Sunday, December 14, 2008

greek teenagers continue tantrum

There was a brief lull in the Greek riots due to the police running out of tear gas and the rioters running out of beer bottles to make Molotov cocktails. The lull is now very over, and the rioters have been making good use of their new Lazar beam technology, pictured above, which they are using to mark out police men for Molotov attack. It looks like Greece is doomed to a load more pointless violence and silly political crap for ages. Seems the kids don't want to quit smashing up their play pen, and they are being aided and abetted by the anarchist nihilists, most of whom are just adults who never grew up.

greek teenagers - very informative article.
rolling news on Greek riots - fairly informative but disorganised ongoing anarchist nihilist greek riot porn news, even more biased than the bbc.
tapes gone loose has some interesting on the spot observations from the 'liberated' Athens Town Hall, and the hapless attempts of the elected representatives of the people to get it back. As expected organised fascist violence is emerging from the violence of the anarchist nihilists. The fascists are wielding iron bars and using the ominous name of 'Golden Dawn'. Looks like the naive students and pseudo 'news of the world' anarchists may discover what happens when law and order really breaks down.


bloedverwant said...

Calling those youngsters 'anarchist nihilists' and then going on a rampage against the 'biased' posts on the Center for Stategic Anarchy, you are marginalising yourself.
Those people have ideals, they have written about their ideals, and now they are on the streets for those ideals. Sure, there's a lot of riotting. But there's also a lot of positive vibe, which you don't seem to grasp from behind your pc in some country thousands of miles away.

schmoo said...

Surely it is almost impossible to be less marginalised than the sad state of the anarchist movement in Britain right now. It is all very well 'taking the streets' for your ideals, but how many of these people are capable of keeping the streets clean. They are obviously so powerless and useless that all all they can do is destroy other peoples stuff. Yet they would be the first to complain if it was their home or livelihood that got trashed by an angry mob seeking retribution.