Friday, August 15, 2008

millions of victims in georgia's propaganda atrocity

The story of how millions of people and thousands of journalists were murdered in their heads by a "surprise" attack during the Olympics is slowly beginning to emerge.

Weaponised Emails

The Georgian's used 'weaponised emails' posing as innocent press releases which were armed with a deadly combination of out right lies and remixed 1970's cold war rhetoric, mostly sampled from the invasion of Czechoslovakia.

One of the first victims of the attack was the BBC which collapsed with the first devastating barrage of multi launched Georgian email and press releases that simultaneously hit every capital in the Free (media with advertising) World.

Within minutes of the Georgian rocket attack on South Ossetia killing hundreds of civilians, the BBC was in Georgian hands and reporting that Russia had invaded Georgia killing hundreds of civilians.

Reality Refugees

Thousands of refugees were soon fleeing the BBC and other main stream news sites in a desperate bid to retain a grasp on reality. Many hoped they could escape the worst of the endless Georgian assault on their intellectual integrity by fleeing to the Bloggosphere with only what they could carry in their heads.

However the majority of them simply clicked into a trap, and soon most of their values as decent people were liquidised as the Georgian information attack missiles ricocheted from blog to blog taking down millions of innocent souls. Their view of reality was vapourised before they even knew what hit them.

Ignorance is Bliss

Even 'cool' blogs like Pickled Politics and Liberal Conspiracy have buckled under the attack. Pickled Politics is still under the illusion that Russia invaded Georgia, while at Liberal Conspiracy such confusion reigns that all they are capable of thinking is 'we don't have to take sides', the default woolly liberal setting in times of major importance.

Meanwhile at the Tory Guido Fawkes, supposedly one of the most widely read blogs in Britain, it seems the Georgian attack achieved 100% casualties, as there is no mention of the war at all.

Dawn of the Dead

It appears however that a major counter offensive is under way by those who have not been effected by the Georgian 'Dawn of the Dead' information virus. Despite massive casualties some journalists have survived the Georgian attack and are still managing to retain some grasp on reality. The tattered remains of a once proud tradition of balance and fair reporting of the facts are now regrouping and have even managed to establish a bridgehead at the BBC: Russia Losing the Propaganda War

The fight against the prospect of a 21st Zombie Century has only just begun.

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