Sunday, December 14, 2008

greek riot timetable: the daily riot

Here is the advance greek riot forecast for next week:

monday 15th dec - at least 90 rioters were arrested on saturday night, so on monday there will be a major confrontation between the 'infuriated ones' and the police outside the court house and police head quarters.

tuesday 16th dec - the 'anarchist government', operating from around camp fires at Athens Polytechnic, has announced that on tuesday compulsory road blocks should be set up.

wendesday 17th dec - yet another 'demonstration' looting opportunity outside the courthouse when the policemen involved in the original tragic shooting will testify how they were trying to protect themselves from a crazy lynch mob of spoiled brats.

thursday 18th dec - the 'anarchist government' has announced that everyone in Greece will be forced to experience a national demonstration on Thursday, 'by order'.

friday 19th dec - someone will think up some excuse for sure, if the kids are a bit tired by now and it gets really boring, the fascist thugs pretending to be anarchists will do their bit to keep the pot boiling.

saturday 20 dec - the 'anarchist government', has declared Saturday 20th an "international day of resistance in memory of all those assassinated by the state", as it issues increasingly apocalyptic and insane statements.

this information is subject to change at any moment due to right wing military coup or stalinist communist take over, real civil war breaking out, kids going home for christmas, media moving on due to a sex scandal involving the pope, or least likely, the arrival of a more civilised and considerate approach to politics on all sides. etc

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