Wednesday, August 27, 2008

notting hill carnival pit ball fetish mystery

TWENTY ONE Pitt Ball dangerous weapon dogs were confiscated at this years Notting Hill Carnival by police. Many people are wondering why? Why take one of these lethal weapon on legs monsters anywhere. Why even own one?

The obvious answer is that it is always popular to be very stupid. Only someone with less intelligence than a dog could be so stupid as to take a pit ball to the carnival.

Completely valid stereotype

Of course it is likely that such people are going to be of very low intelligence and self esteem, but this may not be the whole picture and just a completely valid stereotype. It is possible some of them also have some kind of strange exhibitionist dog fetish.

Next year carnival organisers should consider a Pit Ball Owners Fetish Float, with human sized dog kennels for the chained and musseled owners so everyone can enjoy the carnival in safety. And laugh.

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