Wednesday, August 30, 2006

who is really running the world, by Jarvis Cocker

Jarvis Cocker has posted a timely new song commenting on the state of the planet on his 'my space' space.

It is called "C*u*n*t*s Are Still Running The World".

Cynics are already calling it a 'conspiracy theory'.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fun-da-mental viewing

Fun-da-mental: This Thursday, 17th August, Aki Nawaz, lead singer of the radical rap band 'Fun-da-mental', will be at the 'rampART Social Centre' in East London to debate Islamophobia, racisim and the health of free speech and democracy in the UK.

If you can't make it, but would like to check out the debate, you will be able to watch it live online via Indymedia UK (details below)

Joining Aki Nawaz on the platform will be renowned human rights lawyer Louise Christian, Natacha Atlas, Ken Fero of Injustice Films, Shahrar Ali of the Green Party and John Pandit of Asian Dub Foundation.


The 'Sun' calls him the "suicide bomb rapper", MPs want him arrested and his
record company refuses to support his latest album. 'All is War (the Benefits of G-Had)', is causing a storm with its direct political lyrics dealing with terrorism, war, Muslim identity and western hypocrisy.


'All is War (the Benefits of G-Had)' has provoked outrage from politicians and the press, prompting Radio 1 to ban it from its playlist, and the distributors to declare it "too hot to handle". In other words it is an almost perfect piece of work!

Organised by 'Red Pepper' magazine, the event will begin with a forty minute film followed by debate, and then an exclusive premiere of the video for suicide bomber song.

The venue is the squatted social centre in Rampart Street, off Commerical Road.
See for details and directions. Seating is limited so arrive on time.

The event will be streamed live via indymedia on rampART radio. You can listen to the audio by tuning into rampART radio using your favorite audio player. To watch the live video feed, download the VideoLAN (VLC) media player and tune in to

Further details from: -

Dell Terror Hell

ACCORDING to 'Fox News', the official news service for the American Nazi Party, Dell Corporation have 'seeded' American with time bombs which can explode at any moment - or in a month or a year.

The 'home grown terrorism' story is in fact is all part of a ploy by the Bush administration to 'harvest' data for a massive 'Big Brother' database on which the Neo Con nutters are attempting to record every 'click' ever made.

They hope to access millions of laptop computers - and download all the information on to their 'Gestapo' database.

And the fact that intelligent people believe all the above just might be true shows how cynical people are about the current American Government

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bianca Jagger: "The answer is to get rid of Tony Blair"

BIANCA JAGGER, (pictured right at a 'Cease Fire' demo in London recently) was brilliant on the BBC 'News Night' program tonight.

She said that the problem with Blair's foreign policy is that it is "immoral" but "Violence (ie terrorism) is not the answer - the answer is to get rid of Tony Blair."

A few months ago schmoo would be slagging her off for not supporting the 'Best Prime Minister Britain Has Ever Had' - but not anymore.

For the good of the economy, for the good of the environment, our schools, our hospitals, our transport system, for the good of the Labour Party and for the good of the nation - Blair has to go now.

If Blair goes now he will be remembered the better for it, if he stays he could destroy all the good that he has done.


The longer Blair stays the more danger he puts us all in. His association with George 'Worse than Hitler' Bush is making Britain look like Italy in the Second World War. Does he want to be remembered as the 'British Mussulini ?

Let Tony Blair continue his holiday - forever.

- -

Israel lost the war despite their killercoptors and cluster bombs

"They may feel they have some justification, but there is never any excuse to vandalise the property of others" - Hampshire police commenting on the spate of car tire slashing in the Gosport area by the Mobile Slasher.

Tony Blair take note - the same goes for Israel.

The war criminals should be forced to pay for the damage they have done to thousands of people's homes. They should get out of Southern Lebanon before they cause any more trouble - put an ASBO on the thugs.

- - - - -

Monday, August 14, 2006

Boy George: and he told schmoo "Your Crazy!"

Above: Boy George in New York after the bust. We are worried about him; why does he live in New York? Ever since 9/11 the place has not been fit for human habitation (full of asbestos dust) - and it is questionable that it was before. Big Apple? Rotten Apple more like. And now the Gestapo have got Boy George sweeping the streets! George! Wear a mask for gods sake! He should get out of the States before they open up the concentration camps. Once Boy George appeared out of the audience in London (on Oxford Street), and told 'schmoo' plus beautiful wife, then performing live as 'Hookers For Weed'; "Your Crazy!". What an accolade! That was a real honor, coming from such a loony genius. New York? Naaah - we love Boy George.

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Terror Bomb Plot 2: evil plan to restock Israel with cluster bombs from US

Tony Blair, the terror leader of Blair-qaeda in Britain, is implicated in a desperate international terror plot, lead by American Nazi George Bush, to supply Zionist terrorists in Israel with cluster bombs.

The Israeli war criminals have requested more M-26 artillery rockets, which are fired in barrages and carry hundreds of grenade-like bomblets that scatter and explode over a broad area, according to the New York Times.

George Bush has agreed to supply the cluster bombs to Israel despite warnings that they will all most certainly be used against civilians.

It is very likely that some or all of these weapons, which are crimes against humanity, will be delivered VIA BRITAIN with the agreement of Tony Blair, despite the total disgust of almost everyone in Britain (except for Blair-qaeda terrorists who are a tiny, sick minority).

There are serious fears of a counter attack against innocent civilians in Britain - in retaliation for the deaths of innocent civilians in Lebanon, Iraq and Afganistan caused by Blairs support of American Nazi terror policies.

With the Prime Minister still at large and able to plot with other members of his gang including George Bush and John Read, the terror fear level in Britain remains 'critical'.

Arguments by supporters of Blair-qaeda in Britain that blowing up civilians in the Middle East using cluster bombs had no effect in Britain because they were so far away (and were only Arabs) have been dismissed as 'facile'.

- - - - -

Saturday, August 12, 2006

blogging for israel

Above: Anti zionist orthordox jews at a pro palestinian demo in london in May this year.

Israel's Government has thrown its weight behind efforts by supporters to counter what it believes to be negative bias and a tide of pro-Arab propaganda reports the pro zionist 'Times' newspaper.

The Foreign Ministry has ordered trainee diplomats to track websites and chatrooms so that networks of US and European groups with hundreds of thousands of Zionist activists can place supportive messages.

They are encouraging people to 'blog for israel': by becoming an online informer reporting sites critical of zionist war crimes like schmoo. (I have already informed on myself so if a bomb hits the schmoo 'safe house' you will know what happened.

For the record: schmoo is pro all humanity, and that includes all those living in 'Israel', even the Zionist war criminals (after they stop being horrible). Everyone who lives in Israel suffers because of the racist apartheid policies of the Zionists and their American Nazi supporters. As in South Africa, where apartheid was eventually over thrown, hopefully a better time will come soon. Then everyone will be a winner.

- - - -

lebanon, syria, iraq, iran, palestine, jordon, afganistan, congo, somalia, ethiopia, sudan, singapore, burma, columbia, mexico, cuba, mel gibson ...

Rape of Lebanon: Litani River land grab is war for water?

Above: Thousands of people protested against the Israeli war crimes out side the Houses of Parliament in London last weekend. Many people carried pro Hezbollah posters.

The vile Israeli criminal war machine is running full speed today as it makes a dash for the Litani River in a bid to steal as much land - and water as possible. In fact this could turn out to be a war for water more than anything else.

schmoo is filled with feelings of utter disgust at this crime against humanity, as will be billions of people world wide.

Although the opposite may seem true at the moment, Israel has lost this war, and despite the support they have from the Nazis in America they have failed utterly to destroy the Hezbollah fighters, who are now considered to be heros throughout the world.

Soon, although is is avoidable, there is likely to be a far bigger war, which will threaten everyone on the planet.

Only 'people power' can stop that happening. Otherwize it will be totalitarian 'low life' like George Bush who will drag us all back to the caves.

And, when the illegal state 'Israel' is renamed 'Palestine', and the Evil Empire of America lies in ruins, the war criminals sitting in their bunkers will only have themselves to blame - almost everyone else will be dead.

Meanwhile the unanimously stupid UN looks increasingly pathetic.

Above: Policeperson 'shoos' schmoo away from shoe demo, opposite 10 Downing Street, home of war criminal Tony Blair. The shoes represented the civilians dying on all sides, while Blair did not have the guts to stand up to the Nazi US President Bush, and call for an immediate ceasefire.


UN in-security council rewards war crimes

Above: empty seats at the UN Insecurity Council symbolises the empty 'resolution' of the UN which is controlled by the US Nazi Party using fear and terror tactics.

The Israeli war criminals were gloating today: "We have obtained what we wanted on almost every single point. I can hardly remember a more favourable text," the Israeli version of Goebbels, Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres said today.

"Nearly all our demands have been met, this is unprecedented." the disgusting child killer said.

Meanwhile Israeli storm troopers continue to kill civilians, and their blitz on Lebanon continued. This even included a evil and criminal attack on a convoy of refugee cars fleeing the area.

Yet another war crime, by a criminal 'rogue' apartheid nation.

- - - - -

airline terror threat: nude flights the only way to beat the terrorists


ANYONE could get past the so called 'security clamp down' farce now in progress at Heathrow, Gatwick and other airports throughout Britain say experts. There is only one way to stop liquid explosives being smuggled on board an aircraft - make the passengers go nude.


Because liquid explosives cannot be picked up by scanners it would be possible to make an 'explosive shirt' or even 'suicide knickers' by impregnating the clothing in explosive materials. Similar methods are used to smuggle cocaine.

Even if passengers boarded the plane nude and were then given clothing, there would still be a security risk say security experts - so they must stay nude for the whole flight.


A terrorist women, transvestite or very fat 'American style' male could conceal liquid explosive in 'suicide breast implants'. Size 38 'suicide breasts' could be enough to bring down a passenger airliner, killing hundreds of people, say experts. Likewize 'explosive dildo's' could be used. Therefore every passenger will be required to have intimate breast and anal inspections by security staff.


Airline companys are terrified that when the news gets out - their share values will crash.


Meanwhile doubts have arisen about the 'alleged' UK terrorist plot which supposedly involves 24 British born muslims blowing up aircraft on the way to the United States.

Many people believe the plotters are not 'terrorists' - but government officials intent on creating a perfectly timed properganda coup, scripted by their American Nazi masters.

The 'cynics' say that the tell tale flaw in the government 'plot' story is that no British born person would blow themselves up on the way to the USA - they would wait until they were flying back to Britain.

- - - - -

Friday, August 11, 2006

bomb plot: terrorists still on the run - Bush, Blair and Olmert

Above: Calls for Parliament to be immediately recalled to discuss the Middle East crisis are growing, but the Tories (William Hague) are arguing that the recall should be delayed - because the crisis could get a lot worse in the next few weeks.


The Israeli war criminals have sacked their top general responsible for destroying Lebanon - because he is too soft. He has been replaced by a General known for being a 'real killer.'

Tony Blair the escaped war criminal is reported to be in hiding in the Caribbean - on a boat called 'Good Vibrations'.

- - - - -

uk terror plot: beirut bomber link with london

Above: Least We Forget - the war crimes in Lebanon committed by the 'Axis of Evil' (Israel, USA & Britain) continue on a daily basis.

Hundreds of shoes were placed at the war memorial in London (pictured above) last weekend to represent the innocent civilian dead in the Lebanon murdered by the criminal Israeli terror machine. The action was part of an angry demonstration calling for an immediate ceasefire, which looks less likely with every day that passes.

Meanwhile, police in Lebanon are looking for a British born Christian who they say is involved in the bombings in Beirut that have 'dwarfed' the infamous '9/11' attacks in New York. They say there is a direct link to London, and they are looking for a man called Tony Blair.

terror plot news:
One good bit of news to report - the police managed to arrest 24 possibly innocent people - without shooting any of them!

Above: Permanent jobs available for all - even discredited politicians, war criminals and child killers considered (retraining + refresher courses in humanity will be required).

Todays war mongering lies level:

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

terror plot: huge smell hits britain

Above: Dirty old 'Uncle Sam', the child killer, playing with the future of the planet.

A massive stench of rotten lies and hypocrisy hit Britain today as the christian-facist terror leader George Bush released yet another of his sick video tapes which was broadcast by the pro terror TV station 'AL-BBCNEWS24-LIERS'.

In the tape, the mass murderer threatened billions of people world wide with endless terror, and blatantly encouraged people to become terrorists.

- - - - -

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

axis of evil: usa, uk, israel

Above: the three biggest arms dealers in the world are doing a summer sale - in Lebanon. Tanks are only £9999999.10p - dead kids thrown in free (loss leaders).

Above: shoes representing dead civilians killed by Israel in Lebanon (and Palestine) scatter the street during a demo in London out side the home of the child killer and apologist for mass murder Tony Blair (10 Downing Street).

The worst appeaser of facism since Neville Chamberlain then went on holiday.

- - - - -