Monday, August 11, 2008

south ossetia: russia's operation to restore calm

THE ONLY action the Russians are taking is to ensure no further war crimes and atrocities are committed by the Georgians in South Ossetia.

Russia has every right to try to neutralise the offensive capability of any military bases in Georgia which support troops still attacking civilians and peace keeping forces in South Ossetia. Thankfully at least Dmitry Medvedev, President of Russia (pictured right), and Prime Minister Putin are prepared to act to stop the killing.

Like wise, a Russian navel blockade of Georgian sea ports to prevent arms shipments is completely legitimate. The best way to stop murderers with guns is to stop their supply of bullets.

Meanwhile, the leaders of other European nations appear to be supporting Georgia despite Georgia being guilty of a murderous attempt at ethnic cleansing in South Ossetia. The Georgian atrocity is on a par with the behaviour of the Janjaweed of Darfur, or Israel's destruction of Beirut in their recent war against Lebanon. Janjaweed is thought to mean "devils on horseback", whereas the Georgian Army behaved like devils with rocket launchers.

Putin is right to be hurt and angry that other european nations are cynically supporting the devils with rocket launchers, rather than Russian peace keeping forces. Dumbstruck and downtrodden, refugees relieved to be in Russian hands.

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