Sunday, December 14, 2008

crunch solution: make public transport free

Almost everyone agrees the 2.5 cut in vat is an expensive waste of tax payers cash, especially as the poorest people can only afford to buy food which is not taxed with vat so it does not help them at all. Even the shopaholic 'working consumer of crap class' benefit so little it won't make any difference to how much they already owe on their maxed out credit binge cards.

Making public transport free on the other hand .... this would help everyone, including total public transport snobs who insist on driving. The roads will be clear of traffic, so they can pretend they have the size of car cock reviewed in Top Gear, the best bi male sex fantasy program on TV. Apart from this benefit, by making public transport free we could cut oil consumption and imports, cut road congestion, cut pollution, improve health, and have all kinds of other positive effects, like making more traffic wardens unemployed. One way to help pay for free public transport would be to tax cannabis users, dealers, smugglers and indoor farmers; after all they pay no tax, import duties or vat at the moment.

It has been estimated that free public transport in Scotland would cost about 1 billion a year; chicken feed in comparison to the bailout cash currently being thrown around.

The Belgian city of Hasselt successfully introduced free public transport on 1 July 1997. The result over ten years later is reduced congestion, pollution and CO2 levels, and people leaving their cars at home, with a 960% increase in passenger numbers.

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