Tuesday, August 26, 2008

oval riot: government forces attack as millions watch notting hill carnival

Government forces backing the Notting Hill Carnival occupied the Oval, a break away region of South London in a surprise preemptive attack using over 1500 troops.

The assault came as local separatists tried to have their own 'Oval' carnival and hundreds of people gathered around the Oval underground station. Police feared they might use the tube to get to Notting Hill for the purposes of causing trouble. To stop any threat of violence at Nottinghill which could have caused many injuries and possibly deaths, the police arrested over 150 potential trouble makers, and chased the rest away in a brilliantly executed operation involving 1500 peace keeping troops.

The assault on the South London Oval area was obviously timed as the worlds media were distracted by the huge Notting Hill Carnival build up miles away in West London.

Blatant peaceful provocation

As almost no one has reported, groups of peaceful law abiding young people in the Oval area blatantly provoked yesterdays attack by supporting a local alternative to the Notting Hill Carnival and committing the 'thought crime' of thinking about going to the Notting Hill Carnival.

The Notting Hill Carnival is one of the biggest alcohol dealing and fishy food events in the world with an estimated £100 million profit going to the local mafia who collaborate with government security forces to strictly enforce a protectionist anti weed (cannabis) policy going against local ethnic customs dating back to the pre 1950's.

Unacceptably charitable behaviour

In a further provocation the South London Oval separatists planned to raise money from their alternative local carnival for their church and for an orphanage in Africa. According to a shocking expose in the pro government East London Advertiser:

The church runs a project which it says “transforms the lives of many teenagers who would otherwise get involved in a life of drugs, vandalism and other anti-social behaviour.”

One of its youth coordinators, Dami Sahed, said: “Monday’s festival is aimed at those who may be at risk of peer pressure and are at crossroads in their lives.

“We are addressing social ills and the growing gun and knife culture today.”

Obviously this kind of unacceptably charitable and community spirited behaviour has to be stopped, especially when hundreds of local people support it, and openly agitate against knife crime, further provoking a possibly peaceful situation.

The 'alternative carnival' may have been just a ploy for the Oval mob gathering at the tube to muster their forces to attack the Notting Hill Carnival six miles away. There were also illegitimate fears that due to the closeness of the Oval Cricket ground, criminal elements might be inspired to use cricket bats as weapons which would get through anti knife metal detectors installed at Notting Hill border check points.

Therefore it is completely correct for all the national media to report nothing about the alternative local Oval carnival event and simply say youths gathered at the Oval intending to cause trouble and riot at the Notting Hill Carnival.

Mind Reading CCTV

It appears the security forces may be using some kind of thought reading technology; possibly CCTV cameras fitted with a mind reading device. This is one of the few ways the authorities could know in advance when criminals are intending to commit a crime, such as use public transport to get to the Notting Hill Carnival.

The quest for a mind reading scanning device has recently intensified with the news that Maggie Thatcher has dementia.

It is possible mind reading devices could work using psycho-forensic analysis of the mildest, most innocent looking facial expression, to reveal the true criminal intent lurking below.

Rounded up like Palestinians

This could explain why 151-158 people at the Oval yesterday were rounded up like Palestinians, put on buses and held at the local Guantanamo Bay franchise (police station) for hours without charge.

Our armed forces and the security services must have known that these people were thinking criminal thoughts, and therefore acted with their usual restraint and professionalism.

Anything less would have been a dereliction of duty by the police and would have cost lives. Thanks to the excellent police operation this year no one was killed at the Notting Hill Carnival, and that is worth any amount of liberal hang wringing.

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