Sunday, December 14, 2008

london anarchist nihilists fail in dalston

A few London anarchist nihilists who tried to stage a Greek tragedy riot enactment in Dalson today are complaining about heavy handed police brutality, after two of them were arrested, one for allegedly punching a police officer in the face. Inept 'anarchist freedom fighter' attempts to block a road and prevent freedom of travel failed, as did all attempts at 'explaining what was going on in Greece to the local population in Dalston', except to make them absolutely certain, without a shadow of a doubt, that they never want what is happening in Greece replayed in their streets, or their shopping centre, which they do not want looted, because there are some good deals going there at the moment, especially with Woolworths going under. The sales in January will be even better, especially if you need crap tat, made not to last.

The trouble with looting is that it is just another manifestation of capitalism; looting puts up prices, and is only for the 'privileged few', while the vast majority of poor people always end up paying more. Besides, most of the stuff on offer is not worth either looting or paying for.

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