Monday, December 15, 2008

new ketamine abuse warning

Ketamine abuse has screwed up many an otherwize good party, notably in the seedier end of the london squat party scene. For typical 'K Heads', the end of the night often happens at the beginning. Now it looks like a lot of these people will be part of a medical time bomb of their own making.

new study reveals that 59 ketamine abusers treated at Hong Kong hospitals from March 2000 to December 2007 were all suffering moderate to severe lower urinary tract symptoms, such as urgency, frequency, and difficulty urinating.

Visual examination with a cystoscope revealed an inflamed bladder in 42 of these individuals, and biopsies showed that 12 of them had a more serious condition called interstitial cystitis.

On further testing, 47 patients were found to have overactive bladder or decreased bladder elasticity.

Damage to one or both kidneys was seen on ultrasound in 30 patients, and four of them had areas of dead kidney tissue.

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