Saturday, August 23, 2008

the murder twins

Above: The Murder Twins: Neocon collaborator David Milliband with Europe's latest war criminal Michail Saakasjvili.

Fashionably fascist

Apart from wearing very similar cloths, cut in fashionably fascist executive class style, the similarities between the collaborators Milliband and Saakasjvili are such that you might think they are twins. In fact you might even begin to think the 'free' world is run by a bunch of neo Nazis as western politicians continue to support the Georgian atrocity in South Ossetia; support which flies in the face of all the values of civilisation they claim to represent.

After all (the propaganda), both Milliband and Saakasjvili are representatives of puppet 'neocon' regimes very similar to Vichy France under the Nazis. In fact the Neocon plan is exactly the same as Hitler's; total world domination.

And, just like the Nazis, the modern US military industrial complex holds most of Europe in it's fascistic grip, perpetuating it's domination though countless crimes against humanity (not to mention Walmarts), the combination of which make Hitler look relatively mild by comparison.

Globalised organised crime

The 'Neocons' are in fact a viral (and vile) global health threat capable of killing far more people than the much feared Bird Flu, Aids and Climate Change put together. Sustained only by endless war, carnage, looting and rape, plus the proceeds of dealing weapons and Class A drugs, the Neocons are globalised organised crime, and are certainly the biggest threat to world peace since Hitler's Germany.

Both Britain and Georgia are little more than Neocon protectorates. Ironically Britain is now similar to Nepal during the British Empire, providing the Neocons with an endless supply of 'Gurkha' cannon fodder, mostly recruited from the mountainous and poverty stricken north of England. Britain also supplies the world famous 'BBC' crack propaganda brigade to support invasions, ethnic cleansing, looting and other regime change operations, 24 hours a day.

• The Guardian: This is a tale of US expansion not Russian aggression.

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