in South Ossetia. The Georgian atrocity is on a par with the behaviour of the Janjaweed of Darfur, or Israel's destruction of Beirut in their recent war against Lebanon. Janjaweed is thought to mean "devils on horseback", whereas the Georgian Army behaved like devils with rocket launchers.

Putin is right to be hurt and angry that other european nations are cynically supporting the devils with rocket launchers, rather than Russian peace keeping forces. Dumbstruck and downtrodden, refugees relieved to be in Russian hands.

georgia: actually the russians are not coming

Relax! The Russians are not going to invade the whole of Georgia, unless of course the Georgian war criminals who are now 'on the run' succeed in further escalating the situation. Dumbstruck and downtrodden, refugees relieved to be in Russian hands.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

georgia's olympic atrocity: some antidotes to the bbc bias corporation

The BBC reporting on the Georgian atrocity against South Ossetia is frighteningly biased. It is frightening because it requires a purposeful and highly organised intent to lie and twist the truth to produce the anti Russian bias evident in the BBC's reporting.

It is hard to believe that the BBC is really preparing us for war with Russia, but the highly propagandist nature of their reports is so outrageous that it almost seems possible.

Currently the BBC is saying that Russia is invading Georgia and insinuates that Russia has killed 1500 civilians. In fact Georgia murdered 1500 in a massive rocket attack on civilian neighbourhoods of the city of Tskhinvali which is now almost totally destroyed. Russia is not invading Georgia, it is going to the defence of the South Ossetian people who have suffered a murderous attack.

Europe's latest War Criminal

The BM-21 'GRAD' multiple rocket launch system was reportedly used by Georgia in it's surprise night time attack against the residential neighborhoods of Tskhinvali. GRAD means 'hail' in Russian and involves hundreds of rockets fired simultaneously, capable of incinerating entire blocks of city within seconds.

It is even more sickening that this cowardly attack, which was planned well in advance, occurred while the world watched the fireworks in Beijing.

This awful rocket attack on civilians sleeping in their beds makes the President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, Europe's latest war criminal, despite all the space BBC News 24 and CNN have given him.

But let roman7927 explain, he does it so much better:

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PanARMENIAN.Net is reporting rumours that President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili has had a heart attack. If this is true, hopefully Saakashvili can be kept alive to stand trial for war crimes at the Hague.