Sunday, December 28, 2008

even the left in israel support gaza counter attack

Above: Palestinian prisoners released by Israel - Palestinian prisoners escape from a Hamas police building following an Israeli air strike in Gaza City on December 28, 2008.

Even the Israeli left-wing Meretz party is supporting the attack on Hamas. They issued a rare statement calling for military action last Thursday; "The time has come to act without compromise and without narrow political considerations to protect the residents of Gaza-area communities and Sderot". Meretz, which usually calls for negotiation and dialogue with Palestinian militants, said the current escalation in rocket attacks has left Israel with no choice but to work on two fronts simultaneously. "Strike Hamas in a targeted manner and work for a new cease-fire," it said.

The 'British Bigot Left Tendency' typified by the likes of George Galloway, friend of Sadam Hussain just don't get it .... as usual.


Seven Star Hand said...

Hey Schmoo,

The biggest mistake all sides are making is failing to understand that Rome created Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and everyone has been deceived into fighting over lies. Contemplate Machiavelli...

Wake up to the truth and help me now by helping others understand.

When the Vatican ceases to be, so does all of this evil !!!

Here is Wisdom...

ian said...

"Strike Hamas in a targeted manner and work for a new cease-fire,"

Why didnt the Israeli military take this advice?