Tuesday, June 30, 2009

iran: ahmadinejad is iran's bush, only worse

Above: George Bush and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are the same man.

Ahmadinejad thinks Obama is the same as Bush, but this just goes to show how much like Bush he is himself; wrong most of the time.

In fact Ahmadinejad is the splitting image of Bush as the picture above proves. He is backed by a bunch of religious fanatics, so was Bush. His main supporters are bigoted, ignorant and racist 'redneck' farmers and small town losers; just like Bush. Bush was a puppet for the neo-cons, Ahmadinejad is a puppet for the neo-mullas. And now Ahmadinejad's cronies have stolen an election for him, just like a bunch of creeps did for Bush.

Ahmadinejad is 100% Iran's Bush, a perfect copy, only far worse. For example; Bush was into a wierd type of American porno torture and set up Guantanamo Bay so he could do it in private. Meanwhile Ahmadinejadbush also likes torture, but torture of the most diabolical cruelty. This type of dispicable hardcore torture is routine in Iran. The lack of even basic human rights in Iran is far worse now than even under the Shah.

Killer Bush signed about 150 execution orders; Ahmadinejad's regime has executed thousands, many of whom simply disappear.

People used to fear that Bush would declare martial law in America but he never did it (unless you count the spread of Walmarts). Ahmadinejad has established Brutal Bully Law in Iran and the main cities are currently under a 'Homeland Security' clampdown enforced by the rule of terror and an excellent example of the Power of Nightmares (as seen everyday on TV).

Bush and the neo cons were bad, and they used the power of nightmares as much as they could. Ahmadinejad and the crazy neo-mullah's do the same, but their nightmares are far far worse. At least the American neo-cons did not actually believe in the religious baloney they cynically propagated for political advantage.

Prediction: Iran will eventually become a liberal secular state, and a fantastic place to live, with a little help from the CIA no doubt, but the evil priests will not give up without a cruel and bloody fight.

Iranian photo blog: Tehran 24

People who support Ahmadinejad and the current Iranian regime include George Galloway; doesn't this insult to the left realise he is supporting the Iranian Bush?

Monday, June 8, 2009

amazing dance


anarchists and greens help BNP facist victory

Just 900 and 5000 votes for labour could have stopped the BNP winning two seats in the European Parliament - votes wasted on the Green Party eco liars who say they can stop climate change, or thrown away by fake anarchist losers and self harmers who think they are so much more politically astute than everyone else for not voting. Then they moan at the result!

These anarchist political parasites and green goon liars are a disaster for the honest working people of Britain whose only real protection and hope for a decent future is a Labour government.

Todays survival tip: despite the credit crunch, keeping any cats or dogs you may have is still advisable; you might need to eat them to survive if the Tories take over.

total support for gordon brown

Above: major security upgrade for schmoo safe house.

Due to the seriousness of the situation schmoo on the run has been in deep deep cover for over a month.

Hence the recent total communications blackout while submerged somewhere under the arctic ice cap ... until it melted and we almost knocked down a Russian flag stuck on the sea floor. But that is a different story.

Now, on this horrible rainy day, the chance of a Tory government is so high schmoo on the run has been forced to surface and restart the clandestine 'Schmoo Broadcasting Corporation' transmissions.

Unlike the vile traitors and saboteurs plotting against the Party and the Prime Minister we will be watching Gordon Brown's back and supporting him 100%, except on the post office, trident, class b cannabis and a load of other things including nose picking in public, but he is still the best man for the job by far (except for Tony Blair of course).

We are doing this in the national interest when we could easily make much more money dealing drugs or running a perfectly legal licensed extortion racket such as a bank, super market or estate agents. We are doing this despite the risk of being tracked down and wasting yet more time explaining the accounts, when there is so much important work to do, especially work on the bunker.

Up to now the top priorities have been preparing for a cruise missile or Apache helicopter attack on the Safe House by terrorists, building defences against being over run by a credit crunch crazed mob, and trying to avoid a sneeky biological attack such as giraffe flu.

The Safe House has therefore had a major security upgrade and is now completely invisible.

The beauty of this is that planning permission is not required from the utterly corrupt Westminster Tory Council for the remote controlled minefield in front of the building, or the invisible anti tank defences inspired by Stonehenge.

To avoid any possible charges of impropriety or even criminality, community charges for the Safe House will continue to be paid despite being invisible and therefore not actually liable according to the obviously inadequate rules.

Likewise the two valid TV licenses for the Safe House (only one is required but we support the BBC) will continue to be displayed in their frames next to our portrait of the Queen.

Due to huge cost of the ongoing security upgrade the Safe House rice and beans ration has been cut in half, and weed by an eighth.

Further stringent cut backs will be required to cover the mortgage payments for the essential new national defence sauna extension in the one mile deep multiple nuclear attack proof bunker.