Saturday, December 27, 2008

long live israel - long live palestine

Hamas really are jerks, a bit like the greek anarchist nihilists only worse. At least the greek nutters do not believe in some crazy religion. What they have in common is their ability to ruin the communities they live in through mindless and ineffective violence, and their total inability to do anything positive to improve the lives of anyone. Israel has every right to attack and kill these murdering bastards. They should also bomb the dogs with size 12 shoes. Hamas brought all this on themselves, but now Hamas and their bigoted, blinkered and ignorant 'pro-Palestinian' western supporters, cry 'massacre'. No doubt these same stupid people were avidly watching the criminal Iranian president's Christmas message on Channel 4, the trendy miss-guided prat channel. If these creeps really cared about Palestine they would be cheering on the Israeli Air Force, but like the Iranian president, most of them are anti-Semitic bigots. The sooner the evil and perverted Hammas influence is extinguished, the sooner the normal good people of Gaza can get back to living normal lives. Hopefully Israel can take out the hamas leadership completely this time - but they should send in 'assassination-for-peace' squads to avoid further civilian deaths. Long live Palestine - long live Israel.

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