Friday, August 15, 2008

long live law and order - and long may it fail

Here at the safe house there is no doubt that the establishment of law and order is a prerequisite for any struggle against oppression and exploitation.

It is just as easy to fall for the temptation of being a anti-authoritarian populist anarcho-bigot as it is to enjoy the unhealthy fruits of authoritarian populist bigotry practiced by the likes of Bush, Gordon Brown and the 'Socialist Worker's Party (SWP).

However, like a dam requires leaks to avoid being swept away, the forces of law and order risk being swept away if they are too full of zeal, too successful in their quest to impose order in a naturally chaotic universe.

For example, did there really need to be almost 519,260 requests for information to telcos and ISPs by British police and intelligence agencies during 2007?

Big Bungling Brother

Some people think we live in a police state in Britain. This may be true - if they mean some kind of bungling Keystone Cops farce in which the innocent are guilty and the guilty are free in all too many cases. In fact Big Bungling Brother is mostly fast asleep on a sofa in front of the End of the World News at 9/10/11, while his daughter is working round the corner as a crack whore.

Click Compulsion

Nothing could be more bungling than Big Bungling Brother's technically deluded scheme to record every single click on the Internet in Britain.

For the sake of Law and Order we need to stop this attempt to establish a permanent 'security clampdown' in which every one's brain is made a potential crime scene.

This must be the worst case of computer compulsion ever and it appears Gordon Brown has added this neurotic disease to his compulsive nail biting and public nose picking.

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