Tuesday, August 12, 2008

tripping on lsd is good and it's good for business

After 30 years + of a virtual ban on researching the extraordinary effects of psychedelic drugs like LSD, mescaline (cactus), psilocybin (mushrooms) and ibogaine (root bark) it finally appears that the lid may be coming off an indefensible scientific and academic prohibition.

Some blame this unprecedented research ban on the crazy antics of the 1960's 'acid guru' Timothy Leary. A Harvard Professor who should perhaps have known better, Leary certainly helped by giving the authorities plenty of excuses to ban LSD, setting back progress on research by several decades. But they would have done it anyway as the first 'acid heads' were in the CIA and they realised it could cause a revolution.

Leary wrote one good book; The Politics of Ecstacy and is still higher than a kite; his ashes are currently in Earth orbit and deserve a wave every so often. If someone asks why you are waving into an empty sky, just say you are waving to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Humanity needs LSD and cannabis

Of course just like the ban on medical cannabis, the ban on psychedelics has no moral, rational or scientific basis what so ever.

Human society, especially western capitalism, has hugely benefited from LSD. For example, many of the earliest inventors of computers and computer software like 'Apple' were 'California Sunshine' LSD users, who after a couple of trips had no difficulty with the concept of 'virtual worlds'.

Everyone who uses a computer benefits from LSD.

Make Britain Psychedelic - its good for the economy

Writers, artists, musicians and unfortunately 70's wall paper designers, have all been influenced by psychedelics.

Even army camouflage designs have been effected by acid! The tax revenues for the LSD inspired 'Sgt Pepper's' album by the Beatles continue to help keep the British economy going to this day. Every penny counts now that North Sea Oil has gone, and Gordon Brown is Prime Minister.

LSD is good for the economy and always has been since it was invented, or in a way discovered by Albert Hoffman, who accidentally spiked himself with acid and started tripping while riding his bicycle. Discovered pretty much at the same time as we split the atom, LSD inspired the 'Peace and Love' generation, and perhaps a change in consciousness which can still save humanity from nuclear annihilation. If stopping nuclear war is not good for the economy, god must drive a Honda.

Free School Acid

As the great Aldous Huxley advocated in his utopian novel 'Island', the taking of some sort of psychedelic drug as an initiation into adulthood should be on the national curriculum. Two trips should be the equivalent of a 'C' in A Level Sociology or Psychology or Religious Studies. Five trips would be an 'A', but only if the student suffers at least one 'bad trip' episode without having to call 'Frank', the government drugs help line. Forget Free School Milk - we need Free School Acid.

Sandoz in Switzerland can supply enough LSD to supply every school leaver with at least two good trips (although the extra filtration process developed by the brillant British 'Operation Julie Bust' chemist in the late 1970's created the purest acid in the world). Sandoz used to supply LSD to the CIA who gave it to loads of people with out telling them, the British Army did the same. Sandoz also supplied Tim Leary and even 'schmoo on the run' before it was illegal. They used to supply pure liquid LSD by mail order.

Free School Acid may sound outrageous, but the best time to take drugs is when you are young and impressionable, or old and dying. The most dangerous thing about drugs like cannabis and LSD is their prohibition.

Ibogaine, a psychedelic treatment for addiction

History will show how the 'War on Drugs' created a worldwide epidemic of drug abuse and addiction because of it's emphasis on prohibition, rather than care, respect and consideration. With the 'War on Drugs' in full sway the American Government in it's prohibitionist zeal even managed to ban a drug that helps stop drug addiction; Ibogaine.

Ibogaine is one of the most powerful natural psychedelics known to humanity; so powerful in fact that it can put you off drugs for life.

Now it seems there are moves in the American Congress to change the madness that makes a drug that can help drug addicts illegal in the USA. Success in Congress could mean that Ibogaine trials could start in 2010 says Dana Beal of the campaigning group 'Cures Not Wars' which has campaigned for years to make Ibogaine treatments legally available to addicts.

The Ibogaine Dossier

Give Pete Doherty Ibogaine

One of the best ever books on taking LSD is Center of the Cyclone (An Autobiography of Inner Space) by John C. Lilly M.D. who took large quantities of LSD while in a sensory deprivation tank. He said "NASA has their space programme and I have mine".


Renesmee said...

I am so greatly offended that the area in which I live is too closed minded to view these topics as important. LSD changed my life and I would not be the person I am today without it. I am confident, and forever hopeful of a time where we can all, literally, come together with no biases and no strings attached.

I can't wait until I can travel elsewhere. The lack of connections here is disheartening and I feel as though I am alone in my shamanistic understanding of these drugs.

Sorry for the rant. No one to talk to and all.

Good post.

Marc said...

sup Renesmee... one thing.. u don need anybody to understand u... no1 will.. d knowledge u recieved by LSD, others r not ment to hav o cannot handle.. so think of urself special to hav got an open mind n jus pity the others.. d best place for u is india.. goa!!!!! ul neva find another place made for ACID!!!!! Peace