Friday, December 12, 2008

behind every anarchist nihilist are ten fascists

The young Greek 'anarchist' brat nihilists laying waste to the centre of Athens while claiming to be some kind of positive revolution, and the arm chair macho 'anarchists' glorifying mindless violence and goading the rioters on via the internet should stop, think, and remember that every time violent chaos rears is ugly head, fascism and more state oppression are sure to follow. Of course most of these so called 'anarchists' are about as anarchist as the next state dole check they are waiting for, and are heavily addicted to riot porn and always want to blame someone else for everything, while being incredibly selfish at the same time. True anarchists and anyone with any common sense or compassion for normal everyday people will reject this indulgent use of mindless violence and destruction in Athens and anywhere else. This type of 'anarchy' and chaos has nothing to do with building any type of anarchist society, except the Hollywood 'News of the World' Madmax version, and only brings further misery and oppression for the masses, as if they don't have enough already, while creating the perfect breeding ground for fascism. Humanity needs to build bridges, not burn them.

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