Wednesday, December 31, 2008

legalization of marijuana is american public's top issue

earth quake activity at yellow stone intensified today

Above: recent earth quakes worldwide.

During Dec. 27 and 28, there was a swarm of earthquakes under Yellowstone in the 3.0-3.9 range. Activity then dropped off to quakes less than 2.0 on the Richter magnitude scale. But today the quakes intensified above 2.0 with one recorded at 3.3 this morning.

This earthquake activity at Yellowstone is the most intense in this area for some years; the swarm is in a single location in the middle of Yellowstone Lake right above the magma chamber. What can also be seen on the seismic graphs are harmonic tremors — a sort of low level constant rumbling that indicates magma is on the move ... not good; harmonic tremors are a sure sign of impending eruption. It is possible such an eruption could be mild, or it could be the much feared Yellowstone 'Big One' which could bring humanity close to extinction.

The University of Utah Seismograph Stations reports that a notable swarm of earthquakes has been underway since December 26 beneath Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone National Park, three to six miles south-southeast of Fishing Bridge, Wyoming. This energetic sequence of events was most intense on December 27, when the largest number of events of magnitude 3 and larger occurred. The largest of the earthquakes was a magnitude 3.9 (revised from magnitude 3.8) at 10:15 pm MST on Dec. 27. The sequence has included nine events of magnitude 3 to 3.9 and approximately 24 of magnitude 2 to 3 at the time of this release.

Above: There is still time to watch 'Super Volcano' ... while we still have time.

UPDATE (1/1/09): email chat with Dr. Jacob Lowenstern of the U.S. Geological Survey.

* If it happpens at least the Polar Bears will be happy.

radical alternatives proposed for cannabis controls

A report by a group of prominent academics and government advisers has backed schmoo on the run's long standing proposals to change the law to allow the state to grow and deal cannabis for recreational use .... because the most dangerous thing about cannabis is cannabis prohibition.

"The damage done by prohibition is worse than from the substance itself," says Amanda Feilding, founder of the Beckley Foundation which brought together the 'commission' of experts who contributed to the report.

Unfortunately the Beckley Foundation seems to think that selling weak weed will stop people growing and dealing skunk on the black market - this is utterly naive. The only way to protect people's health is to legalise all forms of cannabis. Once natural but still strong strains of cannabis such as Nepalese Temple Balls, Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, Durban Poison etc are available, no one will want 'skunk' any more. These natural strains do not have the same bad 'psychosis' side effects as 'skunk', which is a product of prohibition.

The Beckley commission's ideas will be aired in March at a meeting in Vienna, Austria, of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs. The UNCND will report to a meeting of the UN general assembly later this year that will set international policy on drug control for the decade to come.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

palestinian girl: hamas responsible for war

While the inmates of Gaza, the biggest 'open prison' in the world, have to sit out the Israeli bombardment with no protection, their Hamas prison guards are sitting safe in a huge underground bunker complex known as 'lower Gaza', housing 15,000. Meanwhile a Hamas rocket hit a nursery school in Israel today, luckily it was empty.

harry's place is recommended reading.

why woolworths went down

Good news! The massive Aladdin's Cave of Crap on Edgeware Road in London known as Woolworths has shape shifted into a new Waitrose, one of the best run food shops in Britain

Apparently Waitrose tried to hire as many ex Woolsworths staff as possible - but in the end only five of them were up to scratch. The rest were either too rude, or too stupid. No wonder Woolworths went down.

youtube censors israeli defence force video site

YouTube has cut some of the most viewed video posts about the Gaza counter attack on the new Israeli Defence Force YouTube site. No censorship is good, but those BDSM fighter cockpit snuff movies are definitely obscene.

el salvador election 2009: hope for change

One positive thing to look forward to in 2009 will be the almost certain end of death squad party rule in El Salvador. Yes They Can!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

even the left in israel support gaza counter attack

Above: Palestinian prisoners released by Israel - Palestinian prisoners escape from a Hamas police building following an Israeli air strike in Gaza City on December 28, 2008.

Even the Israeli left-wing Meretz party is supporting the attack on Hamas. They issued a rare statement calling for military action last Thursday; "The time has come to act without compromise and without narrow political considerations to protect the residents of Gaza-area communities and Sderot". Meretz, which usually calls for negotiation and dialogue with Palestinian militants, said the current escalation in rocket attacks has left Israel with no choice but to work on two fronts simultaneously. "Strike Hamas in a targeted manner and work for a new cease-fire," it said.

The 'British Bigot Left Tendency' typified by the likes of George Galloway, friend of Sadam Hussain just don't get it .... as usual.

how hamas was tricked by israel

It appears that Hamas was lulled into a false sense of security by Israel, and were taken by surprise when the Israeli counter attack came on the Jewish sabbath ... the fools. Now the people of Gaza are paying a tragic price for the bigoted, racist, homophobic, Hamas hate agenda, run by obviously incompetent and very stupid idiots, who have now caused the deaths of hundreds of their fellow country men and women and children due to their despicable intransigence. The people of Gaza should rise up and run the Hamas henchmen out of town, preferably towards the barrel of the nearest Israeli tank.

"Peace will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us." - Golda Meir.

what next on Gaza + how US & Israel frittered away any small chance of dealing with Hamas peacefully years ago.

Gaza Day 2

long live palestine, long live israel

clean nuclear fusion to save humanity from green nazi nightmare

Above: say goodbye to all those crazy windmill schemes and solar panels that use more energy to create than they will ever produce; nuclear fusion is on the way.

Hopefully this will be the end of the ridiculous 'green nazi' fantasy of forcing everyone to live in smelly 'climate change camp' style 'eco' concentration camps, surviving on nettle soup and recharging batteries using bicycles that don't go anywhere.

This spring scientists at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) in Livermore, California, will use a laser that concentrates 1,000 times the electric generating power of the United States into a billionth of a second. The result should be an explosion in the 32ft-wide reaction chamber which will produce at least 10 times the amount of energy used to create it.

The scientists are already working with British counterparts on the next step; a fusion power station. A project known as the High Powered Laser Research Facility aims to create the first working laser-powered fusion reactor which will create a source of almost unlimited 'clean' energy.

Prof Mike Dunne, director of the central laser facility at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford, said: "The National Ignition Facility is going to finally prove fusion can be achieved with a laser. It will start an exciting new period in physics as it will prove what we are trying to achieve is actually possible."

Or not of course.

seadragon demo at ted

If you are at all interested in photography, this demo video of some amazing software is a must click.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

long live israel - long live palestine

Hamas really are jerks, a bit like the greek anarchist nihilists only worse. At least the greek nutters do not believe in some crazy religion. What they have in common is their ability to ruin the communities they live in through mindless and ineffective violence, and their total inability to do anything positive to improve the lives of anyone. Israel has every right to attack and kill these murdering bastards. They should also bomb the dogs with size 12 shoes. Hamas brought all this on themselves, but now Hamas and their bigoted, blinkered and ignorant 'pro-Palestinian' western supporters, cry 'massacre'. No doubt these same stupid people were avidly watching the criminal Iranian president's Christmas message on Channel 4, the trendy miss-guided prat channel. If these creeps really cared about Palestine they would be cheering on the Israeli Air Force, but like the Iranian president, most of them are anti-Semitic bigots. The sooner the evil and perverted Hammas influence is extinguished, the sooner the normal good people of Gaza can get back to living normal lives. Hopefully Israel can take out the hamas leadership completely this time - but they should send in 'assassination-for-peace' squads to avoid further civilian deaths. Long live Palestine - long live Israel.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

the pope is a joke - fuck the pope

Above: Police in Portsmouth marked the eve of Christianities holiest day yesterday by threatening a local shop owner with arrest for displaying a poster (above) that mocks Satan's true representative on earth; the Pope.

The poster is an obvious reference to the Pope's end-of-the-year speech which looks like turning into a well deserved credibility crunch crisis for the vile Catholic cult.

The Pontiff stated that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour was as important as protecting the environment.

The pope has been buggered. By himself of course, being celibate and obviously a fool.

Meanwhile back in Portsmouth police read from their Bible, quoting Section 4 of the Public Order Act, and informed the shop owner that if he failed to remove the poster and was found guilty, he could face imprisonment of up to 6 months.

* European nations where the Catholic Church is strongest such as Italy, France, Spain and Ireland have one thing in common; substantially more drug addicts than nations less psychologically damaged by a perverted religion, such as Britain and the Netherlands.

* Channel 4's "alternative" Christmas Day broadcast is to be delivered by President Ahmadinejad of Iran. Apparently he will say that if Jesus Christ were alive today, he would oppose US hegemony. Yes, and the fucking pope for sure ... and the homophobic Iranian fucking government too.

Friday, December 19, 2008

leds the way for eco lighting 'revolution'

If all of the world's light bulbs were replaced with LEDs, otherwize known as light-emitting diodes, it has recently been estimated that in just ten years:

• Carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced by 10.68 gigatons.
• The number of power plants required worldwide would be reduced by 280.
• Total energy consumption would be reduced by 1,929.84 joules.
• A strong reduction in the emission of pollutants such as acid-rain-causing SO2, mercury (Hg), and uranium.
• Electrical energy consumption would be reduced by terawatt hours.
• Financial savings of $1.83 trillion.
• Crude oil consumption would be reduced by 962 million barrels.

Researchers lay out vision for eco lighting 'revolution'.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

alien 'civilisation' no thank you

Above: members of a 'lost tribe' in the amazon jungle telling big noisy bird to get lost is one of the National Geographic's most viewed photographs for 2008.

They obviously don't take kindly to spirit eating aliens from an obviously less civilised culture, arriving uninvited in noisy, smelly, UFOS. More plus picture gallery.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

shoe throwing hero has broken arm, ribs, cuts

The shoe throwing hero Muntazer Zaidi has suffered a broken arm and ribs plus cuts to the eye and arm at the hands of the Iraqi authorities, according to his brother. Laughing off the incident as 'weird' President Bush said yesterday that the incidence was an example of a free society in Iraq. Now it is turning into a public relations disaster in the middle east for the worst American president ever.

e paper is almost here

Above: Hsaioh-Kang Chang, left, and Fumiaki Ishikawa, with their transparent, flexible transistor array, otherwize known as a 'dense lattice of transparent nanotube transistors printed on flexible base'; 'e paper' is almost here.

new credit crunch package to restart britain

None of the credit crunch breakfast cereal packages on offer from any of the main political supermarket chains cut the muster here at the safe house. Too many synthetic sweeteners, toxic debts and not enough fresh fruity ideas. Therefore the 'Committee On Preparing For The End Of Now Forever' offers the following credit crunch package recipe ideas:

1. Create a decent Peoples Bank out of Northern Rock, and all the other bits of bailed out junk, plus the Post Office, to offer essential financial services for individuals and business. Lend to people and companies according to their tax records.

2. Turn mortgage defaulters into council tenants, allowing them to retain 'part ownership' for what they have already paid for, and pay rent for the rest. Council tenants can use the 'right to buy' to restart a new mortgage if things ever 'pick up'.

3. Make all public transport free.

4. With thousands losing their jobs, abolish unemployment overnight by paying everyone over 16 a basic living wage regardless of their employment status; anyone working will simply have this deducted as tax. At the moment the government spends more than £9000, to pay less than £3000 in benefits. Making people sign on is a total waste of time and money. Besides, surviving on income support is a full time job.

5. Urgently reform Unfair Britain before there is a violent revolution of people even more crazy than the people running things at the moment. For example; someone who earns £100 pounds an hour pays the same price for everything as someone who only earns £10 pounds an hour. This means that everything is much more expensive for poorer people. A ‘ price banding’ system needs to be developed that allows the profit part of a product price to be varied according to how much the customer earns per hour. If you are in the lowest earnings per hour band you will pay the least. This would make all pricing fair for the first time.

6. Start a Peoples Supermarket with decent wages and really cheap prices thanks to not having any shareholders to pay off, backed up by the development of a massive nationwide allotment vegetable growing program to produce really nutritional food.

7. Turn all the empty Woolworths into multi media entertainment venues with non stop live bands comedians, DJs, magicians, films, theatre and other amazing acts, creating thousands of jobs, especially for talented young people all over Britain.

8. Avoid destroying the green belt, and the few remaining school playing fields. Instead create 'real estate in the sky' by building housing on bridges over rivers, and by building on top of major roads in towns and cities, turning the roads into pollution controlled tunnels. When the floods come at least thease homes will be safe.

9. Start investing in Britain's first Space Lift so we can open the space frontier and start mining the moon, consider a holiday on Mars, and send all our toxic nuclear waste to the sun for permanent incineration.

10. Install soft 'sleeping police men' road bumps that generate electric power every time a car goes over them, on every street in Britain.

11. Immediately start a national program to build the infrastructure required for the mass use of hydrogen fuel. The latest Top Gear has a review of a hydrogen car built by Honda that actually works.

12. While preparing for every contingency at home, sponsor and support an international disaster immediate response force, manned partly by volunteers from all over the world, plus retrained army people, to deal with natural and man made disasters due to unstoppable dramatic climate change.

13. End the tax free status for pot dealers and hookers and legalise prostitution and cannabis. Government 'Work Start' grants for licensed cannabis growing operations would create thousands of jobs all over Britain. Legalisation will save the NHS millions, being by far the safest option for everyone, plus over £1 billion a year in police, court, and prison costs for cannabis alone.

russia wins miss world

Above: Kseniya Sukhinova is Miss World 2008. This celebration of woman and the mother goddess contest has been going for 58 years, and has a cult following amongst the gay, transvestite and lesbian community.

Amazing fact: there are 8 women for every man in Siberia, Russia.

condom sales boom

Monday, December 15, 2008

new ketamine abuse warning

Ketamine abuse has screwed up many an otherwize good party, notably in the seedier end of the london squat party scene. For typical 'K Heads', the end of the night often happens at the beginning. Now it looks like a lot of these people will be part of a medical time bomb of their own making.

new study reveals that 59 ketamine abusers treated at Hong Kong hospitals from March 2000 to December 2007 were all suffering moderate to severe lower urinary tract symptoms, such as urgency, frequency, and difficulty urinating.

Visual examination with a cystoscope revealed an inflamed bladder in 42 of these individuals, and biopsies showed that 12 of them had a more serious condition called interstitial cystitis.

On further testing, 47 patients were found to have overactive bladder or decreased bladder elasticity.

Damage to one or both kidneys was seen on ultrasound in 30 patients, and four of them had areas of dead kidney tissue.

bush: mean sneaky bastard to the end

President Bush's final acts in power, which he has held to the end to make it more difficult to over turn, will make it easier for coal companies to dump waste from strip-mining into valleys and streams, ease the building of coal-fired power stations nearer to national parks, allow people to carry loaded and concealed weapons in national parks, open up millions of acres to mining for oil shale, allow healthcare workers to opt out of giving treatment for religious or moral reasons, thus weakening abortion rights, and hurt road safety by allowing truck drivers to stay at the wheel for 11 consecutive hours.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

crunch solution: make public transport free

Almost everyone agrees the 2.5 cut in vat is an expensive waste of tax payers cash, especially as the poorest people can only afford to buy food which is not taxed with vat so it does not help them at all. Even the shopaholic 'working consumer of crap class' benefit so little it won't make any difference to how much they already owe on their maxed out credit binge cards.

Making public transport free on the other hand .... this would help everyone, including total public transport snobs who insist on driving. The roads will be clear of traffic, so they can pretend they have the size of car cock reviewed in Top Gear, the best bi male sex fantasy program on TV. Apart from this benefit, by making public transport free we could cut oil consumption and imports, cut road congestion, cut pollution, improve health, and have all kinds of other positive effects, like making more traffic wardens unemployed. One way to help pay for free public transport would be to tax cannabis users, dealers, smugglers and indoor farmers; after all they pay no tax, import duties or vat at the moment.

It has been estimated that free public transport in Scotland would cost about 1 billion a year; chicken feed in comparison to the bailout cash currently being thrown around.

The Belgian city of Hasselt successfully introduced free public transport on 1 July 1997. The result over ten years later is reduced congestion, pollution and CO2 levels, and people leaving their cars at home, with a 960% increase in passenger numbers.

zero fare public transport projects - wikipedia listing.

free public transport blog

bush escapes rapid shoe throwing attack

Above: president Bush shows excellent ducking ability as he comes under rapid shoe fire in iraq. According to Bloomberg: In Arab culture, throwing shoes is a grave show of disrespect. The man shouted an Arabic phrase, which an Iraqi present translated as “this is a farewell kiss, dog.”

bush reported to be drinking heavily, called wife "cunt". Apparently Laura Bush's stays at the White House are less frequent and her overnight trips to the Mayflower Hotel often coincide with the president's drunken binges.

update: thousands march in iraq demanding release of the shoe throwing journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi who is being hailed as a hero. Meanwhile Bush is saying the incident is a sign of a free society in Iraq, and that being under shoe fire as "may rank up there as one of the weirdest" things to have happened in his presidency. Of course he was not counting himself when he said that.

latest greek riot porn movie

Above: 'anarchist' terror beams - extra powerful lazar attacks on police risk blindness as Greek Tragedy looks set to escalate next week.

Above - a good example of the simplistic glorification of mindless destruction of community assets. ok, father christmas does not exist, but why spoil everything you selfish bastards.

latest greek riot porn movie
- entertaining, with some good special effects, but an excellent example of what is not in the interests of anybody except fools, criminals or fascists.

london anarchist nihilists fail in dalston

A few London anarchist nihilists who tried to stage a Greek tragedy riot enactment in Dalson today are complaining about heavy handed police brutality, after two of them were arrested, one for allegedly punching a police officer in the face. Inept 'anarchist freedom fighter' attempts to block a road and prevent freedom of travel failed, as did all attempts at 'explaining what was going on in Greece to the local population in Dalston', except to make them absolutely certain, without a shadow of a doubt, that they never want what is happening in Greece replayed in their streets, or their shopping centre, which they do not want looted, because there are some good deals going there at the moment, especially with Woolworths going under. The sales in January will be even better, especially if you need crap tat, made not to last.

The trouble with looting is that it is just another manifestation of capitalism; looting puts up prices, and is only for the 'privileged few', while the vast majority of poor people always end up paying more. Besides, most of the stuff on offer is not worth either looting or paying for.

greek riot timetable: the daily riot

Here is the advance greek riot forecast for next week:

monday 15th dec - at least 90 rioters were arrested on saturday night, so on monday there will be a major confrontation between the 'infuriated ones' and the police outside the court house and police head quarters.

tuesday 16th dec - the 'anarchist government', operating from around camp fires at Athens Polytechnic, has announced that on tuesday compulsory road blocks should be set up.

wendesday 17th dec - yet another 'demonstration' looting opportunity outside the courthouse when the policemen involved in the original tragic shooting will testify how they were trying to protect themselves from a crazy lynch mob of spoiled brats.

thursday 18th dec - the 'anarchist government' has announced that everyone in Greece will be forced to experience a national demonstration on Thursday, 'by order'.

friday 19th dec - someone will think up some excuse for sure, if the kids are a bit tired by now and it gets really boring, the fascist thugs pretending to be anarchists will do their bit to keep the pot boiling.

saturday 20 dec - the 'anarchist government', has declared Saturday 20th an "international day of resistance in memory of all those assassinated by the state", as it issues increasingly apocalyptic and insane statements.

this information is subject to change at any moment due to right wing military coup or stalinist communist take over, real civil war breaking out, kids going home for christmas, media moving on due to a sex scandal involving the pope, or least likely, the arrival of a more civilised and considerate approach to politics on all sides. etc

greek teenagers continue tantrum

There was a brief lull in the Greek riots due to the police running out of tear gas and the rioters running out of beer bottles to make Molotov cocktails. The lull is now very over, and the rioters have been making good use of their new Lazar beam technology, pictured above, which they are using to mark out police men for Molotov attack. It looks like Greece is doomed to a load more pointless violence and silly political crap for ages. Seems the kids don't want to quit smashing up their play pen, and they are being aided and abetted by the anarchist nihilists, most of whom are just adults who never grew up.

greek teenagers - very informative article.
rolling news on Greek riots - fairly informative but disorganised ongoing anarchist nihilist greek riot porn news, even more biased than the bbc.
tapes gone loose has some interesting on the spot observations from the 'liberated' Athens Town Hall, and the hapless attempts of the elected representatives of the people to get it back. As expected organised fascist violence is emerging from the violence of the anarchist nihilists. The fascists are wielding iron bars and using the ominous name of 'Golden Dawn'. Looks like the naive students and pseudo 'news of the world' anarchists may discover what happens when law and order really breaks down.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

madoff securities triggers 50 billion fraud tsunami

It is hard to understand how Bernie Madoff, the 50 billion fraudster pictured above, could run his billion dollar scam operation for years without any regulators or investors realising.

In fact several years ago a financial advisory firm called Aksia did a very basic investigation and has been advising its clients to stay well clear of Madoff Securities ever since. It hardly required the talents of Sherlock Holmes to discover that Bernie Madoff, responsible for billions of dollars worth of investments, was using a firm of accountants called Friehling and Horowitz who had just three employees, one of whom was a 78 year old woman who lived in Florida, one was a secretary, leaving just one actual qualified accountant. The accountant's office, based in Rockland County, NY, consisted of one room, measuring 13ft x 18ft.

Aksis also did some basic sums that showed Madoff Securities could not possibly be making the profits it claimed. It seems very likely that some, if not many, very rich and important investors also knew that Madoff was up to no good; how else could he generate such impossibly good returns for their investment cash. They obviously kept quiet, happy to take the good profits, all the time thinking the scam must be some kind of insider trading. But they were wrong. The scam was not insider trading, it was just a simple common fraud. The investors had fallen for a very normal kind of rip off, except for the fact that it was for 50 billion dollars, their 50 billion dollars. This sets a new bench mark for robbers and thieves, making the Great Train Robbery look like a corner store job. Some totally innocent people have lost everything. Some are saying this could be worse than Enron as the massive losses spread worldwide over the next few days and weeks in yet another destructive global financial tsunami of wealth evaporation.

Madoff Madness: "I knew he was cheating, That's why I used him".

Friday, December 12, 2008

zimbabwe; three eggs and a crack pot dictator

Apparently the note above used to buy three eggs in Zimbabwe, but not anymore according to 'What the real crisis is like', an excellent photo history of the Zimbabwean Dollar.. Meanwhile the cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe was caused by Britain, Gordon Brown picking his nose presumably, according to 'president' Robert Mugabe, pronounced 'muckgarbage', who shames his country, his people, his neighbours, and his continent. How come he don't take the money and run so Zimbabwe can be turned into a massive western corporation run food farm, and his people enslaved for yet more generations, now that all the liberal white farmers who stayed as long as they could, have been got rid of.

behind every anarchist nihilist are ten fascists

The young Greek 'anarchist' brat nihilists laying waste to the centre of Athens while claiming to be some kind of positive revolution, and the arm chair macho 'anarchists' glorifying mindless violence and goading the rioters on via the internet should stop, think, and remember that every time violent chaos rears is ugly head, fascism and more state oppression are sure to follow. Of course most of these so called 'anarchists' are about as anarchist as the next state dole check they are waiting for, and are heavily addicted to riot porn and always want to blame someone else for everything, while being incredibly selfish at the same time. True anarchists and anyone with any common sense or compassion for normal everyday people will reject this indulgent use of mindless violence and destruction in Athens and anywhere else. This type of 'anarchy' and chaos has nothing to do with building any type of anarchist society, except the Hollywood 'News of the World' Madmax version, and only brings further misery and oppression for the masses, as if they don't have enough already, while creating the perfect breeding ground for fascism. Humanity needs to build bridges, not burn them.

are you plane stupid

It is seemingly all too easy for otherwise intelligent good looking people to fall for the awful mixture of sanctimonious and hysterical ballshit from plane stupid. Yet the evidence proves beyond all reasonable doubt that plane stupid and the people who fund them are not only eco fascists, but hypocrites to boot.

Yet another example of plain stupid hypocrisy; bail restrictions for the plane stupid morons who ruined thousands of innocent peoples travel plans recently by behaving like eco fascist loonies at Stanstead Airport, include not being allowed near any airports, which seems more than fair. But according to gossip on the legal grapevine some of the arrested plane stupid eco twits still had the nerve to complain that they would not be able to visit relatives at christmas .... because the bail restrictions meant they would not be able to fly.

In the spirit of chrismas schmoo will be giving
RyanAir free advertising. RyanAir is one of the few companies to have the courage to stand up to these demented idiots campaigning to make air travel only available to the very rich or fighter bomber pilots, because they think this will 'save the world'. Plane Stupid are even more self deluded than Gordon Brown. Air travel contributes 3 per cent of co2, meat production contributes 18 per cent. With China bringing a new coal fired power station on line every week, restricting freedom of air travel will make only a tiny difference to global co2 levels, and will have no effect at all in stopping the climate change disaster facing humanity. In fact the hysterical belief that humanity has the ability to stop global warming by cutting co2 is no different to the various populist and self deluding religious beliefs about 'heaven' supported by those whose egos cannot handle the concept of their own permanent death. Instead of wasting time with this plain stupid nonsense we should be organising global and local preparations for the Age of Never Ending Disasters. Billions of lives are at stake, including our own.

ryanair has some amazing deals with lots of seats going from 3 pounds including silly air port taxes and extra eco fascist charges that go to the government supported by the likes of plane stupid and gordon brown although they make no difference to pollution levels and hurt poorer travelers.